9 Best Restaurants in New Nyanya Abuja Nigeria FCT

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9 Best Restaurants in New Nyanya: Jikwoyi is a vibrant community bursting with culture, and its culinary landscape is equally diverse and rich. In this article, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure as we explore the 9 Best Restaurants in New Nyanya. These food establishments offer an array of flavors, each with its own unique charm, thus ensuring an unforgettable experience of different meals.

Best Restaurants in New Nyanya Abuja

Best Restaurants in New Nyanya Abuja Nigeria FCT to Have a Good Meal

Here is our list:

Krushianti Restaurant

Krushianti Restaurant is one of the restaurants you will find in New Nyanya. The tantalizing aroma that fills the air is enough to entice any food lover.

Address: XM5X+WCV, 961105, New Nyanya, Nasarawa.

Munch Box

Another restaurant to visit is Munch Box. Though is a local center, you get a chance to eat delicious meals. Thus, making it one of the 15 restaurants in New Nyanya.

Address: XP52+7CJ, 961105, New Nyanya, Nasarawa.

110 Bar and Restaurant

110 Bar and Restaurant is the ideal spot for a quick bite or a leisurely brunch. The menu features a delicious meal. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it a favorite among locals.

Address: 2J7R+J37 After Alhaji Isah filling station, 961105, New Nyanya, Nasarawa.

OBIC Restaurant

OBIC Restaurant invites diners to savor the taste of delicious meals. You will be glad you visited here. Plus, the setting is very cozy and relaxing. Thus, making it one of the 9 Best Restaurants in New Nyanya.

Address: 2J87+64J, Nyanya market, 961105, Karu L. G. A Nasarawa State, Nasarawa.

God Is With Us Restaurant

God Is With Us Restaurant is a haven for lovers of local meals. It is one of the highly recommended restaurants to visit and you will be glad you visited.

Address: New Nyanya Angwan, Gwari Rd, Akwanga.

Gracious Restaurant

Gracious Restaurant is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. This upscale restaurant offers a curated menu of delicious local Nigerian meals. If you’re a fan of local meals, this is a highly recommended spot.

Address: Boundary Rd, Nyanya 900101, New Karu, Federal Capital Territory.

Afrihut Bar

Afrihut Bar celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the state. The menu is a journey through Nigerian flavors, with dishes like jollof rice, suya, and egusi soup. The vibrant d├ęcor and traditional music add to the authenticity of the experience.

Address: 13,Nyanya Gwandara Road Karu Nassarawa State.

Chicken Republic – Nyanya

The Chicken Republic is where you can eat delicious chicken and chips. The meals here are very delicious and trust me, a visit here will convince you to go again.

Address: Express Beside Bank PHB, Abuja-Keffi Rd, Nyanya 900103.

Calabar Restaurant And Bar

Another restaurant to check out in New Nyanya is Calabar Restaurant And Bar. The serene ambiance and minimalist design make it a serene dining spot. You will be glad.

Address: 2,New Nyanya Abuja Keffi Express Way Karu Nassarawa State.


There you have a list of the 9 Best Restaurants in New Nyanya. Share your thoughts and favorite restaurants in the comment section for other readers. Please help us share this post with your social media friends and family. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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