12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

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You are on the right article if you find it using the keyword “12 fun places to take my friends to in Ondo state Nigeria”. If you are planning to visit Ondo state for a vacation with your friends, you will find this article very helpful.

To help you have an event visit to the state, we have compiled a list of some interesting hangout destinations to visit. Trust me, you and your friends will have lots of fun visiting the places that will be mentioned below.

12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

With that said, let us proceed to list the 12 places of interest in Ondo to have loads of fun with your friends;

1. Idanre Hill

This is actually one of the most popular tourist places in Ondo and Nigeria. Also, Idanre Hill is one of the most stunning natural landscapes in Nigeria, making it a must-see if you visit Ondo. It resides about 3000 feet above sea level. There is a unique ecosystem as well. It was submitted and added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2007.

2. Araromi Beach Is On Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

Another fun place to take your friends to in the state is Araromi beach. It is one of the most popular and unique beach in Ondo state. This is a spot you should visit with your friends to have a good time. You get to swim, jet ski, windsurf, snorkel, and go boating.

3. Igbokoda Waterfall

Igbokoda Waterfall is the longest territorial water in Nigeria, and it comes complete with a fishing terminal. Take your friends and have fun swimming, sport fishing, picnicking, diving, and lots more.

4. Ebomi Lake

Often referred to as the bottomless lake, Ebomi Lake is a fun destination to visit with friends. The lake stretches through a distance of about 2km and is about 45m wide, with thick forest canopies. Ebomi Lake is believed to have supernatural powers that were used for protecting the villagers during times of war. For that reason, nobody is allowed to bathe, fish, or fetch from there. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful scene to behold.

5. Igbo Olodumare Is On Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

This is a forest in Ondo state that is worth visiting with friends. It is located in Oke Igbo and is believed to house mythical creatures. Igbo Olodumare is a good spot to go hiking with friends or just sightseeing in nature.

6. Cave Of Ashes Isharun

Popularly known for its gigantic rocks which vary in size and shape, the Cave Of Ashes Isharun is a fun destination to visit. So, if you are looking to have an adventure with your friends in Ondo state, this is the place to go.

7. Filmhouse Cinema, Akure

What is more than having your popcorn, drink, your favorite people, and the latest thriller or Boc office movie? Nothing, right? Filmhouse Cinema in Akure, Ondo state has got you covered. Take your friends and enjoy a good evening with the best viewing pleasure.

8. O2 Base Arena Is On Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

Located inside the Akure Shopping Mall, 02 base arena is one of the fun destinations. Have fun with your friends visiting this lounge. This place is frequented by executives, socialites, etc. Also, they host different shows and live bands to entertain guests, so trust me, you and your friends will have loads of fun here.

9. EFYx Health Club and Spa

Treat your friends out for a spa day. EFYx Health Club and Spa is a fitness and fun destination to visit. It is set in a lush natural picturesque atmosphere with an outdoor ambiance of bamboo, a green lawn, and a garden dotted with flowers, palms, and banana trees.

This is a serene urban leisure spot to relax, refresh and unwind. And what could be more than visiting with your favorite people?

10. Owo Museum of Antiquities

For art lovers, the Owo Museum of Antiquities is the perfect destination. It is notable as the site of significant archaeological and ethnographic material discovered in Owo. This is a safe and serene place to have fun, however, there are a few rules you must follow. These rules will be described by the guards on sight.

11. Smokin Hills Golf Resort

Whether you are visiting, a golf enthusiast, or looking to ease stress, Smokin Hills Golf Resort is your best bet. This place blends the modernity of a golf course with the tranquility of the ancient town, thus making it a good spot.

12. Akure Forest Reserve Is On Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Ondo State Nigeria

Want to go sightseeing, or explore nature with friends? Akure Forest Reserve is a protected forest where you can do that. You can visit here with your friends any time of the year.


What are your thoughts on this article? Did we miss out on your favorite spot? We would love to hear from you, so please use the comment section below.

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