Best Fitness Apps For Exercises and Body Workouts

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Looking for the best fitness apps for your home workout? Home workouts can either be a blast or a total disaster, and this all comes down to the type of exercise that you choose. Luckily, there are several fitness apps that offer an outstanding fitness solution that is both affordable and convenient. With these apps, you will enjoy the perks of a wholesome workout session without hitting the gym and suffering the high expenses of a gym membership.

Best Fitness Apps For Exercises and Body Workouts

In addition, whatever your goal is, whether it is gaining muscle, losing weight, or even building strength, you will surely find a fitness app that will help you achieve it. However, how do you decide which fitness app to choose from? Well, to ease your search, we have curate a list of about 10 fitness apps that work for both iOS and Android devices.

Best Fitness Apps for 2023

Fitness apps are a great option for a gym membership. Besides, they have a variety of workout plans to choose from. Some fitness apps also have a personal trainer available, if you need one. So, without further ado, let’s explore these apps:

Nike Training Club As Best Fitness App

Nike Training Club gives users the benefits of personal training at an affordable price. This app’s premium content was made free in 2020. On this app, users can access multi-week training programs that suit their needs and over 100 standalone workout videos.

After downloading the app, there will be a quiz that asks what types of workouts interest them and how many times they want to exercise in a week. After answering the questions, the Nike Training Club will recommend a 4- to 8-week structured program that has 10 to 60-minute workouts. This app also provides yoga lessons, boot camps, and others.

SWEAT As Best Fitness App

SWEAT is a fitness app that is designed for women. The workout sessions are led by female fitness professionals, some of whom are the best in the industry.

One of the workout sessions is led by Kayla Itsines. And the app features a high-intensity circuit that is fit for beginners who want to make a transformation. The SWEAT app is user-friendly, and this fitness app is very motivating. Users can also preview every workout before starting, and the exercise is easy to follow.

Apple Fitness+

The Apple Fitness app has memberships for almost all kinds of video workouts. On this fitness app, you can do dancing, yoga, HIIT cardio, and other wellness classes that include meditation.

There is a free one-month trial that is available. After the free trial, you can pay for a membership. The membership on this platform costs about $9.99 per month and $79.99 per year.

Meanwhile, if you are using Apple’s Family Sharing, you can add up to five family members and use the membership without paying. It also pairs well with the Apple Watch.

Freelectics Best Fitness Apps

Freelectics provides users with different types of fitness exercise and lifestyle guidance, which includes workouts that range from 15 to 45 minutes. The app’s free version also enables users to develop their own workouts by choosing exercises. While the monthly subscription options offer access to individualized AI coaching, individualized workout plans, and individualized dietary advice.

This fitness app also features more than 300 workout videos. This includes bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, cardio sessions, stretches, and kettlebell HIIT workouts.

Daily Workouts: Home Trainer

Daily Workouts is the ideal app for people who want a basic app and don’t want to spend several hours working out at the gym or at home. This app also features up to 5-to-10-minute exercise videos and other 10-to-30-minute body workouts. Although the workouts are sweet and short, the apps provide a wide variety of workout styles, such as cardio, yoga, barre, and HIIT.

This app also allows users to stream videos that target different areas of the body; however, it doesn’t allow users to save progress or develop customized routines in the app.

Beachbody on Demand

The Beachbody on Demand app has lively, motivating programs that are led by top instructors. It has a wide variety of activities and classes that range from Pilates to boot camps.

This fitness app is also easy to navigate, and you can search for classes and programs that are determined by your interests and needs. To get started, you can choose from a variety of programs, such as a two-month hip-hop program or a six-week cardio plan that focuses on building abs.

FitOn Best Fitness Apps

FitOn provides a variety of workouts, which include strength, cardio, yoga, barre, Pilates, dance, HIIT, and more. This fitness app also features workouts that are led by celebrities such as Julianne Hough, Jonathan Van Ness, and Gabrielle Union.

All the classes are also available in real life with FitOn live sessions or through on-demand workouts. It also has real-time heart rate tracking through the Apple Watch and even a live leaderboard. Furthermore, you can upgrade to the premium version, which costs about $29.99 per year and gives users access to over 500 recipes, customized meal plans, live workout video calls, and many more.

Adidas Training Best Fitness Apps

Adidas Training provides personalized workout plans that are based on individual preferences, such as the individual ability level, how often you want to exercise, and fitness goals.

After a personal training plan is generated based on the answers to the survey questions in the fitness app, users can choose to turn on automatic workout reminders. There is also the option to integrate the exercise data with Apple Health. Adidas Training also enables users to upload and save their workout progress. However, if the user doesn’t like the workout plan designed for them, they can easily switch to another one.

30 Days of Fitness at Home

30 Day Fitness at Home allows users to customize their fitness plan based on their desired commitment, preference, and activity level. There is a free version that allows users to choose areas of the body that they want to focus on, which include the arms and abdominals.

It also generates pre-planned exercise sequences. It also enables users to set goals such as strength building, weight loss, or improved energy for several exercise recommendations. Furthermore, 30 Day Fitness at Home has a premium version that unlocks daily customized workout plans, more than 300 videos guided by coaches, and personalized meal plans.

Workout for Women Best Fitness Apps

The workout for women is designed with people in mind. While answering surveys about your fitness level and workout goals, there is a chance to change suggestions for any special conditions or needs. This includes postnatal status, sensitive backs or knees, and limited mobility.

It also enables users to choose the specific areas of their body they want to work on and their preferred style of workout. Fitness apps have a variety of workout plans to suit the needs of every user. Most of these apps also customize workout plans based on the user’s fitness level, the time they want to exercise in a week, and others.

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