13 Best Hotels in Abraka Delta State Nigeria

Planning a trip or vacation to Abraka? Finding good accommodation comes with planning, and to help you with your decision, we’ve carefully curated a list of the 13 best hotels in Abraka, Delta State. From luxury resorts to cozy boutique hotels, we’ve got you covered for your getaway, vacation, or business trip. 

Best Hotels in Abraka Delta State Nigeria

There’s no doubt that Abraka is one of the most beautiful towns in Delta State with fun beaches, restaurants, recreational centers, and many others. Aside from these, there are many hotels as well. Whether you’re planning to visit for a vacation, business trip, or leisure, believe me, this town has a lot to select from.

Top 13 Hotels in Abraka Delta State Nigeria to Lounge

As you already know, Abraka in Delta State offers a plethora of hotels to select from, however, to make your booking faster, we have compiled a list of the top options. Below are the 13 best hotels in Abraka Delta State;

Rivotel Hotel & Golf Resort

Rivotel Hotel & Golf Resort offers an oasis of nature and comfort. The resort features well-appointed rooms, water sports, and sprawling greenery that will soothe your soul.

Address: Motel road ekerejeta, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Bisyl Suites Abraka

For those seeking a blend of style and affordability, Bisyl Suites Abraka is a boutique hotel that offers chic rooms, an in-house restaurant serving local delicacies, and a rooftop bar with panoramic views of the town.

Address: Agbor – Eku Rd, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Platinum Exquisite Hotels and Suites

A prime choice for both business and leisure travelers, Platinum Exquisite Hotels and Suites boast spacious rooms. Plus, a refreshing swimming pool., and a well-equipped gym to keep you energized.

Address: Q3QX+7XW, Police Station Road, Abraka, 330106, Abraka.

Rehoboth Hotels Abraka

Offering budget-friendly accommodation, Rehoboth Hotels Abraka delivers clean and comfortable rooms, ensuring you get great value for your money. It is one of the highly recommended hotels in the town.

Address: Ufuoma clinic, local, government area 330106, Abraka, Delta.

Abraka Turf and Country Club:

Experience luxury amidst serene surroundings at Abraka Turf and Country Club. Here, you’ll find elegant rooms, a challenging golf course, and a rejuvenating spa to pamper yourself while relaxing. Thus, making it one of the 13 best hotels in Abraka Delta State.

Address: Q372+6M, 333111, Oria, Delta.

Mudi Beach & Hotel Resort

Nestled along the coast, Mudi Beach & Hotel Resort presents cozy accommodations and a myriad of water sports. You also get to experience a lively beachside atmosphere that’s perfect for family vacations. Believe me, you will have a wonderful stay here.

Address: Q3VW+635, Mudi Beach Avenue, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Hotel De Buovo Abraka

A contemporary gem, Hotel De Buovo Abraka offers modern amenities, a restaurant with an international menu, and a dedicated staff ready to make your stay memorable.

Address: 23 Abraka , Along S, Agbor – Eku Rd, Abraka.

Goldstep Hotels Abraka

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, Goldstep Hotels Abraka has you covered with well-appointed rooms, a delicious menu, and a picturesque setting. Believe me, you will have a memorable experience here.

Address: R43F+GC, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Rino Brasky Hotel Abraka

For personalized service and comfort, look no further than Rino Brasky Hotel Abraka. This boutique hotel provides an intimate atmosphere and comfortable accommodations.

Address: Q4Q2+QW6, opposite Agofure Park, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

B-Z Executive Hotel & Suites

With a central location, the B-Z Executive Hotel & Suites offers spacious rooms, a delightful restaurant, and easy access to local attractions, making it ideal for exploring Abraka.

Address: Q3JW+VH5, Agbor – Eku Rd, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

3cees Hotel and Suites

Known for its warm hospitality, 3cees Hotel and Suites provides clean and cozy rooms, a delightful restaurant, and excellent meeting facilities.

Address: R429+GXV, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Hotel de Classico Abraka

Treat yourself to a relaxing stay at Hotel de Classico Abraka. This is a place to relax and let off steam, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy elegant rooms overlooking the town. Trust me, you will be glad you visited here.

Address: Q4Q2+QW6, 330105, Abraka, Delta.

Devine Hostel Abraka

Devine Hostel Abraka is yet another great hotel choice in Abraka. It offers budget-friendly accommodations with basic amenities and a strategic location for exploring Abraka’s attractions.

Address: Q4V7+QR4, Bembo 330105, Abraka, Delta.


With these best hotels, your stay in Abraka promises to be nothing short of remarkable, and homely. Start planning your vacation or trip, and book a stay at any one of the 13 best hotels above. Let us know what you think about these hotels.

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