Best Personal Trainer Insurance of 2024

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Best Personal Trainer Insurance – Personal trainers play a vital role in helping clients achieve and maintain fitness goals, yet this profession has risks. In 2022, the National Safety Council reported over 445,600 exercise-related injuries, highlighting the potential dangers inherent in this field. Imagine if one of those injuries involved a client under your care. This underscores the importance of personal trainer insurance.

This specialized insurance coverage serves as a safeguard in the event of client injuries during training sessions or as a result of prescribed workout routines. It also offers financial protection in cases of property damage caused by your work, such as equipment accidents. Should legal action be taken against you, personal trainer insurance can shield you from substantial financial liabilities, including legal expenses.

Numerous insurance providers cater to personal trainers, ranging from well-known companies offering diverse consumer policies to niche firms focusing on fitness professionals. We have identified the top personal trainer insurance options for 2024 by thoroughly evaluating these insurers and their offerings.

Best Personal Trainer Insurance 

  • Preferra
  • USG Insurance Services
  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  • Biberk Business Insurance
  • Travelers
  • Accredited Insurance
  • Hiscox Insurance
  • Harborway Insurance
  • Arch Insurance America
  • Cerity


Preferra will be a reputable provider of professional liability and general liability coverage for personal trainers in 2024. Known for competitive rates and quality services, Preferra is a popular choice among businesses in the United States. Clients can apply for policies online to access a range of coverage options tailored to their specific needs.

USG Insurance Services

USG Insurance Services specializes in cyber liability and is a top contender for personal trainers seeking insurance coverage. Clients can benefit from a $250k aggregate limit and a $250k occurrence limit upon requesting a quote. Additionally, policyholders enjoy a $1k deductible, enhancing the overall value of their coverage.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Philadelphia Insurance Company emerges as a premier selection for personal trainer insurance in 2024. This provider offers exceptional benefits to personal trainers, including access to discounts and comprehensive coverage. Moreover, their insurance plans extend coverage globally and surpass standard liability protection. For those seeking optimal coverage, Philadelphia Insurance Companies is a viable option; however, it is advisable to thoroughly assess their coverage offerings to ensure they meet your individual needs.

biBERK Business Insurance

For small business owners in need of dependable workers’ compensation coverage, biBERK Business Insurance is a recommended choice. This insurer stands out for not mandating proof of employee fault to facilitate compensation or payouts, providing added convenience and peace of mind.


Travelers, a prominent insurance provider in the United States, will offer top-tier personal trainer insurance solutions in 2024. Their professional liability coverage can be tailored to suit the specific needs of businesses, regardless of size. Travelers’ comprehensive coverage options make them a reliable choice for personal trainers looking for quality insurance protection.

Accredited Insurance

Accredited Insurance, in partnership with Travelers Insurance, specializes in general liability coverage and is highly recommended for personal trainer insurance in 2024. Their services are accessible nationwide, ensuring reliability and convenience for clients across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. This accessibility, coupled with their expertise in general liability coverage, positions Accredited Insurance as a valuable option for personal trainers seeking comprehensive insurance solutions.

Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox Insurance is a leading choice for personal trainer insurance in 2024, offering expertise in business personal property, general liability, and professional liability insurance. As one of the largest insurance providers in the country, Hiscox provides extensive coverage options tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Their nationwide availability ensures that clients can access coverage seamlessly, regardless of their location.

Harborway Insurance

Harborway Insurance offers top-notch inland, marine, and general liability insurance coverage for businesses of all sizes. Clients can easily request a quote through their official website or by contacting the company directly. With affordable coverage options designed to protect against unforeseen events, Harborway Insurance is a reliable choice for businesses seeking comprehensive insurance protection.

Arch Insurance America

For those in search of top-tier professional liability insurance, Arch Insurance America is a highly recommended option. This insurer allows policyholders to customize their policies to align with their unique requirements, ensuring access to comprehensive coverage options tailored to individual needs.


Cerity is a reputable insurance provider offering customizable workers’ compensation coverage at competitive rates. Their policies cater to various industries and trades, with a focus on affordability and flexibility. The company’s positive reputation and commitment to exceptional service make it a noteworthy option for businesses seeking comprehensive coverage.

Tips for Securing Optimal Personal Trainer Insurance

If you are in the market for tailored personal trainer insurance that aligns with your business requirements, consider the following recommendations:

  • Determine the coverage types that best suit your needs.
  • Request and compare insurance quotes from different providers.
  • Ensure you gather all necessary documentation for a comprehensive assessment.

Finally, make an informed decision by selecting a reputable insurance company and following their guidelines to finalize your coverage purchase.

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