Honk for Jesus Cast, Storyline, and Where to Watch

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Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. is a comedy-filled American drama that was directed and produced by Adamma Ebo. The movie stars Reginal Hall as the first lady and Sterling K. Brown as the pastor of a megachurch who tries to reopen and rebuild his church after a previous scandal that led to a mass congregation leaving the church.

Honk for Jesus Cast, Storyline, and Where to Watch

This movie documents how the pastor and his first lady attempt to reopen their megachurch. This movie is just the right movie for comedy lovers. If you are looking for a movie that makes you laugh hard, then this black-cast movie is just what you need.

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul was released on the 2nd of September 2022 for streaming in America on Peacock by Focus Features and it has sparked positive reviews from viewers.

Honk For Jesus Storyline

This movie is about the first lady, Trinitie Childs (Reginal Hall) of a Southern Baptist megachurch, who runs the church alongside her husband, pastor Lee-Curtis (Sterling K. Brown), of over thousands of congregations.

But after a sex scandal, the church was closed temporarily, and Lee-Curtis and Trinite had to find a way to reopen and rebuild their congregation to make the biggest comeback. The religious couple must find a way to rebuild their congregation and reconcile their Christian faith by any means necessary to make the biggest comeback that the religion has ever witnessed.

Who Produced the Movie?

Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul was produced by Adamma Ebo, and the movie was also directed by her. Reginal Hall and Sterling K. Brown also starred in this film.

Honk For Jesus Cast

This movie features an ensemble cast that each plays a significant role in the movie. Here is the cast of the movie:

  • Reginal Hall – Trinite Childs
  • Sterling K. Brown- Lee-Curtis Childs
  • Nicole Beharie- Shakura Sumpter
  • Conphidance – Keon Sumpter
  • Austin Crute- Khalil
  • DeVere Rogers – Basil
  • Robert Yatta – Deacon Alastor Culpepper
  • Greta Glenn – Deaconess Culpepper
  • Andrea Laing – Anita
  • Selah Kimbro Jones – Aria Devaughn
  • Crystal Alicia Garrett – Sapphire Devaughn
  • Perris Drew- Kensington Straterly
  • Olivia D. Dawson – Sister Donetta
  •  Natasha L. Fuller – Vera Joseph
  • Tariat Baoku- Sidewalk Woman
  •  Dhane Ross- YouTuber
  • John Michigan- Congregation member 1
  • Jah Shams- Congregation Member 2
  • Elle Young – Yvet

These are the cast of the movie “Honk for Jesus.”

How Long Is Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul?

The running time for Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul is 1 hour and 42 minutes. This movie is packed with lots of drama and comedy. It is a movie that the whole family can watch together. It sends a strong message to the viewers.

Honk For Jesus Release Date

The movie was released on September 2nd on Peacock by Focus Features in the United States. Ever since its release, it has gained positive reviews from viewers and critics. This is a comedy and drama-filled movie that I recommend.

However, the movie is now released in theatres and on Peacock, and fans from all over can either stream the movie online or watch it in the theatre with their friends and family.

Where To Watch

The movie isn’t available on other streaming sites other than Peacock. However, it is available to watch in the cinema. If you want to watch Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul, you can subscribe to Peacock or wait till it is available on other streaming sites such as:

  • HBO Max
  • Netflix
  • Disney +
  • Paramount Plus
  • iTunes
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu

If you can’t wait for the movie to be available on other streaming sites, you can subscribe to Peacock for $4.99 per month. This will all be worthwhile because you get to watch Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul.

Is Honk for Jesus Worth Watching?

Yes, it is. This movie is not only comedic, but it also carries a strong message to the viewers. The genre of this movie is satire. It has received lots of positive reviews from viewers all across the globe. If you want to take my word for it, you can watch the movie yourself to confirm it.

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