Nice Places To Hangout In Ikorodu

If you have clicked on this post, chances are that you searched using the key phrase “nice places to hangout in Ikorodu”. Yes? You did the right by clicking if you are looking for where to hangout in Ikorodu.

Did you know that there are plenty of fun hangout spots in Ikorodu? Doubting? There is no need to doubt because you’d be shocked at the fun spots available. To make your search easier, ensure you read to the end of this article.

Nice Places To Hangout In Ikorodu

Here is our list of the nice places you can hang out in Ikorodu;

Origin Gardens And Zoo

The first nice place to relax or hangout on our list today is Origin Gardens and Zoo. The zoo houses different kinds of animals and also has a museum with artifacts from all around the country. Origin is the first privately owned zoo in Lagos state and Nigeria.

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Oshodi Art Gallery Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Ikorodu

For those who love art just like me, this is a place for you to visit. Oshodi Art Gallery helps to bring cultural heritage to life, by collecting and displaying artworks that represent the culture. It is a nice place to hangout with friends and family in Ikorodu. It is beautiful to visit and also a good place to learn more about art.

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Dream Park and Gardens

To enjoy the best magical hangout with your friends in Ikorodu, Dream Park and Gardens is just the place to visit. It is well equipped with the latest fun activities and exciting games both electronic and non-electronic.

There is a lot to do in this recreational and fun center in Ikorodu ranging from games, and movies to playgrounds, pools & water slides. You might run out of fun activities to do. Also, you can get your taste buds filled with various kinds of cuisine.

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Ikorodu Recreational Park Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Ikorodu

Another nice place to hangout in Ikorodu is the Recreational Park. If you are planning to hangout with friends, then this is the spot for you.

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Iledi Oshugbo Abalaiye Ikorodu

Iledi Oshugbo Abalaiye is another nice place to go with friends. It is a pre-colonial pagan ritual site along Ajina Square in Ikorodu. This place was built in 1810 by a Joint community effort. Also, it is known as a sacred groove for the installation of the Ikorodu Kings.

Labi Oasis Cinema

Oasis Cinema is a place to hangout and watch your favorite movies or thrillers on a big screen with friends.

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F1 Bar And Lounge

A fun spot to hang out after the day’s stress in Ikorodu is the F1 bar and lounge. It is a place to go to relax, eat, drink, and simply chill with friends.

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Pegrite Place

Pegrite Place is a very cool spot to hang out with friends and family. It has a swimming pool, great space, cold drinks, light foods/chops, and lovely music, In short, it s a very soothing spot to hangout. So if you’re looking for a spot that has it all, look no further ad check out this place.

Eroz Place

Eroz Place is a very serene place to hangout with friends and family in Ikorodu. After a long day of work, this is one of the best places to retire. You can have some cold drinks with your friends, or lover.

Midas Place

Midas Place is a unique and decent one-stop hub for entertainment and wellness offering services such as a restaurant, patio bar & grill, unisex salon, Pedicure/ manicure, Carwash, Registered Pharmacy, MiniMart, Snooker, and much more. Ideal for friends and families to relax after a long day.

The Place Restaurant, Ikorodu

The Place Restaurant, Ikorodu is a very nice place to visit and one of the spots to Hangout. They serve good food, customer service is commendable, and the atmosphere is serene, so you will enjoy your time here.

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Lakers Hotel, Club Lakers, City Chicken, the Vantage Bar and Grill

If you need a mature and cool spot to hang out with friends in Ikorodu, this is one of the places to check out. The atmosphere is very nice and calm, thus making it a good center to visit.

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Haven Lounge

Share a drink with friends after a long day at Haven Lounge. This is a lovely lounge to relax, unwind and have a good time. Plus, it is very easy to locate.

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Those are our list of the nice places to hangout in Ikorodu. What is your favorite place? Where do you want us to add to our list? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us because we love to hear from you.

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