Fun Places In Accra Ghana For Adults

Do you know that Accra is arguably one of the best places in Ghana to visit for the most fun? As the country’s capital, there are plenty of fun places in Accra for adults to visit for nightlife, dates, beach experiences, or others. Whatever kind of fun you are craving to have, Accra city has a spot for you. Here in this post, we have compiled some fun places for adult hangouts.

Fun Places In Accra For Adults

Top 10 Fun Places In Accra For Adults to Have an Awesome Moment 

With the enormous list of hangout spots for adults, here are some cool spots to check out:

1. Bojo Beach

If you are seeking the most fun, Bojo beach is one of the destinations for you to visit. It is a lively spot in Accra for adults. Bojo Beach is a cool and well-maintained spot for adults to hang out and relax.

2. Movenpick Hotel Is One Of The Fun Places In Accra For Adults

Class and elegance are the first things you will notice at this 5-star hotel. Movenpick hotel has plenty of facilities and services to cater to your needs to help you have the most fun. You will enjoy a safe environment with royalty treatment, all the while having the fun you want.

The 5-star hotel features an art gallery that showcases more than 2000 original Ghanaian art pieces. Isn’t that interesting? I mean you get to sightsee original artworks right on the hotel premises. Also, there is an onsite restaurant to satisfy all your food cravings.

3. Rock Stone’s Office

Another fun place for adults to hang out in Accra is Rock Stone’s Office. It is a lounge and pub located in Cantonment behind Ghanian police headquarters. If you are a fan of good wine and spirits, this lounge is the perfect place for you to hang out and drink with friends.

4. Firefly Lounge Bar Is One Of The Fun Places In Accra For Adults

What could be more interesting than an evening hangout with friends filled with laughter and memories? The firefly lounge bar is one place for adults to visit and have more. This lounge and bar is right opposite Former America Embassy.

5. Arts Alliance Gallery

For art lovers, this is likely the place for you to visit, because you will love it here. Arts Alliance Gallery is a gallery filled with plenty of art collections, Ghanaian clothing pieces, and more. So, if you are looking for an art gallery to visit, this is the place to go.

6. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Want to have a weekend picnic with friends? Kwame Nkrumah memorial park is the perfect location. This park contains a museum and mausoleum. If you are a historian, this is a place for you to visit in Accra.

7. Achimota Golf Club Is One Of The Fun Places In Accra For Adults

Planning to have a weekend to go golfing with friends? Achimota golf club is a spot to check out. It offers you an opportunity to relax with friends over a game of golf. The well-maintained fairways and lands make the course even more inviting and relaxing.

8. Coco Lounge

Another adult fun place in Accra to hang out with friends is Coco Lounge. It is a restaurant located at Liberation Link, Accra. The lounge offers a bar with lots of international delicacies. To enjoy a mouthwatering meal with friends or alone, Coco’s got covered.

9. Legon Botanical Gardens

Legon Botanical Gardens has lots of fun activities to offer you. It is an adult hangout spot where you get to hangout with friends and meet new people. While visiting here, you can engage in canoeing, canopy walks, bird watching, rope course, cycling, and many more.

10. LA Chaumière Is One Of The Fun Places In Accra For Adults

If you are in Accra, LA Chaumière is one place you would not like to miss out on. Matter of fact, it is one of the best restaurants in Accra to get your carvings filled. The menu is filled with rich French and European cuisines. You get to eat in a serene ambiance with excellent services from the staff.


There you have our list of adult fun places in Accra. The country’s capital is packed with many fun places to visit and hang out with friends, but, above, you will find 10 places to check out. What is your favorite fun place to visit in Accra? Where would you recommend? Well, we’d like to hear your thoughts, so, please share them in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I go on a first date in Accra?

For a first date, here are some places to go to;

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
  • Bojo Beach
  • Easy Track Ghana
  • Bigbentours1gh
  • Awumi Tours Ghana
  • Adansi Travels

What is Accra famous for?

Accra is the capital city of Ghana and also the site of Kokoka International Airport.

What is there to do in Accra on a Friday night?

Plenty, it all depends on what you are in for or craving on a Friday night. Here are some places you can visit;

  • Twist lounge
  • Obra Spot
  • Kahuna Nite Club
  • Republic Bar & Grill
  • Coco Lounge
  • Achimota Golf Club
  • Movenpick Hotel.

Can you kiss on first date?

Honestly, the kissing on a first date thing is dependent on you. The decision is yours and make sure the other person is feeling the same way before going for it. And most cases, it just happens at the moment.

What should I wear in Accra?

Wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable and smart.

Do they speak English in Accra?

Absolutely! English is the official language.

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