Nice Places To Hangout In Abuja

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Are you looking for hangout destinations in Abuja to relax for the weekend? There are plenty of nice places to hangout in Abuja. With all the bustling and hustling in the capital of Abuja, you’d need a place to unwind, recharge and relax. However, the search for a perfect spot to relax can be frustrating at times, and that is why in this post, we will be listing the top spots in Abuja as called by most residents.

Nice Places To Hangout In Abuja

Nice Places To Hangout In Abuja

Being the capital of Nigeria, Abuja has many great centers to visit for leisure and entertainment. With that said, here are some of the nice places to hangout in Abuja:

1. Blucabana

In Abuja’s Mabushi neighborhood lies the beautiful restaurant and cafe Blucabana. It is one of the most attractive and well-liked places to unwind in Abuja. Blucabana is a great option for lunch and dinner due to its extensive menu.

Plus, it offers a multi-hospitality range of facilities in a highly safe and secure area. There is a restaurant, spa, gym, swimming pool, and club. It is ideal for a short weekend trip or day trip.

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2. Millennium Park

An ideal destination for nature lovers to get inspired and be creative while observing nature.

Millennium Park is also referred to as Abuja’s most romantic location because it is one of the city’s most enjoyable hangout spots. You can go on a picnic with your family or have a romantic get-together with your significant other.

All you need to enter the park is a mat, some fruit and snacks, a music box, and a camera to capture pictures of you and anybody you go with. Of course, these are all optional.

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3. The Trukadero Place

Trukadero Place is your one-stop for bowling. If you are a fan of bowling, trust me, this will seem like a paradise for you. There are other activities for those who don’t like bowling such as snooker, and board games.

Plus, you can grab a quick meal at the restaurant, or just have a nice time at the amusement park. Whatever you are up to, there is a good chance, Trukadero has a space for you.

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4. Arts And Crafts Village

Another place to have fun hanging out is the arts and crafts village. This place experiences a large number of tourists and thrill lovers. It is often referred to as the representation of the diverse cultures, artifacts, symbols, arts, and crafts of Nigeria.

The stores here are in the form of traditional African Huts with thatched roofs and wooden windows. Furthermore, there are different artworks up for sale, such as fabrics, pottery, local pieces of jewelry, etc.

5. Jabi Lake Mall

This is the close to beach you can find in Abuja. Jabi Lake Mall offers residents and visitors an aquatic experience. Plus, it is one of the nice places to hangout in Abuja. There are rides to enjoy such as horseback riding, boating cruises, and canoe rides. Whether, you just want to sit and relax by the lake, or go shopping at the mall, you are covered here.

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6. Thought Pyramid Art Centre

Another relaxing and interesting place in Abuja is the thought pyramid art center. Truthfully, this is one of the favorite spots of residents. This art center is notable for collecting, conserving, and promoting modern and contemporary art from Africa. If you are a fan of art, believe me, you have a good time visiting here.

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7. Dunes Center

Dunes Center is a building with a supermarket, luxury apartments, rental halls, different boutiques, an antique gift shop, a top-class restaurant, and a pastry shop. Matter of fact, there is more you would find at this center.

For all your shopping, relaxing, and resting needs, this is a perfect destination to go to. However, it is the most reputable and luxurious shopping mall in Nigeria. Go shopping here with your friends, or family.

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8. Central Park

Central Park is a lovely spot to have fun and relax in Abuja. Whether you are planning to have a good time alone, or with family or friends, this is a good venue. There are different games you can indulge in to stay entertained.

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9. The Dome

This is a recreational hub for fun and leisure seekers. The Dome is a good place to hang out and have business meetings. With the range of facilities here, trust me, there is no chance of you not enjoying yourself.

For a romantic time with your significant other, you can take a walk in the serene garden. There is a fitness center, a nightclub, a restaurant, a VIP lounge, a banquet hall, etc.

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10. Blake Resort

For a perfect outdoor fun experience, visit Blake Resort. Take a weekend off, and visit this resort. It offers you a chance to meet and connect with people. Plus, they offer exciting outdoor fun and relaxation in a serene space.

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11. Greenview Garden

Greenview Garden is one of the best gardens in Abuja. This place has been known to always maintained standards. It is a lovely space, with good music, and great services. Trust me, you will have a great time here.

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12. FlorisGarden

FlorisGarden is one of the nice places to hangout in Abuja. A very good hangout spot, with a variety of food and fun stuff like snooker, table tennis, etc. In short, it is a cool garden to spend time hanging out with friends, especially in the evening.

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13. D’acquarium Chill Out

D’acquarium Chill Out is a very lovely place to hang out in Abuja. It is very affordable, so trust me, you will have a wonderful time on a budget. A very cool spot to hang out with your friends and family.

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14. Flex-Hub Grills & Hangout Place

Just as the name goes, Flex-Hub Grills & Hangout Place is a lovely spot to hang out. If you need an affordable spot within Abuja to hang out and eat tasty meals, this is one of the places to add to your list.

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These are some of the nice places to hangout in Abuja. For more fun spots, you should check out our website. Also, we are open to knowing your thoughts and experience, so, if you have any, use the comment box below.

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