Hangout Spots In Wuse Abuja – Capital City of Nigeria

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Are you visiting Wuse in Abuja? Or maybe you are new here and looking for hangout spots in Wuse Abuja? Truth is, Wuse town has lots of fun and exciting places to hang out to have fun. Whether you are going with friends, alone, or with a lover, there is a spot for you.

Hangout Spots In Wuse Abuja

Wuse is a busy shopping hub, with Ankara print fabrics at the Market and fashion stores at Silverbird. It is one of the nicest places in the Capital City of Nigeria to stay in or visit with plenty of fun places.

Top 14 Hangout Spots In Wuse Abuja

In this post, you will find some hangout spots in Wuse Abuja to visit and have a good time. Whether you are there for a long or short stay, you would find these places fun to see.

1. Jevinik Restaurant

This place is great for enjoying a working lunch. Jevinik Restaurant is a giant dining hall where you eat and go. The food here is super delicious and affordable, also, the staff is courteous. This is a go-to spot if you are craving native Nigerian dishes.

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2. Spice Platter

Spice Platter is one of the hangout spots in Wuse Abuja serving good meals. Also, it is located next to an art space. The place has a good ambiance and great customer service. There is a bar to drink your favorite beverage, wine, or champagne and an external sit area. Spice Platter is worth the price, plus you get to taste mouthwatering meals.

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3. Yahuza Suya Spot Nigeria Limited

For the best suya tastes in Wuse, Abuja, you should visit this spot. Yahuza Suya Spot is one of the top hangout spots in the town to enjoy a bite of suya. Plus, it is not pricey, so you can simply chill here and have a good time munching kilishi, or suya.

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4. City View Restaurant

This is another hangout spot in Wuse with a casual locale with a tropical courtyard offering a multi-cuisine menu including seafood and Lebanese. City View Restaurant is one of the best seafood spots in Wuse. Also, it is a good spot to take your friends or lover for a good time out of the house.

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5. Domino’s Pizza

Another hangout spot in Wuse Abuja is Domino’s Pizza. It is a relaxed venue to fill your carvings and unwind. This is an ideal place if you are craving ice cream and pizza. Though it is usually noisy and lively with families, friend groups and couples, you would have lots of fun here. Plus, the customer service is fast and attentive.

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6. The Junkyard Grills

The Junkyard Grills is a pavilion styles destination with outdoor seating and a basic menu that includes cocktails and fast food. It is a nice hangout spot to visit with friends, family, lovers, or alone. A great place to have fun and trust me, you will enjoy visiting here. If you are Wuse and stuck on deciding where to visit for a good time and a nice meal, I’d recommend this spot.

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7. The Garden by L’Epicure

This is a good place to hang out especially away from the blaring hunks of the city. The Garden by L’Epicure is an ideal spot to have fun in a relaxed indoor or outdoor atmosphere. The ambiance is top-notch. Formerly, known as the Secret Garden, this is the kind of garden you come across every day. A visit here, will get you addicted, and believe me, you will have fun visiting here.

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8. Village Chief Restaurant & Bar

Another fun place to hang out is in Wuse. Trust me, you would have an amazing experience visiting Village Chief Restaurant & Bar. Visit this restaurant today and have a good time with friends or your significant other. The prices here are considerably cheap for such an elegant spot. The environment is nice and neat. Plus, the menu is wide, so you can get your cravings satisfied.

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9. Tulip Bistro

The ambiance here is fantastic and relaxing. Tulip Bistro is one of the hangout spots in Wuse. Trust me, a visit here will convince you and you might just get addicted. I mean you don’t go wrong with a rooftop restaurant, right? A bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it.

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10. Dark Room By The Yellow Plate

Dark Room is Abuja’s premier online and sitting restaurant and bar café to have fun. It is located in the heart of the city. Visit here for original and authentic meals. Plus, the concept here is unique, and I bet and assure you that you haven’t visited such a place in Abuja. Get an amazing experience today by visiting the Dark Room by The Yellow Plate.

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11. Trukadero by CityBowl

Trukadero by CityBowl is a good spot to hang out with friends, and friends, and enjoy activities like bowling and pool. It is one of the classic fun and affordable places in the district to visit. I’d recommend here for a weekend hangout with friends.

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12. Hootas Place Abuja

Hootas Place Abuja is an awesome place to relax and hang out. A perfect place to enjoy a weekend karaoke hang out with your friends and at the same time, have delicious meals. A visit here will convince you to revisit.

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13. The Hydeout Restaurant & Grills

The Hydeout Restaurant & Grills is a nice place to spend quality time with your loved ones. The service, atmosphere, and food are top-notch. Definitely worth the money. In short, it is an awesome place to hang out with family and friends.

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14. Wellness Spot

If you’re looking for where to grab a quick healthy meal, the Wellness Spot is where to go. It is known for delicious and healthy Continental and African dishes. It is a nice place that is very easy to locate.

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There you have the fun hangout spots in Wuse to go for a good time. Did we omit your favorite spot? Have you been to any of the places listed above? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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