Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

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New in Cape Coast or maybe planning to visit? Looking for venues to hangout? Here, in this article, we will list out some nice places to hangout in Cape Coast. So, ensure to read to the end.

We understand that the search for an ideal place to relax or hang out is not easy and that’s why we are sharing some top recommendations with you. Weekends are hangout days with friends, family, and loved ones to relax, reflect and unwind. However, if you decided Cape coast as the destination, you made the right choice.

Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

8 Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

These are some of the nice places in Cape coast to hangout with friends, family, and loved ones to relax;

1. Hutchland City

If you like live band performances, trust me Hutchland city will become your favorite. Hutchland city is an entertainment venue with pubs, restaurants, a shopping center, and a nightclub. It is a great place to hang out during the weekend to chill, relax and unwind.

2. Beckykay Pub & Restaurant Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

Beckykay Pub & Restaurant is another place we’d recommend for you to visit. It is a large entertainment center with a pub and restaurant. An amazing street-side seating to relax and hangout with friends. Also, a great place for live matches.

3. Oasis Beach

Another place to relax and chill is Oasis beach. It is a place for a relaxed cool breeze with delicious finger-licking continental meals. A very popular place for tourists and also a great place hangout with friends, family, loved ones, or alone. You can get affordable rooms to simply relax.

4. Whispers Pub

The fastest-growing tavern with Cape coast is Whispers pub. It is an ideal place for weekend hangouts with friends or alone. There is a variety of drinks and meals to satisfy your food cravings.

5. Sahara Bar Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

Sahara bar is not just a good place to hang out with friends, but also a perfect venue to have a romantic date. The scenery is beautiful and warm, which makes it a desired place for relaxation and chilling. Matter of fact, this is one place you shouldn’t miss out on.

6. Da Breeze

One of the most popular hangout spots on the Cape coast is the Da breeze. It is a very clean and well-managed beach resort. This is another place you would not like to miss out on. The environment kills stress. Ever been to a place and all of a sudden you stop stressing your mind? This is one of such places.

7. The Bar Lounge

Another nice place to hangout on Cape Coast is the Bar lounge. It is an ultra-modern restaurant and bars next to Sahara pub. Whatever kind of beverage you want both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, your chances of getting them here are high.

8. Medallion Pizza Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Cape Coast

This is one of the best pizza joints on Cape coast. Medallion Pizza is located at the center of the town and is a popular place to hangout with friends.


There you have our recommendations. What do you think about the places listed in this article? What is your favorite spot in Cape coast? Share them in the comment section below.

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