20 Best Hotels in Ughelli Delta State Nigeria

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20 best hotels in Ughelli Delta State: Whether you’re visiting Ughelli for business, leisure, or to immerse yourself in the local culture, finding the perfect place to stay is important. And that is where we come in, to make your quest easier, we’ve curated a list of the 20 best hotels in Ughelli Delta State. There are many hotels you will find in Ughelli, nevertheless, we will share some of the best ones to select from.

Best Hotels in Ughelli Delta State Nigeria

Ughelli is one of the towns/cities in Delta State and is one of the popular and most visited destinations for leisure seekers. So, if you’re planning a trip for leisure, you’re in for a treat.

Hotels in Ughelli Delta State to Lounge

These are the top 20 hotels in Ughelli Delta State;

Tozak Hotel

Tozak Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ugheli. It offers well-appointed rooms, a restaurant serving local delicacies, and warm hospitality. This is a favorite among locals. Believe me, you will have a wonderful stay here.

Address: 25/27 Ekiugbo – Warri Rd, Ekiugbo 333105, Ughelli, Delta.

Ricky Hotels & Event Place

Ricky Hotels & Event Place is a prime choice for a central location and modern amenities, with spacious rooms and easy access to local attractions. It is a good place to relax with a clean pool.

Address: 1 Owofio St, 333105, Oteri, Delta.

Daisy Hotel And Suites

Nestled amidst lush surroundings, Daisy Hotel And Suites provides a serene atmosphere, cozy accommodations, and an excellent retreat from the bustling town. Trust me, you will love the ambiance and sereneness of this hotel.

Address: 4, Bolokor Street, Ughelli.

The Oaks Hotel

Another hotel in Ughelli is The Oaks Hotel. It is the epitome of luxury, with elegant rooms, fine dining options, and impeccable service. Thus, making it one of the 20 best hotels in Ughelli Delta State.

Address: GX4W+RM3, 333105, Ughelli, Delta.

Kubi Motel Plaza

Experience personalized service and a cozy ambiance at Kubi Motel Plaza, making it a home away from home. 

Address: 327, Ughelli-Patani Road, Ughelli.

Prestige Hotel

Prestige Hotel impresses with its modern facilities, a diverse menu at its restaurant, and comfortable rooms. Believe me, you will have a wonderful experience here.

Address: 189, Ughelli/Patani Road, Ughelli.

Jodik Hotel

A boutique gem, Jodik Hotel offers stylish accommodations, lush gardens, and a rooftop terrace for panoramic views.

Address: F2V6+9M4, 333105, Ughelli, Delta.

Epini Hotels Ughelli

Epini Hotels Ughelli is an excellent choice for business travelers, featuring a conference center, comfortable rooms, and high-speed internet connectivity. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular and highly recommended hotels in the town.

Address: 268 Warri-Patani Rd, 333105, Ughelli, Delta.

Xtasy Hotel

Xtasy Hotel offers a unique experience with cozy rooms, a serene environment, and tranquility all around. Plus, it is an affordable option.


Ughelli Wetland Hotel

Ughelli Wetland Hotel boasts a contemporary design, modern amenities, and a variety of dining options for a well-rounded stay. Thus, making it one of the top choices and most recommended options for business travelers.

Address: Oshevire Cl, 333105, Ughelli, Delta.

God’s Own Hotel

Find peace and comfort at God’s Own Hotel. Offering comfortable accommodations, a pool, and a restaurant with local and international dishes, it is a great choice. If you’re traveling for leisure or business, this is a highly recommended option.

Address: 334, Ughelli-Portharcourt Road, Ughelli.

Eclat Royal Hotel

Eclat Royal Hotel provides a serene ambiance, spacious rooms, and easy access to the town’s attractions. Book a stay with them, and trust me, you will have a wonderful stay here.

Address: 1, A. Adjogbe Street, Ughelli, Delta.

Alpha Resa Hotel

Alpha Resa Hotel offers a comfortable and welcoming environment, suitable for both short and extended stays.

Address: 33 Aro Road, Off Isoko Road, by AGGS Roundabout, Ughelli.

Omega Guest House

For a resort-style experience, Omega Guest House offers comfortable rooms and lush gardens. An affordable option for those traveling on a budget.

Address: Opposite Heroes Of Faith, Ugelli Off Patani Road, Ughelli, Delta.

Oges Hotel Annex

Oges Hotel Annex is known for its modern facilities, stylish rooms, and vibrant ambiance. Believe me, a memorable stay awaits you here.

Address: Erieta Street, Along Ekrejebor Road, Ughelli, Ughelli, Delta.

Neron Hotel

Another good option is Neron Hotel. This hotel offers cozy accommodations and a convenient location for exploring Ughelli. Thus, making it one of the best options. Plus, it is very affordable.

Address: 2nd Low Cost Avenue, Ughelli, Ughelli, Delta.

Demix Place

Demix Place provides a warm and welcoming environment, making it a perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers. You will be glad.

Address: 33, Oghenevweta Street, Ughelli, Ughelli, Delta.

Fejiro Hotel And Suites

Fejiro Hotel And Suites is another good choice. It offers simple yet comfortable rooms for a pleasant stay.

Address: Plot 5, Osiobe Street, Agbarho, Ughelli, Delta.

Citrus Hotels & Suites

Citrus Hotels & Suites boasts a modern design, a range of amenities, and a convenient location. It is one of the best hotels in the town to book a stay if you’re visiting.

Address: 167, Ekredjebor Road, Ughelli, Ughelli, Delta.

Fakems Hotel

Finally, Fakems Hotel. This is yet another one of the hotels in Ughelli to check out. It provides cozy accommodations and a central location which makes it easy to locate.

Address: 1, Akeme Street, Ughelli, Delta.


There you have a list of the 20 best hotels in Ughelli Delta State. So, book a stay and I assure you an unforgettable adventure, and stay awaits. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us below. Please share this blog post with your friends. Thank you.

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