12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

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If you are reading this post because you searched with the keyword “12 fun places to take my friends to in Plateau state Nigeria”, you are on the right post. Since you are reading this post, it’s okay we would assume you are already in the state or planning to visit and have an adventure time there with your friends. Well, whatever your reasons are, in this article, you will find some interesting places to have fun and learn new things with your friends.

12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

Plateau state is known as “The home of Peace and Tourism” and it is not called that in vain. The state has pleasing natural sites, the formation of hills, rocks, and waterfalls. With that said, let’s look at some of the places to visit.

12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

Below are some of the fun and interesting places to visit with friends in Plateau state, Nigeria:

1. Jos Wildlife Park

This is one of the places where nature meets mankind in Plateau state. Jos Wildlife Park is built to preserve wildlife. One of the largest man-made zoological gardens in Nigeria housing a variety of animals including lions, monkeys, elephants, etc. Also, it is a top tourist attraction in the state, thus making it a must-visit with friends.

2. Wase Rock Is One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

One of the breathtaking rocks in Plateau state to see with your squad is Wase Rock. This rock is notable as one of the few breeding places of the While Pelican in Africa. The rock is a dome-shaped rocky inselberg measuring up to 176 meters above its surrounding. Go camping or rock climbing with your friends here and have loads of fun.

3. Jos Museum

Built in 1952 to research, Jos Museum is one of the interesting places in the state to visit. It is a must-see for researchers and fun seekers. The museum boasts a pottery hall, Nok terracotta, and traditional Nigerian architecture.

4. Riyom Rocks

This is another rock in the state to go rock climbing with friends. You and your friends would have lots of fun visiting here. It is a rock formation located in the Riyom community in Jos. Riyom Rocks is a tourist destination where guests or visitors can go rock climbing, take stunning photos of the scenery, or observe the beauty of nature.

5. Kurra Falls

One of the notable destinations for tourists, leisure visitors, and fun seekers is Plateau state. It is a perfect getaway destination to go to with friends. Nature is beautiful and if you are looking forward to exploring it, Kurra Falls is a good spot.

6. Shere Hills Is One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

Shere Hills is one of the highest peaks in Plateau state, and fun seekers and tourists of course love exploring here. If you want to go mountain climbing with your friends, here is a perfect spot. You should visit the hills with your friends and have fun camping, climbing or exploring.

7. Rayfield Holiday Resort

Rayfield Holiday Resort is indeed a perfect holiday spot. It is a man-made resort offering relaxation to those seeking it. If you are looking for a quiet place in Plateau state to unwind, rest, have fun, and relax with your squad, then you should visit here.

8. AfriOne Café

You and your friends should visit AfriOne Café. It is located on Ahmadu Bello Way. The café offers intercontinental dishes making it a must-go for good meals. Treat your friends out today for a good meal.

9. Varlaine Lounge Is One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

Varlaine Lounge is an upscale restaurant, lounge, and bar providing not but fun in a classy and exclusive spot. It is a good place to take your friends for a good time in Plateau state.

10. Tuscany Lounge and Restaurant

After a great day of exploring and visiting the different tourist spots in the state, you should take your friends to relax at Tuscany lounge and restaurant. Spend the rest part of the evening sipping, dining, and reliving the day with friends.

11. Solomon Lar Amusement Park

Named after the former one-time governor of Plateau state; Chief Solomon Daushep Lar, this park is one of the fun places to visit. The park combines the beauty of nature with man-made facilities to offer the best outdoor entertainment in the state.

This amusement park is improved with some artificial facilities including artificial lakes, a swimming pool, etc.

12. National Gallery of Art Is One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Plateau State Nigeria

The national gallery of art in Jos is one of the fun places in Plateau to take your friends to. To fully explore and enjoy watching art, you should visit this gallery with your friends.


We have to the conclusion of this post. Above, you would find a list of fun places to take your friends for a good time. The comment section is open, so if you have questions, do well to make known below.

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