Adventure Bike Rentals In South Africa

What are the best adventure Bike rentals in South Africa? One of the best things to do on your trip to South Africa is tour some of the best destinations with an adventure bike, this will make your visit to South Africa more memorable.

Adventure Bike Rentals In South Africa

However, before you can begin your adventure you need to know some trusted companies to rent an adventure bike from. Some of these companies also organize a tour for you.

Furthermore, you can rent the bike for an entire day for an affordable rate and enjoy your visit to South Africa. I will make the job easier for you by providing some of the best companies that you can rent these bikes from.

List Of Adventure Bike Rentals In South Africa

If you don’t know where to rent out an adventure bike to tour South Africa, you can check out some of the rental service companies listed below:

GS Africa

This is one of the best companies to rent a motorbike from. They have a wide range of bikes available for rental and at an affordable price too.GS Africa also offers 24-hour roadside and ER 24-hour emergency assistance.

Their wide range of bikes includes BNW, Honda, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson and more.   Furthermore, they also arrange yours for all the groups and riders. Along with the bike rental, they also offer a whole range of rider gear and also some extras.

Official website: if you want to rent any motorbike, then you can make a reservation on their official website.

Adventure Bike Rentals – Motorrad Rentals

If you are looking for where to rent a motorbike for adventure then you can count on Motorrad rentals. They are one of the best motorbike rental companies in all of South Africa. Over the years they have completed more than 1,372 tours.

They have also sparked only positive reviews from their clients. If you want to rent out a bike, you can contact them from their official website and make a reservation. If you also want a tour around South Africa, then you can book a tour.

Adventure Bike Rentals

Adventure Bike Rentals is at your disposal. They have several adventure bikes for rental and for an affordable price too. This rental company aims to provide the best experience for their customers and they have 5-star Google ratings.

Their motorcycles are very clean, in good condition, and are well-maintained. Customers can decide to pick up the motorbike at the location or enable the Drop-off feature that allows them to have the motorcycle delivered to their doorstep. 

The whole booking process is very easy and can be done completely online. Adventure Bike Rentals strives to make the whole rental process very easy for their customers. There are also some accessories that you can add to your rental for you to have a wonderful trip ahead.

You can visit their official website at to rent a bike. Or you can email them at their official email address available on the website.

Adventure Bike Rentals – Eagle Rider Rental & Tours

When it comes to a wide range of bikes, you can totally count on Eagle Rental and Tour to provide some of the best bikes for rental. This company has a different range of bikes available for rental.

Eagle Rider Rental & Tours has bikes such as Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, BMW motorcycle, and KTM bikes for rentals. They have over 130 locations across the country and they give riders easy access to some of the best riding destinations and attractions in South Africa.

Eagle Rider Rental & Tours also provides some advantages to their tour and rental customers that other rental companies don’t offer such as the need for replacement motorcycles and also emergency assistance.

They also provide tour packages and this means that the team will take good care of the hotel bookings, and route planning and also offer the customers their Mobile Tour App that enables the customers to show up for their tour.

Official website: if you want to rent a bike or book a tour you can check out their official website at

DualSport Adventures                                                                                                            

DualSport has been one of the best when it comes to adventure bikes and they also offer a guide if you want one. For years now, they have had a sound experience in customized tours all around South Africa. DualSport Adventures also has rent bikers to riders with a full motorcycle license for bikes that are bigger than 250c.

In addition, it also has extra excess applied to learners with license holders. If you want to rent a bike from them, you can contact their customer care line or visit the official page to make a reservation.

Adventure Bike Rentals – Cape Bike Travel

Cape Bike Travel is among the trusted bike rental companies in all of South Africa.  All their rental services are accompanied by 24-hour roadside assistance along with fully comprehensive insurance.

Cape Bike Travel also supplies jackets, helmets, communication systems, and GPS units. When it comes to a wide range of bikes, you can count on Cape Bike Travel to deliver. In addition, it costs about R50 per day for a bike rental along with a deposit of R1500.

In conclusion, you can book an adventure bike for rent from any of these companies. And be sure to get the best and get it on time. Then have fun on your trip!


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