12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara State Nigeria

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There are plenty of fun places to take your friends in Zamfara state for a good time, and in this article, we will be listing a few. If you came across this post using the “12 fun places to take my friends to in Zamfara state Nigeria” keyword, make sure you read to the end.

12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara State Nigeria

12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara State Nigeria

These are the top 12 fun places to take your friends to in Zamfara state;

1. Jifatu Shopping Mall, Zamfara

Fully stocked with groceries, household goods, cosmetics, toiletries, etc., Jifatu Shopping Mall is one of the places to go with friends. Treat your friends to a little shopping, as this is one mall in the state where you can get almost everything you need.

2. National Gallery of Art Can Be One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara state Nigeria

Zamfara National Gallery of Art is one of the fun places in the state to visit with friends. The art gallery is responsible for the collection, documentation, presentation, and preservation of art in the state. If your friends are lovers of art, then trust me, they would have lots of fun here.

3. Kwiambana Forest Reserve

Kwiambana Forest Reserve is a beautiful green environment to take your friends to. It can be visited at any time of the year; however, it is not safe at night. Ever been to a forest reserve with your favorite people? No? Well, here’s a reminder for you to do that today.

4. Kiyawa City Walls

Discovered over 250 years ago, Kiyawa city walls were once a powerful city. The ruins of the city walls which are dated back, are still visible at Kiyawa. It is now a place for tourists and adventurers to explore. The place is full of the history and culture of the ancient city. You should take your friends here if they enjoy learning and exploring history and culture.

5. Namoda’s Tomb Can Be One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara state Nigeria

If you’re a resident of Zamfara state, you might have heard of Namoda. Namoda was the Alibawa warrior who was appointed Sarkin Yaki of the eastern campaigns of the Sokoto Jihad. Killed by the forces of Kiyawa in 1802, his tomb is now a place of history and excitement. The tomb is visited by thousands of people yearly, thus making it a good place to take your friends.

6. Kuyambana Game Reserve

Game reserves are fun places to visit especially with friends because there are a lot of things you can engage in. One of the exciting game reserves in Zamfara state is Kuyambana. The game reserve is a vast forest area. Set aside by the government for the preservation of plants and animals, particularly endangered species.

Visited by nature lovers, zoologists, fun seekers, and class groups. For an interesting experience with friends, you should visit here.

7. Bakalori Dam

Another fun place to visit in Zamfara state is Bakalori Dam. It is a multipurpose reservoir created to provide water for domestic, industrial, and irrigation reasons. The dam is frequently visited by students, tourists, adventurers, tourists, and engineers.

8. Federal Government College Anka Can Be One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My friends To In Zamfara state Nigeria

One of the 104 federal unity schools is located in Anka, Zamfara state. The Federal Government College Anka is a conducive place for young minds to grow built in a serene environment.

9. Federal Government Girls College

This is a school that provides high-quality standards of education in a supportive and friendly learning environment. It has facilities for both academic and recreational demands. Federal Government Girls College is the only federal girls’ college catering to the girl child.

10. NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp

The campground features structures, and facilities for accommodation rooms, lecture halls, an open field for spots, and many others. It is one of the fun places to visit in the state with your friends.

11. Mallam Yahaya Gusau Secretariat

Named after the county’s most eminent elder statesman, public servant, and very popular, Mallam Yahaya. The Secretariat is one of the fun places to visit with your friends in Zamfara state.

12. Federal High Court Can Be One Of The 12 Fun Places To Take My Friends To In Zamfara state Nigeria

This high court is responsible for representing the federal high court in state matters. Also, it has the power to address criminal cases and matters affecting the state, etc.


Now, you know the fun and interesting places to visit in Zamfara with your friends. We hope you all have an eventful and fun experience. If you have a question, do well to use the comment section below.

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