Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja

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So, you are new in Ikeja and looking for fun places to take your kids? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this fun place to take my kids to in Ikeja article, we will be making a list for you. To make your search easier and fast, here in our guide, we will compel a list of places you can visit with your kids to have fun.

Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja


So, the kids have been indoors and now you feel guilty for not treating them out for a fun day? It is important to spend time with your kids and take them out to fun places to make new memories, that is why in this article, you will find some fun places to take your kids to in Ikeja.

9 Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja

With these fun places right in Ikeja, you don’t have to drive to Lekki. Without wasting your time further, let’s look at fun places to take your kids to in Ikeja:

1. Ikeja Mall

This is one of the common fun spots to take your kids to. Ikeja Mall is alluded to as one of the greatest shopping centers in Lagos and it serves as a pleasant spot to loosen up with your kids. The mall houses a significant number of eateries, clothing stores, games shops, bistros, etc. While at the mall, you have your kids engage in games or see a movie with them.

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2. Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja

Kids love going to parks and Ikeja has one of the most amazing sports focuses in Lagos. JJT Park is a recreational center with trees, blossoms and cascades, and other catchy highlights to leave your kids awestruck.

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3. Funland

Funland is a recreational center for both children and adults fun. So, taking your children here won’t be for their fun only, you, on the other hand, can get yourself engaged in fun activities. It is a one-stop center for all your kids’ events.

4. Ndubuisi Kanu Park Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja

Ndubuisi Kanu Park is a playground for children to have fun. Taking your kids here will make them happy. Also, they get to meet other kids and play together. Sounds interesting, right? Honestly, our list is incomplete without mentioning quality hands. It has a peaceful ambiance to let your kids have fun and laugh.

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5. Dilazione Nigeria Limited

Another fun place to take your kids to in Ikeja is Dilazione. It is a fun and serene place for kids to have fun and be kids. Dilazione is among the best parks in Lagos state, and they provide quality services. Matter of fact, it is a one-stop for vacation and holiday with your kids.

The company is mainly into amusement parks, bakeries, ice cream, popcorn, children’s parties, bouncing castle rentals, etc. Dilazione is a place for your kids to have fun and play with their mates. You get to watch them play and just be their selves.

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6. Happyville Occasion and Kiddies Event Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Kids To In Ikeja

Happyville is an event and amusement center to visit with your kids to have some fun. It is a space for children to have fun in a wonderful atmosphere that helps them learn skills and be kids. It is very affordable.

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7. Play Zone

Play Zone is a lovely spot to take your kids to in Ikeja, located inside the Ikeja City Mall.
It is an arcade for kids and adults. Plus, they have a good number of rides, bumper cars, stationary rides, mini carousels, etc. And video games and a 6D cinema. So, believe me, your kids will have a wonderful time here.

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8. DLA Amusement Park

DLA Amusement Park is a lovely place to take your kids for a whole day of fun in Ikeja. They have fun things for children, however, it is not for a very large gathering. At this center, you get value for the money you spend.

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9. Funtasticaland

Funtasticaland is a nice place to take your kids to in Ikeja. For parents who are worried about what to do while the kids have fun, there’s a restaurant for quick bites. This is one of the best spots I’d recommend to parents looking to have a great time with their kids.

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There you have some of the fun places to take your kids to in Ikeja. Above, we have listed six places to take your kids to and have fun. Hopefully, our guide is helpful enough. Which other kid fun centers would you recommend? Please your recommendations below in the comment section

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the gate fee at Fun Factory?

The gate fee at Fun Factory is NGN 3000.

What do children do for fun in Nigeria?

There are many children’s games for them to engage in, however, the most common is a board game called Ayo. Ayo is played by two or more people using seeds a board. Other games include checkers, soccer, volleyball, game box, etc.

Where can I take my kids in Lagos for Christmas?

Lagos state has plenty of places to take your kids to such as Skate City, JJT Park, Maryland Mall, Ikeja City Mall, Peace Park Ojota, etc.

Which beach is best for kids in Lagos?

Meia Praia is one of the most popular beaches to take your kids to in Lagos.

Do we have zoo in Lagos?

Yes, Lagos State has one of the biggest zoos in Nigeria known as Conversation Centre. It is one of the most famous wildlife conversation centers in the country.

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