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Insurance defense attorneys have a significant impact on the insurance industry. They provide legal defense to insurers and their policyholders against lawsuits and other legal proceedings.

Insurance defense is a legal counsel that focuses on insurance-related cases. They strive to safeguard insurance companies’ general interests, as their name suggests.

Who is an Insurance Defense Attorney?

Insurance defense attorneys may work as staff attorneys for the insurance company itself or for law firms that provide legal assistance to insurance companies.

They deal with these three general categories: ensuring that policyholders are shielded from lawsuits, assisting clients in determining when an insurance policy is required to pay a claim, and ensuring that insurance companies are adhering to relevant regulations.

In all aspects of the claim procedure, they can represent insurers and their policyholders.

What are the Roles of an Insurance Defense Attorney?

They primarily carry out the following duties:

  • Protecting policyholders: They are often employed to defend a policyholder in court when an insurance claim is being made. For instance, if a physician is charged with medical malpractice, their insurance company will hire an insurance defense lawyer to represent and defend them in court.
  • Determining when insurance must pay a claim: They assist in deciding whether an insurance provider has to pay a claim. The attorneys representing the insurer will assess the claim and local laws to ascertain its validity if a policyholder alleges that the insurer has wrongfully denied a claim.
  • Making sure insurance companies comply with regulations: They have a thorough understanding of state insurance regulations, and work on behalf of insurance companies to ensure that their insurance products comply with all relevant regulations.

They work for the interest of both insurers and insureds.

What Types of Claims Does an Insurance Defense Attorney Handle? ‍

On the other hand, a broad range of other claims can be handled by insurance defense lawyers. They consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • Premises liability.
  • Products liability.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.
  • Property and homeowners’ claims.
  • Employment law.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Legal Malpractice.
  • Bad faith claims.

Typically, they represent insurance companies and policyholders against claims of negligence, wrongful death, and professional misconduct.

Who Does an Insurance Defense Attorney Represent? ‍

They speak for policyholders as well as insurers. For instance, if a policyholder drives and causes an accident and is sued by someone hurt in the collision, they would defend the covered driver in court as well as the insured’s insurance company.

In this instance, the attorney is representing both the covered driver and the business. They might, however, occasionally only act on behalf of the insurer.

For example, the lawyer might represent the insurance company in court if a policyholder files a lawsuit against it because of an unjust denial.

How to Contact an Insurance Defense Attorney

One of the ways to contact a defense attorney is through a reputable insurance company. Follow these guidelines:

  • Visit a credible insurance provider like Allstate at
  •  Navigate to the menu icon or search bar, and find the “Benefits” or “Insurance products” option.
  • Select it, and from there you will see a section for legal insurance.
  • Click on it and you will be directed to the page where you can find information about this legal service.

However, for more detailed information, you can visit the legal insurance page directly at  You can also contact their customer care directly via chat, email, and call for easy completion of the process.

As far as you are enrolled, you can access the network of over 10,000 experienced attorneys nationwide provided by U.S. Legal Services, which partners with Allstate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

How do Insurance Defense Attorneys Work with Policyholders?

The insurance company may hire an attorney to defend policyholders in court when policyholders are sued. The goal is to negotiate advantageous settlement terms and shield the policyholder from unjustified financial loss.

What Strategies do Insurance Defense Attorneys use?

Mock trials and proactive witness preparation are useful tactics for case defense. These tactics support getting favorable verdicts and settlements as well as well-informed choices about whether to go to trial or settle.

Who is an Insurance Defense Attorney?

An insurance defense lawyer focuses on defending insurance companies and their policyholders. They assist in determining when insurance must pay a claim, make sure policyholders are protected in the event of a lawsuit, and oversee the compliance of insurance companies with regulations, among many other issues about insurance policies and claims.


With skill and diligence, these attorneys handle the intricate relationship between insurance and the law, making sure that fairness triumphs over fraudulent and inflated claims.

Through their efforts, insurance companies’ financial stability is protected, and policyholders are shielded from unjustified liability.