Places To Visit In Khor Fakkan – United Arab Emirate

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Khor Fakkan may not be as popular as other cities in the UAE, but there are beautiful and intriguing places you can visit in Khor Fakkan, it is a small and beautiful city. In this article, I listed top recommended Places visit to Khor Fakkan.

Places To Visit In Khor Fakkan

If you are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirate, and you are not sure if you should visit the Khor Fakkan, then you are missing out. Khor fakkan is the perfect place for relaxation, fun, and vacation.

Khor Fakkan is a very attractive place and should also be a one-stop for you. The Khor Fakkan waterfall was just recently built and is a great sight to behold. The beautiful and fascinating artificial waterfall is an amazing place to be on the weekends. If you would love to enjoy the great natural view, then you should take a trip to the Khor Fakkan.

Khor Fakkan Beach

The Khor Fakkan beach resort is a great place to go during your weekends, there is an endless gushing of water, diving, fishing, sailing and so much more. There are so many water sport activities in the Khor Fakkan beach. The Khor Fakkan beach is a popular sight for all visitors and tourist. There are other place that is familiar to the khor Fakkan beach For instance the Sheesh Park. The Sheesh Park is a great place to spend your winter holidays. However, Sheesh Park is filled with tall mountains and is a famous place for tourists. I recommend you take a trip to Sheesh Park to explore the Hill Mountains and natural areas.

Khor Fakkan Dam

One of the great Places you will not want to miss is the Khor Fakkan Dam. The Khor Fakkan Dam has a beautiful view, It is Located on the new Sharjah Khor Fakkan road, and the view is worth the journey. Meanwhile, the Dam was built in 1980, but now there has been a tremendous upgrade. The place now has a visitor center where tourists, travelers, and visitors can sit and have chitchat.


Amphitheatre is located at the foot of Mount Al-Sayed. It is a fascinating and huge Amphitheatre. You can view the Amphitheatre from the center of the city. The view is so captivating and magnificent. This location is great for people From different regions.

Khor Fakkan Museum

The Khor Fakkan museum is also a nice place to visit, You can go on a trip to Khor Fakkan Museum to explore the magnificent museum. The main reason people go there is to view the artifacts and history of the early men who lived there. Not too many people know about the museum, so it would be a fun and exciting place you would want to visit.

Al Rabi Tower

The Al Rabi Tower serves as a defense tower in Khor Fakkan. Al Rabi Tower is located between the watch tower and the Al Advani.  As I mentioned before the Al Rabi Tower serves as a defense tower. You can take a trip to the tower on your visit to the UAE.

Khor Fakkan Heritage Village

Located at the Khor Fakkan heritage Village are houses, shops, rocks, and houses built in mud. If you would love to know the history of the heritage village or learn about the people you can take a trip to Khor Fakkan Heritage Village. Alternatively, if you will like to explore the village you can also take trip there.

Al Nahwa

Al Nahwa has a small enclave that is situated inside the Omani Exclave of Madha. Madha Al is one of the interesting places to be. Located in Al Nahwa are beautiful oases. You can explore Al Nahwa to take great pictures.

Desert Safari Camp

The idea of camping can be so thrilling. Then, it is very recommended that you take a night camp out at Desert Safari Camp. Explore the desert, horse riding, road trips, and take photo dumps. Desert Safari Camp is one of the best adventurous places to be.

Fujairah Historical Fort

The Fujairah Historical Fort is a beautiful and pleasant place to be when you visit the Khor Fakkan in UAE. The fort scenery is warm and nice. This is also one of the best places for tourist attractions and visitors that want to learn about the history of the Khor Fakkan people.

AL Wurrayah Falls

You can take a trip to the beautiful and magnificent Al Wurrayah falls. If you are a nature lover then you can go for interesting sightseeing at the Al Wurrayah Falls. This is sure one of the most interesting places to be in Khor Fakkan.

Shark island

Located at the Khor Fakkan port, Shark Island is one of the ideal locations for all your water sport fun activities. Water sports such as boat cruising, jet skiing, windsurfing, deep sea diving, and snorkeling, you can take your friends and family on a nice trip to Shark Island.

Al Matalaa Park

Al Matalaa Park is filled with green gardens and grassy lawns. It is a great park for picnics and dinner time out. The Al Matalaa Park has plenty of swings and rides for kids to have fun with. This makes it a fun location for you and your kids.

Al Rafisan Dam

The Al Rafisan Dam is situated in the Emirate of Sharjah a seven-minute ride from Khor Fakkan. Al Rafisan Dam is a great place to go Kayaking with your friends.

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