Best Hangout Spots In Ikeja

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What are some of the best hangout spots in Ikeja? Are you looking for nice hangout spots in Ikeja? Do you wish to have a good time with your friends or that special person? If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right post as we’ll be listing some places of interest to visit for a good time. Aside from the noisiness, bustling, and hustling in Ikeja, there are some nice spots to have a quiet moment, clear your head, relax, or hold meetings.

Best Hangout Spots In Ikeja

Ikeja city is the capital of Lagos, and maybe the most populous city. It is located in the heart of the state, offering lots of opportunities for recreation and fun. Whether you’re new in town and want a spot to relax and chill, these are some places to hangout;


Located inside the Ikeja City Mall, BhEERHUGZ Café is a nice and cool place to meet with friends. At this spot, you can enjoy good food, drinks, and music. Plus, it is very affordable to have a good time here. A visit here will convince you to revisit.

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The Orchid Bistro

Ikeja City sure has lots of fun places and one of them is the Orchid Bistro. The bistro is a top-rated restaurant in Ikeja. It offers the right ambiance to enjoy a good meal, drink or relax. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful, and decent to enjoy yourself, look no further. Plus, the service is good.

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University Of Suya

For all the tasty, spicy, and well-prepared suya in Ikeja, you should visit the University of Suya. It is undoubtedly the best and most popular suya in the state. Believe me, once you taste the suya here, there is no turning back.

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La Mango Restaurant And Bar

Another hangout spot in Ikeja is La Mango Restaurant and Bar. This is a perfect place to relax after a long day at work. Treat yourself to the best restaurant for delicious meals, and a relaxing time.

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, ranging from Chinese to African dishes. Plus, if you are on your work lunch break, or going on a lunch date, this is a nice spot. The environment is serene, cozy, quiet, and refreshing to be around.

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Melting Moment

Melting Moment is another nice hangout destination in Ikeja. I mean, this list will be incomplete without mentioning melting moments. This place is simply incredible. For ice cream lovers, this is a good spot for you. They offer nothing but quality.

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Zen Garden

With all the natural endowments offered here, Zen Garden is a spot you will not like to miss out on. Just like the name, Zen is set up in a beautiful garden. Visit here today for a good time around nature, let the waterfall soothes your nerves, and calm your body. In addition, the restaurant offers luxury and classics to its guests.

If you’re in Ikeja and looking for where to eat tasty, and healthy meals, you should head to Zen Garden. Believe me, you won’t regret visiting here.

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The Terrace Pool Bar

Another destination is the Terrace pool bar at Sheraton Hotel. It is a perfect spot for unwinding and relaxing. At this bar, you get to enjoy tastily mixed drinks and beverages, and a live band entertaining you.

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Bungalow Restaurant

Bungalow Restaurant is yet another best hangout spots in Ikeja. The place is calm, and it offers a great opportunity for guests to enjoy a lovely evening. Furthermore, it is a nice center for business meetings.

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Rhapsody’s Ikeja City Mall

For cocktail lovers, Rhapsody is a nice place to check out. Aside from that, it is a great place to hang out with friends and see the views from the lounge. Located within Ikeja City Mall, this is a must-visit. Also, the food is yummy enough to have you requesting more.

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Blackwood Grills and Bar

Another amazing hangout in Ikeja to check out is Blackwood Grills and Bar. The ambiance is cool and refreshing. For quiet time alone or with your significant other, this is a perfect destination. It is a good spot to have a heart-to-heart hangout.

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Bamboo Lounge and Guest House

Bamboo Lounge and Guest House is a serene place with, a beautiful ambiance, and a clean environment. Plus, you get to eat affordable yet tasty meals. This is a place to visit after a long day of work. Trust me, you will enjoy visiting this place.

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Ocean Basket – Ikeja City Mall

Ocean Basket is a modern chain restaurant with a cheerful vibe, serving up seafood & sharing platters located inside the Ikeja City Mall. It is a really nice place to hang out with friends and lovers. Plus, the meals are delicious, and if you love seafood, then you will love it here.

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Sidewalk Lounge & Bar

Sidewalk Lounge & Bar is quiet to hang out after work and enjoy fresh catfish pepper soup. If you need a serene place to hang out in Ikeja, this is one of the top spots I’d recommend. Both the food, atmosphere, and service are wonderful here.

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Barrel Lounge

Barrel Lounge is your one-stop hub for grande relaxation and nightlife activity in Ikeja, Lagos. It is a lovely place to hang out with a serene ambiance, great service, a large extension of drinks, and delicious meals. You can be assured of a great time here with your friends or lover.

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Those are some of the Best Hangout Spots In Ikeja. Hopefully, with this post, you can find locate a new favorite spot. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for more fun spots. What are your thoughts on this post? Tell us below.

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