Apple Watch Series 7 – Always-On Retina display

Is there a Series 7 Apple Watch and how much does it cost? On the contrary, there is an Apple Watch Series 7 and the device is available for purchase on stores like Amazon, Apple Store, and a lot more at the best prices. This Apple Watch Series is currently one of the best-selling Apple watches in the market and this is due to its amazing features and functionality.

Apple Watch Series 7 - Always-On Retina display

This watch features a full-screen display, fast charging, durability, and more. It comes in various colors and brands such as Green Aluminum case with Leather Link, Blue Aluminum Case with Sport Loop, Green Aluminum Case with Solo Loop, and Starlight Aluminum Case with Solo Loop, etc.

Apple Watch Series seven is the best smartwatch for anyone with an iPhone. With the device, you can check your messages, control your music playback, ask Siri any question, and easily navigate the watch all from your wrist. In addition, the Apple Series 7 Watch can help you track and monitor your fitness app on your iPhone and reach your sleep goal with the sleep app.

You can conveniently make all payments right from your smartwatch using Apple Pay. It has 20 percent more screen area than the Apple Series 6 and is always on Retina Display. The Apple Watch Series seven is not your regular Apple Smartwatch this particular watch provides you with features that are not available on other Apple watches.

Apple Watch Series 7 Overview

In this section of the article, we will be providing you with an in-depth overview of the Series 7 Smartwatch. You can check out the outline below for an overview of its Display, Battery Life, Improved Durability, and more. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Display

One of the notable features of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the full-Screen Display. It is nearly 20% Larger than the Apple Series 6 Display and it is even 50% larger than the Series 3 display. In addition, the bright mode is always on mode. You can easily see your screen more easily when your wrist isn’t raised. The Apple Watch Series 7 display is a major difference between Series 6 and Series 3.

Battery Life Review

This device can last up to two days without using some of its features. Apple Watch Series seven is also popular due to its fast charging feature with up to 33 percent and is faster than the Series 6.  It only takes about 45 minutes to go from 0% to 80% using its newly updated fast-charging USB- Cable. It also provides 8 hours of sleep tracking.

Improved Durability

Series seven is the most durable Apple Watch ever built as it features three main durability features which include; Crack Resistant, Dust Resistant, and Water Resistant. With this feature, you can rest assured that your smartwatch is safe from dust, water, and crack.

Health and Fitness Feature Review

Apple Watch Series 7 is your ultimate device for a healthy life as it can do what other devices cannot. It is the best fitness partner that fits on your wrist.  The device has been upgraded with an advanced feature which includes; the Blood Oxygen App and Sensor and the ECG App. While working out, you can track and monitor your fitness using its fitness tracker. It is the best fitness tracker.

How Much Does Apple Watch Cost

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available for purchase from $399 and above and it comes in different modes. Meanwhile, the smartwatch also comes with cellular support which allows your watch to work optionally from your iPhone and it costs $499 for a size of 41mm or you can get the 45mm size for $529. For users who are wondering if this device is worth buying, yes the device is worth buying. As mentioned above, you can shop for the watch on Amazon, the App Store, and more.


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