20 Best Restaurants in Ikeja Lagos State Nigeria

Planning to embark on a culinary journey in Ikeja? You’re in for a treat as we have curated a list of the 20 best restaurants in Ikeja that promise not only delectable dishes but also incredible experiences. Whether you’re a local looking for a new go-to favorite restaurant or a visitor, trust me, you will enjoy your experience in these restaurants.

Best Restaurants in Ikeja

20 Restaurants in Ikeja Lagos State to Have a Good Meal

Without wasting much time, let’s proceed to share the 20 best restaurants in Ikeja to visit for a wonderful culinary experience;

Bungalow Restaurant Ikeja

Bungalow Restaurant Ikeja boasts a menu that celebrates local and international tastes. From traditional Nigerian dishes to global culinary delights, this restaurant guarantees an exceptional dining escapade.

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Zaika Ikeja Indian and Chinese Cuisine

Elevate your taste buds with the enchanting flavors of Zaika Ikeja Indian and Chinese Cuisine. Specializing in Indian and Chinese fusion cuisine, this restaurant offers a symphony of spices that will tantalize your senses. It is one of the 20 Best Restaurants in Ikeja.

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Ocean Basket, Ikeja GRA

Experience the charm of Ocean Basket right in Ikeja GRA. This restaurant presents a menu of fresh seafood, vibrant salads, and mouthwatering grills that transport you to coastal bliss.

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La Giara Restaurant

Craving Italian cuisine? Look no further than La Giara Restaurant, where you’ll find a slice of Italy in every bite. Indulge in authentic pizzas, pasta, and more in a cozy setting.

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The Orchid Bistro

The Orchid Bistro is a very beautiful place, serene and lovely restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. If you’re crazing continental meals, this is a go-to place.

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Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar

Delve into the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine at Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar. From aromatic stir-fries to savory dumplings, this restaurant brings the essence of the Far East to Ikeja.

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Casper & Gambini’s

Craving a blend of global cuisines? Casper & Gambini’s serves up an array of dishes that seamlessly merge flavors from around the world, promising a delightful culinary journey. Thus, making it one of the best restaurants in Ikeja.

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The Place Restaurant, Ikeja GRA

Get a taste of the city’s culinary diversity at The Place Restaurant. With a menu inspired by local street food and international favorites, this restaurant offers a true Lagosian experience.

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Rhapsody’s GRA Ikeja

Indulge in premium meals expertly prepared at Rhapsody’s GRA Ikeja. This restaurant promises a carnivorous feast in an upscale yet welcoming environment. Believe me, you will enjoy the culinary experience here.

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Orchid House Thai Restaurant – Ikeja

For lovers of Thai cuisine, the Orchid House Thai Restaurant is a gem in Ikeja. Enjoy fragrant curries, tangy salads, and exotic spices that transport you to the streets of Thailand.

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Cubana Hut & Grill

Spice up your dining experience at Cubana Hut & Grill, where African and Caribbean flavors come alive. From jerk chicken to jollof rice, this restaurant is a fusion of taste and culture.

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CUT Steakhouse

Discover a taste of Paris at CUT Steakhouse, a charming bistro offering French classics like croissants, quiches, and delightful pastries, all with a touch of Ikeja flair.

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ZEN Garden

ZEN Garden presents an array of dishes that tantalize your taste buds. From continental elegance to local comfort, this restaurant has it all. Thus, making this restaurant one of the top choices in Ikeja.

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Tilapia & Tinz African Signature Restaurant

If you’re a barbecue aficionado, Tilapia & Tinz African Signature Restaurant is your haven. With succulent grilled fish and zesty marinades, every bite is a celebration of smoky perfection.

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Mugg & Bean

Need a caffeine fix? Mugg & Bean not only serves aromatic coffee but also a delectable range of pastries and light bites, perfect for a cozy afternoon. Craving a comfort meal? Well, this is a go-to place.

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Bamboo Lounge – Collage (Ikeja GRA)

Bamboo Lounge is yet another one of the restaurants I would recommend to anyone looking for a place to explore the culinary skills in Ikeja.

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La Mango Restaurant and Lounge Ikeja GRA

Seafood lovers are in for a treat at La Mango Restaurant. With an array of aquatic delights, from succulent crab to buttery lobster, this restaurant brings the ocean to your plate. And you will love every bit of it.

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HUA HAN Korean/Chinese Restaurant

Experience the harmony of flavors at HUA HAN Korean/Chinese Restaurant, where diverse cuisines come together to create an unforgettable dining symphony.

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Iyeru Okin Restaurant

Indulge in the regal flavors of Nigerian cuisine at Iyeru Okin Restaurant. From rich stews to flavorful soups, this restaurant is a testament to the country’s culinary heritage.

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Golden Eagles Spur

Wrapping up our list is Golden Eagles Spur, a health-conscious restaurant offering nourishing salads, bowls, and wholesome dishes that cater to the wellness-oriented diner.

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There you have a list of some of the best restaurants to get deliciously prepared meals and wonderful services. We hope you find this article helpful to share with your friends. Let us hear your thoughts about the restaurants above and your favorite spots. Use the comment box below.

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