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If you are looking for a quiet sit-out to have some alone time or hang out with friends, JD Leisure Park is the place to visit. The Park is a lovely sit-out area that is great for relaxing, cooling off, and also taking some time off.

Additionally, the park is a great spot for picnicking alone or with friends. Aside from being a park for picnics and hangouts, there are food vendors inside. You can fill your taste buds with deliciously prepared meals at any of the vendors. To find out more about JD Leisure Park, read to the end.

JD Leisure Park

JD Leisure Park is a beautiful landscape for all kinds of entertainment and events including picnics, weddings, bridal showers, and many others. It is a great relaxing spot to cool off while listening to soothing music and enjoying a good meal.

JD park is located in Abuja, Nigeria, and is one of the most visited leisure parks in the capital.

JD leisure park is also one of the cleanest gardens near the Maitama district, which is one of the high-brow areas in Abuja. It is an open leisure park and garden where you can relax and chill. From the menu, you can get barbecue, grilled meat, shawarma, local dishes, different variety of drinks, etc.

Additionally, there is an event center for hosting different kinds of events including weddings, official meetings, birthday parties, and many others. JD leisure park is a wonderful hangout spot if you want a mature setting with no loud music.

You get to enjoy your alone time in a calm and nice place with soothing music in the background. And maybe get chicken suya or barbecue in your mouth.

JD Leisure Park Location

JD leisure is located right in the heart of the capital city. The serene and nice relaxing spot is situated at Kashim Ibrahim Way, Wuse 2., Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. It is near the district of Maitama. Also, the leisure park is very easy to locate.

JD Leisure Park Working Hours

The leisure park is open every day of the week for individuals to thrill you with fun activities. The working hours at JD leisure park starts from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

That is to say, you can visit the chill hangout spot every day of the week (from Monday to Sunday) starting the early hours of 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

What is JD Leisure Park Known for?

JD park is known for its serene relaxing aura. It offers a place for you to freely chill and relax with no loud music banging through. It has a mature setting for people to chill and relax after a long day of work.

The park is airy with tree covers and umbrellas. So, whatever you might be craving to fill your taste buds with, is available. In conclusion, JD leisure is satisfying.

Who Visit JD Leisure Park

JD park is open to whoever is craving a chill time alone or hanging out with friends and family. The park is mostly visited by;

  • Group of Friends.
  • Families.
  • Lovers.
  • Picture lovers.
  • Travelers who just want to unwind and relax.


There you have it, everything you need to know about JD leisure park for hangouts. We hope you find this article helpful and also share it with friends. Also, the comment section is open for you to freely share your thoughts with us.

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