Romantic Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date

Are you looking for romantic restaurants on Gwarinpa to have a dinner date? Good thing you are reading the right article. Planning a dinner date in Gwarinpa, but don’t know where to go? Luckily, you have clicked on the right article. Here, in this, we will be listing some romantic restaurants on Gwarinpa to have a dinner date.

The list is very long; however, we will be sharing the top 10 restaurants to take your partner to for a romantic evening. So, if you have been in search of romantic restaurants on Gwarinpa to take your wife or husband to, keep reading.

Romantic Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date

14 Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date in Abuja FCT 

Now, without much time wasting, let’s look at some restaurants in the Gwarinpa district to have a date with your special person:

1. Tastia Restaurant, Bakery, and Café

The first one on our list today is Tastia restaurant, bakery, and café. This is one of the romantic restaurants in Gwarinpa for a romantic evening. Not only is it affordable, but they also serve delicious delicacies that will have you asking for more.

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2. The Little Diner Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date

The Little Diner is a perfect romantic restaurant to go to for the perfect evening with your lover. They serve some of the best meals to bless your tastebuds with. Enjoy deliciously cooked meals with your lover.

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3. Chadis Restaurant and Lounge

What are you both craving? Freshly cooked? Well, Chadis restaurant is where to go to. It is a perfect romantic place to take your spouse to and enjoy a good meal.

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4. Lamelo Restaurant

Lamelo restaurant is another place to go to if you are craving a romantic evening. At this spot, you will enjoy some of the best pizzas, shawarmas, burgers, chicken wings, and others.

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5. Puzzles Abuja

Puzzles offer a serene atmosphere making it a perfect restaurant for a dinner date with your lover. Meals here are freshly cooked and delicious. Trust me, when I say, you’ll enjoy your evening out with your lover here.

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6. Sixtas Restaurant Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date

Another romantic restaurant in Gwarinpa to go for a dinner date is Sixtas, It has one of the best ambiances in Gwarinpa to enjoy an evening hangout with your partner.


Have you been to POCHO? If you have not, you are missing out. POCHO is a romantic restaurant to have the perfect evening with your significant other.  So, if you are looking to enjoy a good evening, visit here today.

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8. The Masa Place

Masa Place is a popular spot for Hausa delicacies, so if you are craving some of that, visit here today. It offers good customer service and makes some of the best freshly prepared Hausa meals.

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9. East Garden Chinese Restaurant

Right in the District of Gwarinpa is East Garden Chinese Restaurant serving one of the best Asia meals. For if you craving some foreign meals, you should visit this place today.

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10. Ojuelegba Amalapoint Is One Of The Romantic Restaurants On Gwarinpa To Have A Dinner Date

Do your partner enjoys eating Yoruba meals? Well, Ojuelegba Amalapoint is the place to go. For the best Amala in Abuja, visit here.

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11. Bronz Cafe Gwarinpa

Want to impress your partner? Bronz Cafe is one romantic restaurant on Gwarinpa to have a dinner date. It is one of the best centers to enjoy a delicious meal with your significant other. The cafe is stunning, and also they make some of the best shawarmas in the district.

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12. D_Vine Cuisine and Lounge Gwarinpa

D_Vine Cuisine and Lounge is a nice place to spend some leisurely evening hours with friends. It is one of the best centers for relaxation after a long day in Gwarinpa. It offers a  beautiful ambiance, great service, and delicious food.

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13. Mahogany Grills N’ Fine Dining

This is another one of the nice places to hangout in Gwarinpa. Mahogany Grills N’ Fine Dining is a beautiful place with different dining options. Both the food, atmosphere, and service are commendable. Truly, this is a place to add to your hangout list.

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14. 042 Restaurants

042 Restaurants is a decent hangout spot in the heart of Gwarinpa. If you need a place to chill, relax and unwind with your friends on a budget, this is definitely a go-to place. Believe me, you will have so much fun in this destination.

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Gwarinpa is filled with plenty of romantic spots to hang out, and above are the top 10 romantic restaurants there. If you have got recommendations or questions, please use the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the most lively place in Abuja?

Asokoro is one of the major districts and most popular neighborhoods in Abuja.

Where can I take my girlfriend on a date in Abuja?

The list is actually long, but here are a few of the places you can take your girlfriend out on a date;

  • Dunes Center
  • Sky Bar Rooftop Lounge
  • Vines Lounge
  • Millennium Park
  • Koraf Apartments and Hotels
  • Jabi Lake Mall.
  • Pedam Lake
  • Nkoyo

How much is gate fee for Millennium Park Abuja?

The entrance is absolutely free.

Is there bolt ride in Abuja?

Yes, you can order bolt rides in Abuja to anywhere you want within the FCT.

Where to go in Abuja at night?

For the best nighttime experience, go to Maitama and Wuse. These areas are the most popular nighttime neighborhoods to have a blast.

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