20 Best Restaurants in Bamburu Abuja Nigeria FCT

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20 Best Restaurants in Bamburu: Bamburu is a city that not only captivates with its breathtaking landscapes but also tantalizes the taste buds of both visitors and locals. This beautiful city has a thriving culinary scene that beckons food enthusiasts from far and wide. In this post, we’ll traverse the nooks and crannies of Bamburu, listing out the 20 best restaurants that define its culinary prowess.

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Best Restaurants in Bamburu Abuja FCT to Have a Good Meal

Here is our list;

Sea Haven Restaurant

Picture yourself by the serene shores of Bamburu, waves gently lapping at your feet, and a plate of impeccably grilled seafood before you. That’s precisely what you can expect at The Sea Haven Restaurant, a restaurant that showcases the freshest catches of the day.

Address: Mombasa, Kenya.

The Grill Bamburi

The Grill Bamburi is another great restaurant to check out. This quaint restaurant boasts an organic farm, ensuring that every ingredient on your plate is as fresh as it gets.

Address: 516, Mombasa, Kenya

Agguts Restaurant

Transport yourself to Agguts Restaurant and enjoy delicious meals. The sweet aroma of fresh food wafts through the air as you indulge in some of the finest meals in Bamburu. Believe me, you will have a wonderful time here.

Address: Mwisho Petrocity, Mombasa, Kenya

Bamburi Swahili Dishes

If your taste buds are craving something a bit more exotic, Bamburi Swahili Dishes will transport you there with its authentic Swahili dishes. Whatever your taste buds are craving, trust me, you will satisfied here.

Address: Opposite Fahamu House, Bamburi – Mtambo Road, Kenya.


For chips and chicken lovers, BAMBURI CHIPS & CHICKEN CAFE is a haven. Their smoky, succulent dishes are the stuff of legends in Bamburu, and a visit here is a foodie’s dream come true.

Address: 2P33+3CX, Old Malindi Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.

Pwani Dishes

Pwani Dishes is your gateway to delicious and rich flavors. Their fragrant curries and perfectly balanced dishes will have you planning your next visit before you’ve even left the restaurant.

Address: XPX2+426, Bamburi – Mtambo Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

Zanzibar Dishes

For a touch of sophistication, Zanzibar Dishes beckons with its meticulously crafted dishes. Every plate is a work of art, and the ambiance adds an extra layer of charm. You will love the meals here.

Address: Bamburi Mtambo, Mombasa, Kenya.

Bigzee Restaurant

Bigzee Restaurant is a culinary playground where flavors collide and merge in delightful ways. Whatever you are craving, this restaurant constantly surprises and satisfies. Whether you’re a local or visit, this is a good restaurant to check.

Address: XPV2+J6C, Mombasa, Kenya.

Welfare Grill

For a taste of Bamburu’s own flavors, Welfare Grill is the place to be. They serve up traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations, making them a true local treasure.

Address: Mombasa, Kenya.

Splendid View Restaurant

At Splendid View Restaurant, the food is only half the experience. This restaurant offers panoramic views of Bamburu’s skyline, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner.

Address: Next To CTM, Mombasa, Kenya.

Char-Choma Restaurant

Char-Choma Restaurant is where you go when you crave a perfectly cooked steak. Their expertly prepared cuts are complemented by a cozy, rustic ambiance that makes every meal memorable.

Address: Aga Khan Beach Cottages, Mombasa, Kenya.

Frangipani Beach Restaurant

Frangipani Beach Restaurant Bar is the go-to place for delicious continental meals. Their creative rolls and fresh sashimi are a testament to the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Address: Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Kenya.

10 Street

Get ready to dance your taste buds to the rhythms of Latin America at 10 Street. From spicy enchiladas to zesty mojitos, this restaurant is a fiesta for the senses. Trust me, you will enjoy the meals and experience here.

Address: Mkomani Mahesh Doshi Road Mombasa The Avenue Building, Nyali Mombasa Nyali, Kenya.

Minazi Cafe & Lounge

Minazi Cafe & Lounge is where you find the comforting embrace of homestyle cooking. The menu features all the dishes you loved as a child, prepared with love and care.

Address: Bamburi bamburi, Kenya.

Tapas Cielo Bar & Restaurant

Tapas Cielo Bar & Restaurant is your ticket to the Mediterranean. With flavors inspired by Greece, Spain, and beyond, you’ll embark on a culinary journey through the sun-soaked regions of Europe.

Address: Nyali Centre, Links Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.

Tamarind Mombasa – Dhow and Restaurant

Start your day right at Tamarind Mombasa – Dhow and Restaurant, a cozy restaurant known for its affordable, exotic, and delicious meals. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast or brunch.

Address: Cement Silos Road, Kenya.

Namaskar Restaurant

Namaskar Restaurant has an impressive selection of craft beers, perfectly paired with hearty gastropub dishes that’ll leave you craving more.

Address: Links Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.


If variety is your spice of life, then Cafesserie is your paradise. Their international buffet offers a world tour of flavors, from sushi to pasta to curry, all under one roof. It is a haven for foodies that appreciate good food.

Address: Malindi Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.

La Casa Di Nico Mombasa

La Casa Di Nico Mombasa is yet another one of the 20 best restaurants in Bamburu. It is one of the highly recommended centers for you to check. Plus, it is a good destination for a first date.

Address: Bamburi, Kenya.


Bamburu’s culinary scene is as diverse as the city, and you will be shocked at how much you will enjoy the experience. Whatever you’re looking for, trust me, you will be impressed. Above, we have shared the 20 best restaurants in Bamburu. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

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