15 Best Hotels on Victoria Island Lagos State Nigeria

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Searching for the pinnacle of luxury accommodations in VI? Look no further. You will find a list of the 15 best hotels on Victoria Island that promise opulence and unforgettable stay.

15 Best Hotels on Victoria Island

15 Hotels on Victoria Island Lagos State to Lounge

Whether you’re a traveler exploring the city or a local seeking a lavish retreat, these are some of the hotels to check out.

These are some of the best hotels in VI;

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

Embrace grandeur at Maison Fahrenheit Hotel, where elegance meets comfort. With its lavish suites, upscale dining, and prime location, it’s a royal experience. It is one of the 15 best hotels on Victoria Island.

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BWC Hotels Victoria Island Lagos

BWC Hotels Victoria Island Lagos offers a sophisticated stay. From its chic interiors to its rooftop pool, it’s a haven of modern luxury. Believe me, you will have a wonderful stay here.

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Lagos Continental Hotel

Enjoy stunning waterfront views at Lagos Continental Hotel. This hotel provides spacious rooms, top-tier amenities, and easy access to Victoria Island’s attractions.

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De Rigg Place, Victoria Island

Elevate your experience at De Rigg Place, Victoria Island. With its contemporary design, rooftop bar, and panoramic vistas, it’s a luxurious escape in the heart of the city. This is yet another one of the 15 best hotels on Victoria Island.

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Solitaire Hotel

Immerse yourself in luxury at Solitaire Hotel. This hotel offers personalized service, stylish accommodations, and an ambiance that redefines relaxation. And is a highly recommended spot to visit.

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Villa Monument Hotel

Indulge in waterfront living at Villa Monument Hotel. With its nautical-themed decor, spacious rooms, and serene atmosphere, it’s a tranquil escape. If you are looking for a hotel to relax and enjoy a staycation, this is one place I highly recommend.

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Lala’s Lagos Boutique Hotel

Experience opulence at its finest at Lala’s Lagos Boutique Hotel. Its lavish suites, gourmet dining, and attention to detail make it a haven of extravagance. 

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Atlantic Hotels and Suites/Bayleaf Restaurant

Enjoy prestige living at this grand hotel, and trust me, you will be glad you did. With its modern amenities, plush interiors, and prime location, Atlantic Hotels and Suites is a retreat fit for the discerning traveler.

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Angel Hospitality Limited

Find solace at Angel Hospitality Limited, offering a blend of comfort and luxury. Its lush gardens, well-appointed rooms, and serene ambiance create a true oasis for resting and having a great time.

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Delight in an epicurean escape at this hotel, where gastronomy meets luxury. With its fine dining options, wine cellars, and tastefully designed rooms, HOTEL BON VOYAGE is a feast for the senses.

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The Cate House

Unwind and relax at The Cate House. It is a nice place and very serene, thus, making it a great place for baecation with your significant other.

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Fryburg Suites

Fryburg Suites is where timeless elegance meets modern comforts. Its grand architecture, spa facilities, and attentive staff redefine luxury.

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Posh Hotel and Suites

Enjoy the harmony of luxury and tranquility at Posh Hotel and Suites. With its spacious accommodations, wellness facilities, and breathtaking views, it’s a true retreat.

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Galpin Suites Victoria Island

Experience the majesty of Galpin Suites Victoria Island. It is a place where sophistication and comfort collide. Its regal suites, upscale amenities, and prime location make it a standout and must-visit.

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Nordic Hotel Lagos

Wrapping up our list is Nordic Hotel Lagos. It is a haven of comfort and style. With its range of room options and inviting ambiance, believe me, this is the perfect escape. You will have a wonderful experience here.

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Those are some of the best hotels in Victoria Island to treat yourself to for a staycation. The list of hotels is long, but above we have a list of just 15.

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