10 Best Tycoon Games For iOS

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What are the best 10 Tycoon games for iOS? Not all mobile games are about battle and conflict. Tycoon games enable players to flex their brainpower and management skills while doing some constructive work. They include everything from city builders to business simulators. With the best tycoon games, you can freely create a world to your preference and decorate it.

10 Best Tycoon Games For iOS

Currently, there are various Tycoon games available for iOS. With so many options available, you may not know which one to play. In this article are some of the 10 best Tycoon games for iOS. 

10 Best Tycoon Games For iOS

Tycoon games offer gamers information about managing hospitals, gaming companies, or other businesses. They help you learn about the economy easily and invest effectively. Below are some of the best Tycoon games on iOS to develop your mindset.

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon offers a unique experience in developing your business mindset. Unlike Software Inc., this incredible game focuses on managing a game development company. It is set in the early 1980s, where you, as the sole developer, begin in a garage with your computer. Your task is to create and sell various new games. And improving your skills over time by releasing new consoles. As you progress in the game, you move to a new office and hire more workers. To be successful, you must stay updated on market trends and conduct research before production. Failing to do so may result in the creation of low-quality games. And this will lead to negative reviews, potentially losing your entire business.

Virtual city playground; building Tycoon

Virtual City Playground is a city-building game. You will not only need to create a city, but you will also have to run it properly. Keep an eye on things like the happiness of your population or transport system. It is a very nice game that you can play on your iPhone. You get to create your city, run it, and build transport systems and other things.

Star Traders

Star Trader is a Tycoon game that provides the chance to be a starship captain on an adventure in a huge open universe. Gamers can experience internal conflicts, customize their crews, fight against alien threats, and get to experience political intrigue.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is an amazing iOS tycoon game. It offers a humorous take on managing a hospital environment filled with quirky illnesses, eccentric characters, and amusing incidents. As the hospital manager, your main job is to construct. And maintain a facility equipped with all essential amenities. This includes tasks like hiring doctors, nurses, and other staff members. What sets Two Point Hospital apart is how patients show their illnesses when they arrive at the facility.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming game where players inherit their late grandfather’s farm in the rural Stardew Valley. From growing crops to raising animals and mining, there are plenty of activities to engage in. Before farming can start, players must clear the farm of weeds, trees, and stumps. What sets it apart is the emotional way. This includes relationships with other characters leading to marriage and children. With multiplayer options, great gameplay, and stunning visuals, this is a standout in the genre.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

This is a game whereby you get to build and manage your theme park. There are few in-app purchases, but they do not harm playing the game at all. This game is available for all platforms and has different versions. But this classic is one of our favorites.

Fiz: The Brewery Management Game

This is a fantastic simulation where players get to build their brewery. Designed by Bit by Bit Studios, it’s a single-player game that starts in a humble garage. The goal is to turn the brewery into a world-class beer destination. Players research festivals and markets to create unique brews with real ingredients. And increase their business by hiring and training employees. With over 60 recipes to uncover, 20+ employees to hire, and a variety of events and competitions, There’s always something new to discover in this brewing adventure.

Project Highrise

Create your dream skyscraper in Project Highrise, a building management sim available for just $3.99 on mobile devices. As you play the game, you’ll construct, manage, and upgrade your tower by adding restaurants, shops, apartments, and offices. Balance your budget and keep your tenants satisfied while enjoying gameplay. Explore various story scenarios or opt for a sandbox mode. The mobile version includes all the additional content from the PC version, including expansion packs like Tokyo Towers, Miami Malls, and Las Vegas. You can download Project Highrise for Android and iOS.

Capitalism Lab

This is another incredible tycoon game for people who want to build their business mindset. It is a strategy game with just one aim: becoming the most profitable business in the world. The gamer is introduced to a world filled with various corporations, all aiming to make ends meet. To become very successful, every one of these players needs to focus on different aspects of their business. This includes establishing factories, manufacturing new products, marketing, and importing. Just so you know, this game is an expanded version of 2012 Capitalism II.


Be ready to lead your people to prosperity in Tropico. This humorous tycoon game is set in a Cold War-era island paradise. As the newly elected ruler, you’ll juggle your economy, tourism, global relations, and local politics. Just to maintain power and ensure a bright future for your nation.

Tropico features a redesigned tablet-friendly interface. Along with basic and advanced tutorials to help new players get started. Dive into campaign mode to complete objectives and unlock new islands. Or embrace the sandbox mode to customize your ruler and shape the world as you want.

Available for $11.99, Tropico is also compatible with phones. But keep in mind that it requires a newer device with strong performance capabilities to run smoothly.

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