Almond Parks & Gardens – Things to do at Almond Parks & Gardens

Looking for a park in Abuja to visit? Almond Parks & Gardens is one of the best parks in the FCT of Nigeria, Abuja. The park and garden center is equipped with modern facilities with sections for children, café, wedding events, and lounges. In other words, it is a fun park to visit alone, with your friend, spouse, or family.

Also, it is a perfect spot for picnicking and simply enjoying the feel of nature. If the parks and gardens are your things, Almond Parks & Gardens is a place you will enjoy visiting. Now, let’s find out more about the Almond parks and gardens.

Almond Parks & Gardens

Almond Parks & Gardens is one of the most popular and world-class recreation centers situated in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja. The park is suitable for both children and adult events. Unlike most parks, Almond Park charges no entrance, however, to partake and use facilities, you have to pay.

Also, Almond Parks & Gardens is home to delectable dining experiences including cafes, senior lounges, classic weddings, a children’s hub, and event facilities.

Almond Park is well-secured and safe for all to have a good time and make new experiences. Also, if you are a social butterfly, Almond is a place you can meet new people and make new friends. The amusement is a place that provides attractions catering to different age groups.

Almond Parks and Gardens Location

The amusement parks and gardens is located at Park no 294-B05, Utako District., Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria. Right in the heart of the city, Almond parks and gardens cater to the needs of any age group.

Working Hours at Almond Parks & Gardens

The park is open for adventure seekers every day of the week excluding Saturdays and Sundays. That is to say, Almond Parks & Gardens is open for service from Monday to Friday. The working hours start from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

So, you can only visit the park any day from Monday to Friday around 8:00 am to 6 pm.

What to Take Along when Visiting Almond Parks & Gardens

Visiting the amusement park is free, but to access the facilities and participate in activities, a fee is charged. However, to enjoy and have a good time in the park, there are some things you need to take along with you. Below are the things to take along when visiting Almond parks and gardens;

  • Hats and Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Poncho
  • A sling bag or handbag.

If you have the above, then you are already to visit Almond parks and gardens.

Things to do at Almond Parks & Gardens

Aside from being a good rest spot to relax the mind and body, Almond Park is also a place for many fun activities. There are some things to keep you entertained and they include;

  • Exciting Rides
  • Fun games
  • Picnic

The Almond gardens is mostly a good hangout spot to have a picnic with your friends or partner. So, if you visit and don’t which to play games or enjoy fun rides, you can picnic. Enjoy the feel and freshness of the garden.

Who Visit Almonds Parks and Gardens

The Almond Parks & Gardens is open for everyone who wants to relax or have a great time with friends and family. In other words, the park is great for;

  • Energetic kids that are always ready to play.
  • Adventure or thrill seekers
  • Picture lovers.
  • Families
  • Couples.


Parks are great places to visit either to simply watch people play or participate in fun activities. Also, parks serve as a nice place to visit with your spouse or family and have together. Almond Parks and Gardens is located in the Nigeria FCT, Abuja, and is a great spot to relax and release tension from home or work.

If you have plans of visiting Almond Parks and Gardens, the above is all you need to know about the park. We hope you find this article helpful. Feel free to share with your friends.

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