10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Ajman

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Ajman is a small state, in the UAE, and has many romantic places for couples to visit. We will list 10 romantic places to take your wife to in Ajman. So, if you have plans to surprise your wife with a trip to Ajman, then read to the finish. Having a vacation with your spouse is a way to enjoy some time together and be reminded of how lucky you are to have her in your life.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Ajman

If Ajman is on your list of places in UAE to visit with your spouse, then ensure to read this article to the finish.

Being a small state in the United Arab Emirates doesn’t mean there aren’t any romantic and beautiful spots in Ajman to see.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Ajman

Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s look at some of the romantic places you can visit with your spouse in Ajman;

1. The Eminence Spa, Ajman

If you want to treat your wife to a spa day in Ajman, the Eminence Spa is the best massage center. Enjoy a couple of massages with your spouse let off the stream and relax your body, mind, and soul. The eminence spa provides a haven for your mind to rejuvenate itself and find harmony with the body and soul through the wonderful treatments offered.

2. Seascape Restaurant Ajman Is One Of The Romantic Places to Take your Wife to in Ajman

Does your wife enjoy eating seafood? Well, Seascape Restaurant is the best one-stop for seafood in Ajman. The restaurant serves the most flavorful mouthwatering sea delicacies to have you coming back for more.

Seascape Restaurant is located at Ajman Corniche, the ground floor of Wyndham Garden Hotel. Also, you get to try out new sea delicacies as the restaurant is an ideal combination of traditional and innovative seafood recipes.

3. Sabella’s Italian Restaurant

Sabella’s Italian Restaurant as the name implies is an Italian restaurant where you can try out new delicacies with your wife. Also, the restaurant is comfortable and it overlooks the beach. That is to say, you can enjoy a good meal at Sabella’s restaurant while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach.

The Italian restaurant is on the first floor of the Ajman hotel. Enjoy an exotic romantic Italian meal with your spouse at Sabella’s Italian Restaurant.

4. Ajman Beach

A stretch of sand in the shadow of city skyscrapers, the Ajman beach provides a pleasant escape for you and your wife from the rush of urban life. The turquoise waters and spotlessness of the beach will help you to relax and cool off with your favorite person. Enjoy private time at the beach with your wife and converse about your life together.

5. Radisson Blu Hotel, Ajman Is One Of The Romantic Places to Take your Wife to in Ajman

This is one of the most beautiful and grand romantic hotels in Ajman to take your wife to and have some private time. The new, centrally located Radisson Blu Hotel, Ajman offers stylish interiors, bars, an outdoor swimming pool, and a wide array of restaurants to wine and dine at. Radisson is a hotel to stay at and relax your body and mind. Also, relaxation and rejuvenation are never far away with the elegant spa facilities.

While at this romantic hotel with your spouse, you can enjoy a private couples massage. Or enjoy a temperature-controlled swimming pool.

6. The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah

The Oberoi Beach Resort is yet another beautiful place to take your wife to on your visit to Ajman. The beach resort is situated in Al Zorah in the Ajman region. It features a sun terrace and a private beach area. While at the resort, you can take your wife for a dinner date at the restaurant or have a drink at the bar.

7. Ajman National Museum

Ajman National Museum is one of the oldest forts in the United Arab Emirates and it once served as the residence of the ruling families in that region. This is a place of history and trust me your wife will enjoy and appreciate you for taking her to see the museum. The museum fort is adorned with extraordinary features including its grand gateway that is protected by two cannons.

Ajman Museum with its displays of lifestyle and traditional professionals includes a wide collection of manuscripts, old weapons, and archeological artifacts.

8. Al Zorah Nature Reserve Is One Of The Romantic Places to Take your Wife to in Ajman

This nature reserve is yet another romantic place to visit with your wife in Ajman. Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a vibrant ecosystem made of mangroves, sandy beaches, and turquoise lagoons. It’s home to almost 60 species of birds including pink flamingos, herons, and egrets. Visiting the beautiful natural reserve with your wife will be a memorable one.

You can relax at the beach and watch the birds. Also, if you both fancy a boat ride, go for it and have a memorable experience.

9. Zanzibar Beach Bar, Ajman Hotel

Zanzibar Beach Bar is one of the romantic places to take your wife to in Ajman. It is a nice and cozy beach bar to relax and unwind with your wife. The beach bar is located in the Ajman Hotel. Enjoy a good meal with your husband and a bottle of champagne or wine while watching the water flow and listening to the crispy wind from the sea.

Zanzibar Beach Bar offers a private and serene aura for lovers to have a cozy time together. The beach bar is known for its fun atmosphere, friendly staff, great entertainment, tasty drinks, and delectable dishes.

10. Ajman City Centre Is One Of The Romantic Places to Take your Wife to in Ajman

Ajman city center is the Emirates’ largest shopping, entertainment, and leisure destination. It is a place for both locals and travelers to visit. There are approximately 70 shopping, 16 dining outlets, and some major stores in the city center. You can treat your wife to some baby girl shopping and spoil her.


Above in this article, we have listed the top 10 romantic places to take your spouse to in Ajman and we hope you find it delightful and helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section and also share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ajman best known for?

Ajman being a small state in the United Arab Emirates is popular for its cultural attractions like the Ajman National Museum, Dhow Yard, and Al Muwayhat.

What does Ajman mean in English?

Being a Muslim name, Ajman means Beautiful Jewel.

Can we swim in Ajman Beach?

Ajman Beach has fine sands and clear turquoise color which is good and safe for swimming. Also, swimming in bikinis is allowed in Ajman. And many foreigners like swimming on the beach, which is due to the calmness of the beach.

What is special about Ajman?

Ajman is a very small state in the Emirates, however, there are some beautiful tourist attractions to see including the Ajman beach, Ajman National Museum, the Red Fort, and the museum in the inland enclave of Manama. Also, the City Centre of Ajman which is the largest mall in the Emirates is a major attraction. This is for its unique architectural experience and different shops.

Is Ajman a good place?

Ajman is one of the best places in the Emirates to visit, even though there is a wide range of places in the UAE to visit. Ajman is among the first seven Emirates to be established with the UAE. The place is rich in cultural heritage and is very welcoming.

Which is better Dubai or Ajman?

The place to choose depends solely on your lifestyle. If you enjoy living a fast-paced lifestyle, Dubai is the perfect place for you. However, if living a laid-back life is what you enjoy, then Ajman is perfect for you.

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