Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

There is a chance that you came across this post because you used the search phrase “fun places to take my wife to in Ajman”. Let me know if I’m wrong in the comment section below. That aside, in this article, we will mention a few places in Ajman to take your wife to.

Ajman is a small state in the United Emirates of Arab. If you are planning to visit the state with your wife, below are some of the places you should take her to.

Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman


Did you search “fun places to take my wife to in Ajman?” Lucky for you, here are some of the places you can visit with your spouse;

Magic Planet City Centre Ajman

This is one of the most popular award-winning family entertainment centres in the United Arab Emirates. The magic planet has an incredible array of games, indoor rides, skill games, simulators, and attractions to see with your wife.

Aqua Bounce Ajman Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

Another interesting and fun place to take your wife to in Ajman is Aqua Bounce. It is a good place to jump, play, celebrate, and splash with your wife. For the most thrilling excitement with your wife, visit here today.

Ajman Beach

Ajman Beach is a great place to have fun. It is good for relaxing and chilling with your spouse by the beachside. This is a stunning place to relax and watch the sunset. The beach is well maintained with chairs to sit on.

Al Zorah Natural Reserve

This is another interesting place to visit with your wife. It is a protected wetland home to flamingos, egrets, and herons with kayak tours and lagoonside beaches. Take your wife to this natural reserve today and have fun.

Qbox Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

Qbox is a horror escape room in Ajman. For a nerve-cracking experience with your spouse, visit here today. This is an escape with live actors. It is almost like you are trapped in a themed room, but with your lovely spouse. If you are looking for a new kind of fun, then you should visit here with your wife.

Ajman Marina

Another place to have fun with your wife in Ajman is the Marina. It is a top tourist attraction in the state. This is a very nice place for a walk and to enjoy the beauty of the city. Experience the beauty of this natural scene with your wife.

Ajman Shopping Festival

This is the best place to bring your wife shopping. The Ajman shopping festival is a lovely place to have fun with your partner. There is no entry fee, it is an open space with many fun rides to get thrilled.

Sabella’s Italian Restaurant Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

For some of the tastiest and mouthwatering Italian dishes, you should take your wife here. If your spouse is yet to try out Italian delicacies, then here is a chance. This restaurant is located on the first floor of the Ajman Hotel.

The Oberoi Beach Resort

This is yet another gorgeous to take your wife for a getaway. The Oberoi Beach Resort features a sun terrace and a private beach area to relax with your lover. In the resort, you can do almost everything you want including sharing a bottle of drink in the bar or dining in the restaurant.

Zanzibar Beach Bar

Zanzibar beach bar is one of the fun places to hang out with your spouse in Ajman. It is a nice and cozy beach bar to chill, relax, unwind, and share a bottle with your wife.

Ajman National Museum Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

If your wife enjoys visiting museums, then she will love you taking her to the Ajman national museum. It is one of the oldest forts in UAE and it once served as a residing place for the ruling families. This is a place of culture and history to visit with your wife.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Another fun place in Ajman to take your wife to is Radisson Blu. It is one of the grandest and most beautiful hotels in that region.

Seascape Restaurant Ajman

Another restaurant to go to for delicious meals is Seascape. This is a seafood fast food. It serves the most flavorful delicious sea meals in Ajman.

GOCO Spa Ajman

GOCO Spa combines a collection of traditional spa services with sophisticated stunning techniques. You should take your wife here to help her relax.

The Eminence Spa Is One Of The Fun Places To Take My Wife To In Ajman

The eminence spa is one of the places Ajman to visit with your wife. Take your wife here today and get a couple of massage sections to relax your body, soul, mind, and spirit. This is a safe haven for you to relax with your woman.


Those are some of the fun places in Ajman you should take your wife to. Hopefully, you can make good use of the information shared in this article. Please let us know if there’s something you’d like to say or add.

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