10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi Ghana

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If you decide to take your wife to Kumasi, then you have a good eye for romance, Now that you know where you’d like to visit with your wife, the question would be; what romantic places in Kumasi, Ghana that to take her to? Lucky you, we have got you covered as we will be sharing 10 romantic places to take your wife to in Kumasi Ghana. Read on to find out more list of the top romantic spots in Kumasi, Ghana.

You can’t just visit a state or city with your wife without taking her out for some romantic time and that is why we will take the honor of finding out the places to take your wife to in Kumasi. We will share the top romantic and must-visit places to take your wife to.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi, Ghana

When was the last time you took your wife out for a romantic date? Well, not necessarily food or shopping dates, I mean going out to a nice and chill place to relax and talk about life. If it has been a while, now is the time to light up that spark in your marriage again.

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi Ghana

Below are romantic places in Kumasi, Ghana to take your beautiful wife to and create new memories:

1. The Green Ranch

To spark up your time together in Kumasi, then visit the Green Ranch and relax with your wife. It is a place to relax and enjoy the magnificent view over Lake Bosomtwi. Also, you can share a horseback ride along the water’s edge with your lover and let the warm sun of Kumasi help you relax, be refreshed, and be at peace.

2. Manhyia Palace Museum Is Among The 10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi, Ghana

Museums are beautiful places to visit as well and learn about the history of the people in that place. While in the city, you can also get engaged in learning a bit more about their history. The building of the museum dates back to 1925 and was built during the colonial era. The Manhyia Palace Museum was built as a palace for Asanehen Agyeman Prempeh to commemorate his return to his native lands.

There is so much you can discover with your wife in this comprehensive space ranging from the history of the people to the story of the tribe centers. If your wife loves visiting museums, then this is a place to take her and learn with her.

3. Rattray Park

To enjoy the most memorable date and stay in Kumasi, then you should take your wife to Rattray Park. Do you know that the most interesting dates are the unexpected, creative, and adventure-filled ones? And Rattray Park offers enough space for different fun activities and live music to relax and let the sound fill you.

4. Kumasi City Mall

The Kumasi city mall is the first of its kind in the city and has lots of fun activities to do with your wife. You can relax and have a bottle of wine or champagne with your wife. Also, taking her to a baby girl shopping at the city mall will be a great idea as well.

5. Okomfo Anokye Sword Site Is Among The 10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi, Ghana

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be about the amount you spend but the time you spend together getting to learn more about each other. Enjoy a good meal at a local restaurant or cook together. However, since we are about romantic places to take your woman, Okomfo price Sword Site is a place.

Visit the Okomfo Anokye Sword Site where the Okomfo mysterious sword has been stuck on the group. You can enjoy the tales shared at the site together.

6. Kejetia Market

Another place to take your wife to in Kumasi, Ghana during your staycation is the Kejetia market. It is known as the central market of Kumasi and is an open-air marketplace to visit. Take your wife to the Kejetia market and buy something nice for her. Maybe she has been wanting to have the Ghana materials and you can make it happen by taking her to the market.

7. Lake Bosomtwi Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi, Ghana

Visit Lake Bosomtwi, crack open a free coconut, and enjoy a boat trip with your women. The lake is an incredible place about an hour-plus drive from Kumasi central. You get to enjoy biking, hiking, or just the freshness of nature around you. Treating your wife to this place will be perfect as you both get to spend some quality time alone and enjoy each other’s presence.

8. Laposada Royal Hotel

Another place to enjoy a perfect stay is at Laposada royal hotel. With the beautiful and spacious room, you and your wife will surely have all the comfort needed to enjoy your staycation. While at the Laposada Royal Hotel, you can chill by the lounge and listen to cool music while sharing a bottle of your favorite beverage with your woman.

9. Governor Gardens Hotel

To enjoy a perfect staycation with your wife, booking a room at the Governor Gardens Hotel is a step. You get all that is needed to make your visit a splendid and enjoyable one. It is one of the romantic hotels in Kumasi to take your wife to and have some alone time together.

10. Moti Mahal Restaurant Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Kumasi, Ghana

To try out new delicacies, both local and continental, you should take your wife to the Moti Mahal Restaurant. Although it is an Indian restaurant, you can enjoy some deliciously cooked meals to fill your tastebuds. You can share a delicious meal here with your wife.


We hope the romantic destinations listed above in this article will help you decide where to take your wife on your visit to Kumasi. If you have questions or a few suggestions to add, ensure to use the comment box and share them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go on a date in Kumasi?

Date destinations are many, but below are the best places to take your spouse to in Kumasi, Ghana;

  • Manhyia Palace Museum.
  • Kumasi City Mall.
  • Okomfo price Sword Site.
  • Kejetia Market.
  • Rattray Park.

Where can I take my girlfriend on a date in Ghana?

Ghana is one of the most beautiful African countries to visit and enjoy the famous Ghana Jollof. Aside from the Jollof of course there are plenty of fun activities to engage in and romantic places to visit. With that being said, below is a list of romantic places to take your girlfriend out for a date;

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. 911. Monuments & Statues • History Museums. …

  • Bojo Beach.
  • Accra Mall.
  • Labadi Pleasure Beach.
  • Awuni Tours Ghana.
  • Adansi Travels.
  • Easy Track Ghana.
  • Land tours Ghana.

What is Kumasi in Ghana famous for?

Kumasi is popularly known as the Garden City of West Africa due to its beautiful species of flowers and plants. The city was the capital of one of the greatest civilizations in Africa, which is the Ashanti Empire.

Is Kumasi bigger than Accra?

No, Accra being the capital of Ghana is the largest city and Kumasi comes second. That is to say, Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana.

Is Kumasi worth visiting?

Yes, Kumasi is a must-visit if you are looking forward to exploring the country. It is known as The Garden City and offers lots of scenic views and sites for both locals and tourists.

Do we have Bolt in Kumasi?

Yes, there is Bolt in Kumasi. You can request a ride on arrival at the airport.

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