Affordable Hangout Spots In Lekki

Are you looking for affordable hangout spots in Lekki? Searching for beautiful yet affordable places in Lekki to hang out with friends? Lekki has many beautiful places to hang out, however, most of those places are expensive. But don’t worry, we have you covered. In this guide, we will be sharing a listing of some affordable hangout spots in Lekki to visit and have fun, so keep reading.

Affordable Hangout Spots In Lekki

No matter how busy you are, it is important to make out time to visit places or simply hang out with friends. So, if you are in Lagos and looking for affordable spots in Lekki to hangout, here’s our list;

Lufasi Nature Park

This is one of the affordable spots in Lekki to hang out with friends and is one of Lagos’s finest relaxation centers. Lufasi nature park offers a scene to enjoy some alone time or enjoy picnicking with friends and family. With a gate fee of NGN1000, you can enjoy this beautiful natural scenery.

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Lekki Leisure Park

Most people say the leisure park is overhyped, but honestly, it is not. Lekki leisure park is worth every hype it gets. It is affordable, with NGN1000, you can enter and have fun. Lekki leisure park is a hidden gem cut into Lekki Peninsula shorelines.

This park offers everything when comes to exciting outdoor pleasure. Also, it is a great picnic spot to relax, chill, and just sightseeing.

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Another affordable hangout spot in Lekki is the Conservation Centre. This place has a lot to offer you. You get to see mother nature at its finest and calmest. Lekki Conservation Centre has many activities and sights to offer, ranging from sports to animals. While, at this spot, you honestly can’t go bored. There is the canopy walkway, the tree house, and many others.

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Rufus and Bee

Also referred to as R&B, this is unquestionably one of the finest locations to hang out in Lekki that is affordable. There is a plenty of games to keep entertained. Also, it is a great hangout spot for the whole family. Rufus and Bee is a one-stop spot for arcades, bowling, restaurant, and sports bar packed in one.

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Funtopia Water Park

One of the exquisite yet affordable hangout spots in Lekki is Funtopia water park. It offers a relaxation center for both adults and children. Many recreational activities to engage in such as swimming, surfing, etc. Entrance is fairly affordable and once you are in, the rest is in your pocket.

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Filmhouse Imax Cinema

Who says you need to break the bank to watch your favorite movie on a large screen? Filmhouse Cinema is an affordable spot for you to hang out. So, don’t hesitate to visit this spot and enjoy a great movie with your friends and family.

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Elegushi Beach

Elegushi is one of the most affordable beaches in Lekki. It offers plenty of fun activities to keep you captivated and entertained. There are nightclubs and restaurants. You can go horseback riding, beach soccer tournaments, and much more.

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Peninsula Hotel

Looking for where to have an unlimited amount of fun, Peninsula Hotel is a very good place to visit. It is one of the fun locations in Lekki to have a group hangout. The hotel has all the facilities you would need to have a good time. Also, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant onsite.

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This is arguably the largest of its kind in entire West Africa. Nike At Gallery is housed in a five-story building that houses an art gallery, a textile museum, and a coffee shop. Boasting over 8,000 collections of artworks from various Nigerian artists, trust me, you will have so much fun visiting this place.

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Domino’s Pizza

If you want pizza, Domino’s Pizza is one of the best pizza houses in the city. It is a cool place to visit and enjoy pizza alone or with your friends. Aside from sitting and enjoying your pizza, you can also get a takeaway.

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Xovar is another ideal hangout spot in Lekki that is affordable. It offers a cozy atmosphere with great food, thus making it a decent place to hang out with friends for food and drinks. Trust me, you will have a lovely time here.

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MyYa’s Cafe

MyYa’s Cafe is a chilled spot where you can go and relax. Have coffee and do your work. The atmosphere is so relaxing, chill, and very serene. It is a very good location to satisfy your hunger cravings and get your work done.

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This is another affordable place for hanging out with friends after a long day of work. If you need a spot to just relax, and unwind with your friends, Bambooka is your go-to destination. And believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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Lekki is a place of many interesting hangout spots, however, we have mentioned a few affordable places for you to hang out. You don’t need to break the bank to hang out and we have mentioned a few places to simply relax and enjoy on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lekki for the rich?

Lekki has a high concentration of wealthy and successful businessmen and women from all around the country, hence getting a land or house there is expensive.

How much is entry fee for Lekki Conservation Center?

The entrance fee per adult is NGN1000.

How much is gate fee for Lekki Leisure Lake?

The gate fee at Lekki leisure lake ranges from NGN1000 to NGN1,500 depending on the day you visit.

How much is elegushi beach entry fee?

The entrance at Elegushi beach is NGN2000 for adults and NGN1000 for children. But have in mind that you have to rent chairs and tents.

Can I take pictures in Nike Art Gallery?

Taking pictures in Nike Art Gallery is not allowed.

What can I wear to Lekki Conservation Centre?

Wear comfortable or casual fits and footwear.

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