Best 15 Barber Salons in Surulere Lagos State Nigeria

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If you’re looking for a barber salon in Surulere, keep reading. This article will cover the best 15 barber salons in Surulere. Whether you’re a resident looking for a grooming spot or a visitor seeking a fresh haircut, there is an array of barber salons for your needs in Surulere. To make your search a lot easier and faster, we have compiled a list of barbershops for you to check out.

Best 15 Barber Salons in Surulere Lagos State Nigeria

Best Barber Salons in Surulere Lagos State to Have a Good Haircut

These are some of the barber shops or salons you will find in Surulere;

7oh6 Salon

Located at the heart of Surulere, 7oh6 Salon is a haven for those seeking impeccable grooming services. From classic haircuts to modern fades, their expert barbers provide top-notch experiences.

Address: 6 akpoguma Street,by kilo bus-stop Masha/kilo, Surulere 100011, Lagos

Kayzplace Barbershop

Kayzplace Barbershop is a go-to spot for residents looking for stylish cuts and trendy grooming services. Their skilled barbers are always up-to-date with the latest trends. Thus, making it one of the best 15 barber salons in Suruere.

Address: 72 Bode Thomas St, Surulere 101283, Lagos

Onpoint Barber Shop And Beauty Salon

This upscale salon in Surulere offers more than just haircuts; it’s an experience. Onpoint Barber Shop And Beauty Salon provides a wide range of grooming services with a focus on excellence.

Address: 46 Akerele St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Hair Advocate

Situated along Bode Thomas, Hair Advocate caters to the diverse grooming needs of Surulere’s residents. From intricate fades to natural haircare, they have it all covered.

Address: 32 Bode Thomas St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Barber’s Shop

Barber’s Shop is yet another one of the best 15 barber salons in Surulere. It is a local favorite. Known for its friendly atmosphere and skilled barbers, it’s an ideal spot for a relaxing grooming session.

Address: 58 Adelabu St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Sleek Barbershop

Sleek Barbershop combines modern grooming techniques with classic style. Their experienced barbers specialize in crafting sophisticated looks.

Address: 18 Enitan St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

First Class Beauty Salon

As the name suggests, First Class Beauty Salon is where Surulere’s trendsetters go for their grooming needs.

Address: Lawanson, 5 Anjorin St, Surulere, Lagos

Good Looking Barbing Salon

If you’re after precision and attention to detail, Good Looking Barbing Salon in Surulere won’t disappoint. Their master barbers ensure your look is flawless.

Address: 33 Agbebi St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Creative Barbers

This serene salon specializes in creating well-groomed gentlemen. From traditional cuts to modern styles, Creative Barbers has it all.

Address: 136 Itire St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

1st Class Barbing Salon

For those who appreciate a touch of luxury with their grooming,1st Class Barbing Salon offers a premium experience. They prioritize client satisfaction and offer a variety of services.

Address: G922+Q66, Alh. Masha Rd, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Rigath Barbing Salon

Rigath Barbing Salon is another one of the best barber salons you will in Surulere. It is known for its artistic approach to grooming. Their barbers are skilled in crafting unique and creative hairstyles.

Address: Off Ishaga Bus Stop, Oju Elegba, 5 Mabo St, Surulere, Lagos

Sunnyside Barbing Salon

Sunnyside Barbing Salon has a reputation for delivering both classic and trendy looks. Their barbers understand the importance of a well-groomed appearance.

Address: 133 Ojuelegba Rd, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Tmoney Barbing Salon

This barber salon in Surulere caters to the grooming needs of both men and women. It’s a one-stop shop for haircuts, beard trims, and more.

Address: Ijesa, 35 Sanusi St, Surulere, Lagos

The Pristine Barbers

The Pristine Barbers is known for its consistency and dedication to quality. They offer a range of grooming services, from hot towel shaves to beard maintenance. You will be pleased.

Address: 55. Benson street, off Akerele St, Surulere 101283, Lagos

Excellent Barbing Saloon

Excellent Barbing Saloon is a reliable choice for all your grooming requirements. Their friendly staff and attention to detail make every visit worthwhile.

Address: Ijesha, 18 Adewuyi St, Surulere, Lagos


Now you know Suruere offers a diverse range of barber salons, each with its unique charm and expertise. So, whatever your style needs might be, you don’t necessarily have to go all the way to the Island. We hope you find a perfect barber salon from the list above. Also, don’t forget to share this with your social media accounts.

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