How to Get a Spotify Free Trial For 3 Months

How can I get a Spotify free trial for 3 months? Do you know that Spotify offers a 3-month premium subscription plan for free? Yes, the latest Spotify offer allows users to enjoy a 3-month subscription with no payment. People who have not tried Spotify Premium can also enjoy this offer.

How to Get a Spotify Free Trial For 3 Months

The Spotify 3-month free trial gives access to millions of songs with no ads and multiple device support. Also, it allows you to download and listen offline, along with other premium plan features. To enjoy the 3-month free trial, it is very easy and simple to do and does not require you to do much.

Meanwhile, there are two ways for users to enjoy the Spotify 3-month trial: either through PayPal or a Visa card. To avail of this offer, you have to sign in or sign up using your account. Interested users can download the Spotify app or visit the website to grab the 3-month free trial.

However, Spotify’s 3-month free trial is not available for premium users. Nevertheless, if you want to get a Spotify free trial for 3 months but do not know how do not worry; just follow this article to the very end.

How to Get Spotify Free Trial For 3 months

To get Spotify’s 3-month free trial is very easy. And just like I stated above, there are two ways to get it. You can either use PayPal or a Visa card. Also, to get the Spotify free trial for 3 months, you must have a Spotify account. Below is how to get Spotify’s 3-month free trial.

With PayPal

  • Open Spotify on the app or web.
  • Alternatively, click on this link, and it will automatically direct you to the Spotify PayPal page.
  • Click on ”Start free trial”.
  • Sign up or log in with your details
  • Add your PayPal details to activate.
  • You have successfully gotten a Spotify free trial.

With Visa Card

  • Open Spotify on an app or web
  • Click on Start Trial
  • Sign up or log in with your details
  • Scroll down and select the option for 3 month’s trial
  • Add your Visa card information and activate it

There you have it! You can now enjoy Spotify Premium for free for three months. You can now listen to your favorite artist or songs in your comfort zone without payment. However, once the trial is over, you will have to pay for the premium subscription.

Until then, you do not have to worry; just listen to music with no advertisements every day and anywhere. With Spotify Premium, there are no limits to the songs and music you can enjoy. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Who is Eligible for Spotify’s 3-Months Free Trial?

The two free trial offers available on Spotify are only for those who have never opted for a premium plan before or taken a free trial previously. Also, the offer can only be used once.

You can cancel the offer at any time before its deadline to avoid being charged. Spotify’s 3-month free trial gives you the same benefits that any premium subscriber will enjoy. Mind you, neither Spotify gift cards nor prepaid cards are accepted as a means of payment.


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