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Affordable and cheap restaurants and fun places that you can go to in Surulere. Surulere is a popular area in the city of Lagos. If you have ever visited Lagos, then you would have come across the name of the place Surulere. It Is majorly known for its residents and commercial activity. However, there are fun places to go in Surulere. In this article, I will be highlighting the top places that you can visit in Surulere.

Fun Places To Go In Surulere


Top 14 Fun Places That You Can Go To In Surulere

There are plenty of fun spots where you can hang out in Surulere with friends or family. Our recommendations are one of the best you would get.

Read on to discover the places that you can visit in Surulere:

1. The Cabin

This is one of the fun spots that you can hang out in Surulere. The cabin is a place for relaxation and chilling. If you love a serene environment with no noise, then you should visit the Cabin. It is located around the Bode Thomas axis of Surulere. Also, the interior walls have beautiful calligraphy on them.

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2. Admirals Restaurant and Bar

This is one of the famous and popular hangouts spots in Surulere. It is always a must visit if you would love to enjoy spicy meals. There also offer other delicious food that you would not want to miss. You can visit the Admirals Restaurant and Bar with your friends, colleagues from work, or family to eat spicy local rice.

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3. Burgers N Shakes

Burger N Shakes is one of the affordable yet fun hangouts spots in Surulere. If you would love to treat yourself or friends to tasty burger bites and shakes, then you should never miss Burgers N Shakes place. You can visit Burgers N Shakes with your loved ones and have happy moments together.

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4. Metricon Restaurant

Metricon restaurant is a great place to relax, unwind and dine at the same time. if you would love to have tasty meals, then this should be your number one stop. The foods and drinks are available at an affordable rates. If you would love to have tasty food then, visit the Metricon Restaurants.

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5. China Garden Restaurant

For the local food vibes and environment, we have the best recommendation for you. If you would love to have a taste of what locality is, then you should never miss China Garden Restaurant. Here the food tastes very delicious. You can order a plate of Amala, ewedu mix with gbegiri. Take a visit to the Commint Buka to give you an affordable treat.

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6. Sooyah Bistro

Sooyah Bistron is one of the famous and favorite restaurants in Surulere. If you are visiting Surulere for the first time and you want to give yourself a trip, visit Sooyah Bistro. It is located at the entrance of the Leisure mall. The food here is very nice and tasty.

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7. Zenith Water Margin

This is one of the best places to hang out in Surulere; it is also one of the restaurants that you can visit. Zenith Water Margin is the home for good food and the best environment you can dine in. it is one of the first and most famous Chinese Restaurants in Lagos. Zenith Restaurant is known for its Chinese delicacies with a spice of African staff. If you are looking for Luxury while dining, then you should visit Zenith Water margin.

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12:00pm-10:30pm

8. Hootas Restaurant

Hootas Resturant is another luxurious and quality restaurant at Surulere. The restaurant offers a relaxing and beautiful environment to its customers. Also, there is always tasty meals and assorted drinks for you. It is a famous and fun hangout spot to visit in Surulere. You can hang out with friends and colleagues over nice food here.

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Opening Hours: 24 hours every day

9. Creamslices Cafe

Creamslices Cafe is one of the fun places that you can visit in Surulere to enjoy creamy cakes and sweet. The outlet offers mouthwatering cakes, ice-creams, confectionaries and cookies. You can also order your cakes, ice-creams, confectionaries and cookies for any occasion. But, you should visit this location if you are looking for the best cream slice dessert cakes.

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10. Lounge 38

Lounge 38 is one of the top luxurious restaurants in Surulere. The restaurant provides a wide variety of mouthwatering menu to guests. It is also the best place for friends, colleagues, family, and even for you to give them a nice treat. The restaurant creates a fine environment and welcoming spot for visitors with good food, drinks, and classical music.

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11. Ofadaboy

Ofadaboy is a lovely place with lovely food and great customer service. This is a haven for local meal lovers and one of the best spots for local delicacies. Trust me, a visit here will convince you to revisit.

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12. Commint Buka

Commint Buka is a fast-food offshoot dishing up simple, traditional light bites & meals in down-to-earth surroundings. It is a cozy restaurant with a variety of dishes at very affordable prices. Plus, the food served is always delicious.

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13. Tantalizers – Masha

Another fun place to visit in Surulere is Tantalizers – Masha. If you’re looking for where to eat affordable delicious meals, then you should visit here. It is a good place to hang out and enjoy delicious food with friends, and family.

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14. Delta Kitchen

This is yet another affordable place to eat nice meals. Delta Kitchen is the best place to eat the famous African meal, Banga Soup, and Starch. Trust me, you won’t regret visiting here because you will love the food and experience.

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Those are some of the fun places to go in Surulere that we could come u with, so feel free to let us know your favorites below.

What are the names of the best places that I can visit in Surulere?

  • Cream Slices Dessert cake
  • Hootas Restaurant
  • Zenith Water Margin
  • Metricon Restaurant
  • Sooyah Bistro
  • Metricon Restaurant
  • Commint Buka
  • Burgers N Shakes
  • The Cabin

Where can I have fun in Surulere?

There are lots of places to have fun in Surulere such as Ofada Boy, Cream Slice Dessert Cakes, Hootas Restaurant, and so on.

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