GEICO Home Insurance

GEICO Home Insurance – Since GEICO is renowned for its car insurance, it’s important to note that it also offers home insurance to safeguard your home and personal possessions. Home insurance that is bought via GEICO is approved and provided service by one of its independent insurance partners. In addition, your real coverage is with one of these third-party insurers, and they are fully in charge of your policy.

GEICO Home Insurance

Moreover, it collaborates with more than 40 insurance providers, such as Chubb, Homesite, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers to provide home insurance. It also offers assistance like helping customers with the quote and sign-up process and acting as a point of contact.

Typically, policyholders can use the Geico website or mobile app to manage their coverage and pay premiums online. It provides renters, condominium, and mobile home insurance to homeowners insurance, which are insured by partner carriers.

GEICO Home Insurance Coverage

The majority of insurance companies that collaborate with GEICO offer several kinds of insurance coverage in a regular policy. The terms and conditions of a house insurance policy should be carefully reviewed before signing, though, as the insurance company’s coverage may differ.


If the structure of your home is destroyed or damaged, this kind of coverage will cover the costs of rebuilding or repairs. The appraised value of your home should match the amount of dwelling coverage.

Personal property

This type of insurance pays for the replacement of household goods, such as clothing and furniture. On their website, it provides a calculator to help you determine how much coverage you will need.

Extra living expenditures

If you are forced to relocate while your house is being repaired, this kind of coverage pays for your meals, lodging, and other living expenses.


This kind of insurance covers injuries or property damage you or your family members who reside in your house may cause. Damages from pets are frequently even covered by personal liability insurance.

Other structures

Items like a detached garage, shed, or fence that aren’t a part of the house’s structure are covered under this kind of coverage.

Medical expenses

If a visitor gets an injury while visiting your house, this kind of coverage will pay for their medical expenditures.

Customers of GEICO can select their home protection with some extra coverage options. However, the specific endorsement options available to you may differ based on the provider that GEICO recommends. Typical add-on options consist of these:

Protection against identity theft

A lot of plans have the opportunity to buy protection against identity theft. It pays expenses if sensitive elements of your data, like your credit card number or Social Security number, are compromised. Furthermore, it can pay for things like replacement government IDs, credit repair services, and legal expenditures.

Coverage for scheduled personal property

The majority of typical plans place restrictions on coverage for particular types of personal property, including jewelry, fine art, furs, antiques, and guns. By selecting supplemental coverage, you may guarantee that the entire value of these things is safeguarded.

Water backup

This plan covers unexpected, unintentional water damage brought on by malfunctioning appliances, burst pipes, or rain caused by the wind. Moreover, water backup coverage covers further types of water damage, such as water trapped in your house from a clogged drain, leaking groundwater, backed-up sewage, and sump pumps.

HOA loss assessment

Shares of losses or damages in common spaces are the responsibility of homes that are part of a homeowners association or HOA. However, it can avoid having to cover those expenses out of pocket by obtaining a HOA loss assessment endorsement.

Replacement expense coverage

Two kinds of replacement cost coverage are available through homeowners insurance. ACV or actual cost value pays less if you have to submit a claim because it covers a product for its price after depreciation. While the product’s replacement cost value, or RCV, is equal to 100% of its initial value. When an insurance claim arises, this coverage usually pays out a bigger amount.

What Does GEICO Home Insurance Cover

A typical home insurance policy, unless expressly stated as an exclusion in your policy, pays to rebuild or repair your home’s structure against all issues. Personal property coverage will cover the cost of repairing your possessions if any of the 16 specifically mentioned issues in your policy cause damage to them:

  • Lightning and fire.
  • Hail and windstorms.
  • Detonations.
  • Disturbance or riot.
  • Aircraft-related damage (not your own).
  • Vehicle-related damage (not your own).
  • Smoke.
  • Vandalism or malevolent misbehavior.
  • Home invasions and theft.
  • Explosion of a volcano.
  • Falling things.
  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet.
  • Overflow or seepage of steam or water
  • Unexpected and inadvertent breaking, chipping, or scorching.
  • Freezing.
  • Unexpected and unintentional harm caused by electrical electricity.

What Does GEICO Home Insurance Not Cover

Although home insurance does not cover all damage, you may be able to acquire a separate policy for situations that are not covered by your current policy. Furthermore, you can add a rider to your existing one. Here are some several exclusions:

  • Mudslides, sinkholes, earthquakes, and other forms of earth movement
  • Inundation
  • Blockages in sewage or drainage
  • Intentional harm

Since GEICO partners with other businesses to sell house insurance, your insurer may provide a range of extra coverage. However, as a homeowner, you might be able to acquire the following coverage or policies through GEICO.  Here is other coverage provided by GEICO.

  • Jewelry coverage
  • Identity insurance
  • Umbrella coverage

GEICO Home Insurance Cost

Numerous factors will determine the precise cost of your coverage. Among the factors taken into account by GEICO Home Insurance and its partners are your home’s location, size, and claim history. Although most clients acknowledged that GEICO offers cheaper rates than other providers, once their policy went into effect, costs went up significantly.

GEICO Home Insurance Discount

Discounts will vary based on individual quotes because GEICO offers house insurance via non-affiliated insurance carriers. As discount varies, it provides homeowners with the following benefits:

Multi-policy Discount

By combining your homeowners’ insurance with GEICO coverage, like auto insurance, you may take advantage of the Multi-coverage Discount and reduce your monthly prices. When customers bundle their policies, they are automatically eligible for this discount.

Military and Federal Organization Discounts

GEICO provides insurance policy reductions to those who are active military personnel or affiliated with federal agencies. Moreover, military personnel are eligible for Emergency Deployment Discounts as well.

Home Safety Features

If you have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a home security system installed, you can also be eligible for a GEICO discount.

How to File a Claim with GEICO Home Insurance

Policyholders will not use the customer website to immediately submit a claim. However, the partner of GEICO (if any) will be indicated on your policy documentation. You can also get assistance from the partner or by calling GEICO’s phone number.

Moreover, it’s not one to be left behind in an increasingly technologically advanced society. Once you have determined which firm will handle day-to-day policy servicing, you can set up logins if you work better working online or through an app. Furthermore, claims processing and policy management will benefit from this.


GEICOhome insurance has certain benefits for clients who insure their cars via the company and provides a user-friendly mobile app and website. However, the company’s method of combining customers with independent vendors and the absence of discounts may be disadvantaged. Moreover, you should obtain quotations from at least three different companies before selecting insurance.


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