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Looking for some California fun places? Well, you’re in luck, because in this article, we’ll list some of the fun spots in the state to visit. California is one of the best travel destinations in the United States. There is so much more to the state than its polished, brochure-ready surface though it might be famous for its glitzy resorts and celebrity sightings.

California Fun Places

14 Fun Places California

Were you aware that it’s a melting pot for cultures all over the world? It also has a stunning range of geographical diversity and it’s filled with many beautiful mountains volcanoes, forests, wetlands deserts, and rivers. So, when you are considering California Fun Places then you should consider California.

1. Hollywood Sign

A better thought is the one of taking a trip to the Hollywood Sign. Jutting over the cliffs of Hollywood Hills, it is the single iconic landmark that is in cinematic history. Visitors come over from all around the world just to snap and do some other fun things with its famous white letters. When it comes to reaching the Hollywood Sign you will have a few options.

If you are an outdoorsy extrovert who likes exploring, then you could like to hike a trail through the woods that leads to a better vantage point. Hollywood has strict rules for those visiting so that you don’t expect to get too close. If you might have been wondering about fun things to do in California, you can’t go wrong while in the Hollywood Sign.

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2. Alcatraz Island

I’m sure you might have probably heard of Alcatraz, the famous penitentiary thousands of sorts of mobsters, gangsters, and ne’er-do-wells. But did you know that you can tour the cell blocks that are now closed? And there are some of the top things that can be seen in California, and they will provide an incredible experience for most people that are traveling into the Golden State.

They have collections of rock pools and rare migratory birds for nature lovers. Visiting Alcatraz Island is one of the best things to do on a California vacation. It is a popular map in a game known as Call of Duty. And it is the best time to take advantage while you can.

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3. Big Sur

The Big Sur has beautiful mountains on one side and the oceans on the other, it is one of the most breathtaking destinations that you can find in California. It is a scenic drive that could ruin you from all other scenic drives. The views range from a gentle-hills down to the dramatic waves that are pounding against the cliffs.

You can find bridges, canyons, waterfalls, crags, and even lighthouses and the route itself is about 90 miles long, but if you do not want to extend your view, you could then venture into a number of the nearby parks, beaches, campgrounds, and forests to keep the fun going. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities that you can enjoy at the Big Sur.

With the help of Big Sur, you will be able to pack several different vacation experiences into just one trip.

4. Venice Beach Boardwalk

This place is known for its vibrant, and colorful atmosphere, and it is one of the main attractions and heart of fun places in California. There are always crowds and they are always getting full of energy. Jugglers could weave around face painters and street musicians, and even fortune tellers call out to tourists while food trucks could entice with smell and sights.

If you might be in search of a place of interest in California, the party can never stop at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. And there are reasons why it sees millions of visitors per year. People are drawn to this place’s vibrancy and energy that is just like moths to a flame, how wonderful it is.

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5. Old Sacramento

Step back in time with many trips to the Old Sacramento. And as one of the communities that are at the forefront of the Gold Rush, it is carefully preserved with the railways, museums and memorials, and buildings that both honor and celebrate. It is the role in U.S. history. Horse-drawn carriages clatter down the streets which are lined and designed with old fashion courthouses and schoolhouses.

You could easily get regular rides through the city and visitors could come and then explore and check everything that is from a centuries-old governor’s mansion to authentic lethal for Pony Express. You won’t want to miss out on the slice and the benefits of the good and old days when gold was flowing and anyone could strike it rich.

6. The Death Valley National Park

This place is home to some of the most extreme landscapes that are in the US. The weather is hot and dry, which is exactly how it got its name, many pioneers were lost while toiling through its rocky canyons and the snake-infested dunes in the 1800s.

You can enjoy lots of hiking, climbing, biking, and stargazing in the Death Valley of the National Park. In the middle of the desert, you will be miles from the lights and the air pollution of the nearby cities, so the stars will then stretch as far as the eyes could see.

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7. OUE Skyspace

There are lots of interesting places to see in California, but few could get your heart racing like the OUE Skyspace. It is one of the tallest observation decks in California so you will feel the trills as you ascend to the top. Your nerves will crackle like pop rocks when you see the transparent glass that you will follow to go back down.

This is a must-do when you are in Los Angeles and it takes a side trip for you to take to come and marvel at the aerial views of the world’s most famous cities and you won’t regret coming.

8. San Diego Zoo

With all kinds of animals in hundreds of hundred habitats, the San Diego Zoo is the biggest zoo that is in California. It houses all the usual suspects, including lions, elephants, and gorillas, but it’s also home to unique species like Pancake tortoises and leopards that are clouded.

Surfers to the Zoo could hop on a train or even ride a gondola skylift for them to reach different enclosures. Special events happen on most weekends for kids and couples, including Wild Nights Out after the zoo opens and Sunrise Tours before the zoo, and that include drinks and animal petting. If you are still planning your vacations from Home then you should consider the San Diego Zoo.

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9. Disney Land

If you are in search of a place to take your kids, then you should consider California as your best choice, and take them to Disney land which is located in Anaheim. Not only does it render services like games, rides, activities, and events that you could ever want from an amusement park, but it could also keep visitors comfortable with the luxury lodging and cookery.

There are so many things that you could explore while in Disneyland and they could make up an entire list of their own. From a haunted house to the jungle cruise, it is jam-packed with entertainment. Some trains could take you through the park so that you won’t miss anything.

10. Malibu Surfrider Beach

This place is known for its riches and famous residents and it is also gaining popularity as a hot spot for surfers and visitors. It is one of the California fun places to visit. People visit from all over the state to enjoy its crystal-clear waters and even some moderate climates. Surf shops are popping up like a dandelion alongside the coast.

Visitors of all ages and skill levels can find a place for them to practice their alley-oops, and some other local instructors are available to help you rent a board, and master an attitude or a wipeout. Catching a wave is among the best things that you can do in California so that you take your board and shimmy into the wetsuit.

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11. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House was built by an eccentric woman for more than 30 years, and it is an architectural foible that could defile an explanation. It is a gigantic, Victorian-style mansion with literally hundreds of rooms, staircases, windows, corridors, and closets, but they do not follow the kind of designs.

Regardless of the story that you might have believed, this place is a unique, must-see destination that is in California. If you are looking for the neat things that can be done in San Jose or the Silicon Valley area, grab energy reader and then go ghost hunting in the most bizarre buildings that are in the world.

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12. Solvang

While this place exists, you do not have to fly to Europe to experience a European vacation. In Solvang, the streets are crowded with many bakeries, chocolate shops, shoe cobblers, and wineries. The building is designed with red bricks and sloped ceilings of real Danish architecture. And an old fashion windmill can slowly be on top of the main square.

If you are a fan of Hans Christian Anderson, his museum is here. Solvang is one of the best California attractions for the lover of the unique and quirky. You could be transported right back to the 18th-century European village without leaving the west coast.

13. Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Big Basin Redwoods State Park is California’s Oldest state park. It is also home to ancient redwoods that are more than 50 feet around and stand tall. Plus, it’s one of the California fun places to visit. Trust me, these magnificent redwoods are an amazing sight to see.

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14. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Described as the best seaside park in the world, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a must-visit if you’re visiting the state. You can check out the amusement park for fun rides including rollercoasters, and others. Also, there is a pirate-themed indoor two-story miniature golf course that is surrounded by dozens of arcade games, and food options.

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Those are some of the California fun places to visit. In this article, we have listed a few places, however, we are open to taking your suggestions. So, don’t hesitate to share some fun places in the state with us.

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