Affordable Hangout Spots In Accra

Are you on a budget and looking for affordable hangout spots in Accra? Or maybe you are wondering if they are cheap hangout spots in Accra? Well, whatever your reason is, you have clicked on the right article. Accra city has lots of affordable places to visit and hang out on a budget.

You don’t have to break the bank to have fun in Accra, as there are plenty of affordable places to visit in the city. Whatever kind of fun you crave, there is a place fitting your budget, so just keep reading.

Affordable Hangout Spots In Accra

To help you hang out with friends and have fun on a budget, we have a made list of some affordable places for you to go to. Here’s our list of cheap hangout spots in Accra;

Labidi Beach

You might be wondering if Labidi Beach is a cheap place to hang out, well, yes. Labidi is the most popular beach on Ghana’s coast and is often referred to as La Pleasure Beach. The beach is affordable and is open to the public for an entrance fee of GH10. To have the best experience on an African-style beach, visit Labidi Beach today.

Accra Zoo Is One Of The Affordable Hangout Spots In Accra

Yes, Accra Zoo is affordable. The zoo houses live wild animals for conservation, breeding, research, exhibition, and education. It is open to all that which to see the animals they’ve been seeing in movies up close.

Bojo Beach

Another affordable hangout spot in Accra is Bojo Beach which is a private. Because the beach is private, an entrance fee of GH8 is required. I mean that’s affordable, right? The beach is clean and serves as a great relaxing spot for fun seekers.

Zen Garden Is One Of The Affordable Hangout Spots In Accra

While, on a budget, one of the best restaurants to visit is Zen Garden. It is indoor and outdoor seating that is discreetly tucked away in an enclosed garden. Also, it is an ideal location for different types of events.

Koffee Lounge

One of the cheap restaurants in Accra with a luxury design is Koffee lounge. The restaurant offers a menu that is both affordable and diverse. So, if you have hanging out a on budget, this is one of the best spots to go to.

KFC Ghana

KFC is yet another affordable hangout spot in Accra. It offers the best menus to enjoy a on budget. The American chicken chain is a perfect spot for hanging out with friends and family. Also, there is a plenty of options to choose from on the menu at affordable rates.

Champs Sports Bar And Grill Is One Of The Affordable Hangout Spots In Accra

This spot has long been one of Accra’s premier sports bars, with flat TVs showing important sporting events. While hanging out at this spot, you can fill your stomach with meals from the menu.

Arts Alliance Gallery

Arts Alliance Gallery is another one of the affordable hangout spot in Accra. This is a good place if you are an art enthusiast. The gallery is loaded with so many art collections, Ghanaian apparel pieces such as Kente, furniture, and so much more. Plus, you don’t have to pay to enter. However, if you want a private tour guide it comes with a fee.

Buka Restaurant Osu Accra

Buka Restaurant Osu Accra is one of the best places in Accra to go for a good meal. Whether you craving some Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ivorian, Togolese, and Senegalese dishes. It is an affordable hangout spot but can be expensive depending on what you want to buy.

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill is a well-designed club with live music, so, if you love live band or music, this is one to go. Furthermore, it is a good place to eat delicious meals. If you’re searching for a good venue to hang out with friends, I’d recommend this place.


There is our list of affordable hangout spots in Accra. The list is long, nevertheless, above are some of the top places to hang out and have fun on a budget. We hope you find this article helpful. What is your favorite hangout spot on a budget in Accra? Where are you willing to try out? We’d like to hear from you, so, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do expats hang out in Accra?

Here are some hangout spots;

  • The Republic Bar & Grill.
  • Coco Lounge.
  • Zen Gardens.
  • Labadi Beach.
  • Buka Restaurant Osu Accra.
  • Bojo Beach.
  • Koffee Lounge.
  • The 5 Lounge and Restaurant.

Where can I take pictures in Accra?

Accra has many picturesque locations, but here are some places;

  • The statue of the king.
  • Jamestown Lighthouse.
  • Cathedral of Holy Trinity.
  • City Center.
  • The Independence Arch.
  • The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.
  • Osu Castle.
  • Madina Mosque.

What is there to do in Accra Ghana at night?

So many things. The list is long, however, it all depends on what you want to do or where you want to visit at night.

Does Ghana have nightlife?

Yes, there is no shortage of nightlife in Ghana. Kumasi is one of the cities in the Country that is full of nightclubs, movie theatres, party spots, and fun venues.

Where can I meet new people in Accra?

If you are looking to meet people and make new friends in Accra, these are some places to visit;

  • Aburi Botanical Gardens
  • Makola Market
  • Accra Mall
  • Independence Square
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.


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