Nice Places To Hangout In Kintampo

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Want to sightsee in Kintampo and wondering if there are nice places? Well, if yes, then keep reading because we will be listing some nice places to hangout in Kintampo. Kintampo is a town and tourist destination in the Bono East Region of Ghana.

The town has beautiful scenes to visit with friends, though Kintampo is small, you’d be shocked at how stunning the place is. Finding nice places could be really hard, lucky for you, below are some places you can visit.

Nice Places To Hangout In Kintampo

Here is a list of some cool places in the town to hangout and have fun with friends or family;

Tamatama Lounge Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to relax and taste good food, then you should visit Tamatama Lounge Bar & Restaurant. It has a unique ambiance, good food, and drinks to give you a dine-in experience. You can decide to chill at the lounge bar or grab a bite at the restaurant. This is a good place to hangout with friends and family in the town.

Falls Rest Stop Restaurant Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Kintampo

Another nice place in Kintampo to hangout is Falls rest stop restaurant. It is another place to satisfy your cravings and also a good resting place. The place is nice with affordable food and drinks and a neat environment. So, if you are in Kintampo or visiting and looking for a good resting place to simply unwind and chill with friends, you should visit here.

Kintampo Waterfalls

This is one of the nicest and most popular tourist sites in Ghana. Kintampo Waterfalls is well-kept and is a perfect place for hanging out. The waterfalls is not a place you’d like to miss out on your visit to the town.

The falls are simply beyond beautiful, and there are three stages to experience. While there, you can have a guide to tell you the history of the falls. This park is a place you would enjoy visiting to hang out and sightseeing.

Peter And Rose Memoria Villa Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Kintampo

Another to hangout and relax in Kintampo is Peter and Rose Memorial Villa. This is a cute and comfortable place to lodge in the town. The customer service is welcoming and professional. Furthermore, the rooms are neat with air conditioners to keep you warm.

Royal Diamond Hotel

Royal diamond hotel in Kintampo is a nice place to lodge at. Might not be a big hotel to rest at, but you will be comfortable. And also the customer service is good. The place is safe and okay to stay.

Falls Palace Hotel Is One Of The Nice Places To Hangout In Kintampo

Another place to rest after sightseeing is Falls Palace Hotel. The environment is great and also it is close to the Kintampo Waterfalls. At this place, you get a great view of the lush green surroundings of Kintampo.

Kintampo Municipal Forest Reserve

Kintampo Municipal Forest Reserve is a protected area that features a variety of plant and animal species. However, you can visit here for an adventurous day. You can take a guided nature walk/tour and observe monkeys, birds, and butterflies in their natural habitat. Furthermore, there is a canopy walkway that offers scenic views of the forest, and trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Home to several species of monkeys, the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is a protected area to visit. If you love nature and animals, you will love this place. You can explore the sanctuary and observe the monkeys in their natural habitat and learn about their behavior and conservation efforts.

Kintampo Ranch

Kintampo Ranch is a recreational area where you can go horseback riding, camping, and other outdoor activities. As long your skills will let you, you can ride horses through the savanna and enjoy the beautiful scenery. On the plus side, there is a restaurant that serves local and international cuisine.


Kintampo is a small town to visit if you are looking to experience new things and learn. There is a list of nice places to hangout in Kintampo. We hope you find this helpful. If there is a place you would like to be on the list, please let us know in the comment section.

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