Olumo Rock – Best Time or Season to Visit

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A visit to Abeokuta is incomplete without seeing Olumo Rock. Rising majestically above the city of Abeokuta in Nigeria, Olumo Rock stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and historical significance. This natural wonder offers visitors an opportunity to explore its rocky terrain, uncover its rich cultural heritage, and embark on an exhilarating adventure. In this guide, we will delve into the activities available at Olumo Rock, provide information on entry fees, and suggest the best time to visit this landmark. 

Olumo Rock

Things to do at Olumo Rock 

There are lots of interesting and fun things or activities to do at this center. Below you will find the top activities you can engage in at this center; 

Climbing Olumo Rock 

One of the main attractions of Olumo Rock is the exhilarating climb to its summit. As you ascend the rock, following the well-carved steps and pathways, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape and the Ogun River. Marvel at the sheer grandeur of the rock formations, snap memorable photos and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

Exploring Historical Caves 

Olumo Rock is home to fascinating historical caves that offer a glimpse into the past. Explore the depths of these ancient caves, some of which were used as dwellings and hideouts during times of war. Discover intricate carvings and markings on the cave walls, symbolizing the rock’s historical significance to the Egba people. Engaging with local guides can enhance your understanding of the cultural and historical importance of Olumo Rock. 

Visiting the Cultural Center 

Adjacent to the center, you’ll find a cultural center that showcases the heritage and traditions of the Egba people. Explore the art and craft galleries, where you can admire and purchase locally made crafts, artifacts, and traditional clothing. Immerse yourself in the vibrant music and dance performances that celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the region. The cultural center offers a deeper appreciation of the local traditions and serves as a platform for preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

Olumo Rock Address

It is located at 588R+GMJ, Ikija Rd, Ikija 110101, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Follow this link for directions.

Entry Fee 

To experience the wonders of Olumo Rock, visitors are required to pay an entry fee of N700, which is typically reasonable. Plus, it contributes to the maintenance and preservation of the site.  

Best Time or Season to Visit

The dry season is the best time to visit this center. This is because, the weather during this period is more favorable, with milder temperatures and lower chances of rainfall. Exploring the rock and engaging in outdoor activities is more comfortable during these times. Additionally, visiting on weekdays or during non-peak hours can provide a quieter and more intimate experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the historical and natural wonders of this center. 


Offering an unforgettable memory and experience through nature, history, and cultural heritage, Olumo Rock is a must-visit. Embark on a memorable adventure with your friends and family to this major attraction. Believe me, the experience will be wonderful.  

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