Places To Visit In Liwa Oasis – United Arab Emirates

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Liwa Oasis is one of the best places that I will recommend you to visit on your next tour. Meanwhile, Liwa Oasis is an interesting destination. Moreover, there are lots of activities and sightseeing to do on your next trip there.

Places To Visit In Liwa Oasis

In this article, I will be recommending the best places to visit in Liwa Oasis. Whether you are there for vacation, relaxation or just want to take a trip, there is a place for you to visit at Liwa. Hence, read through this article for the best places to visit in Liwa Oasis.

Top Places To Visit In Liwa Oasis And Things To Do

1. Moreeb Dune

The Moreeb Dune is one of the most beautiful places that you should visit. The Moreeb dune is a place to have the best desert scenery and also take beautiful pictures. If you also love to have desert trips and road trips, you can take a trip to the Moreeb Dune on your next visit to Liwa Oasis.

2. Dhafeer Fort

Dhafeer Fort was once the building that stood as a defensive building and guard Liwa’s oasis from attacks. There are also lots of historical facts that you can learn when you visit the Dharfeer Fort. To get fascinating history about the people of the oasis then you should drive into Dhafeer Fort.

3. Suhail

Suhail is really a place to have the most time out with your friends and family. You can also plan a romantic time with your partner by visiting the Suhail. There are lots of fun activities that you both can engage in during your visit.

4. Green Liwa Oasis

Green Liwa Oasis is a beautiful place to go to with your partner, friends, and family. There are restaurants, cafes, and places for a picnic time out. There is also a hotel lobby restaurant where you can have a large dinner with your friends or family. Take a ride to Green Liwa Oasis to have a nice time out with your family.

5. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

To have a blend of the desert vibes and also a blend of the natural environment, then you should visit Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort is one of the best places to go for riding, touring, and driving. You can go to Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort with your friends and family to enjoy an adventure time out.

6. Camel Farm

It may sound funny, but the camel farm is really a fascinating place to be. The camels in the Liwa camel farms consist of special species called the Liwa camels. Also, the camel farm belongs to Bedouins; the camels in Liwa have unique colors. You can take the opportunity to visit the Camel Farm. You can go with your family and friends for an adventure time out.

7. The Tilal Liwa Hotel

The Tilal Liwa Hotel is a nice hotel that you can lounge in. Meanwhile, the hotel has lots of nice rooms and a neat pool. It is located 60km from the center of the Liwa Oasis. Also, the food in the hotel is very nice and most of all, it is very affordable.

8. Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter is one of the best places to watch the sunset over the largest sea dunes in the world. Empty Quarter is a nice place to watch the sunset while having a nice time with your partner. If you ever wonder what a sunset looks like, then you should visit the Empty Quarter.

9. Visiting the Epic Desert Fortresses

Exploring the Epic Desert Fortresses is one of the best places to have fun. The Epic Desert Fortresses Is a sight tourist attraction. You can visit the Epic Desert Fortresses there are lots of dunes and horse riding.

10. Maria Al Sharqiya Fort

You can learn about the deep history of the Liwa Oasis when you take a trip to Maria Al Sharqiya Fort. You can discover and explore the Maria Al Sharqiya Fort desert landscape and the restaurants nearby to have something to munch. The place is also where you can relax while exploring.

11. Mezair’ah Fort

You can learn about the history of the Mezaira’a when you take a trip to the Mezair’ah fort. Mezair’ah Fort is one of the interesting places to visit when you take a trip to Liwa Oasis.

12. Go Sandboarding in Liwa Deserts

There are lots of sandboarding activities that you can take part in when you visit the Liwa desert. If you would like to explore the beauty of the desert, you can go sandboarding. You can join the sandboarding team and meet people in the Liwa desert.

13. Liwa oasis Resorts

There are many resorts where you can have fun in Liwa Oasis. You can take the weekend off to have a great time either alone or with your family or partner. All you have to do is to search for affordable resorts on the internet.

14. Al Dhafra Co-op

This is the best place in Liwa Oasis for all your shopping experiences. Al Dhafra Co-op is a place to visit and stock your groceries and also has great sight of the local market. If you would love to enjoy the buzzing and shouts of market women and men, then you should take a trip to Al Dhafra Co-op.

15. Liwa Safari

You can also take a trip to Liwa Safari to have a nice time out and road tours with your friends and family. Liwa Safari is the most interesting place to shoot out your adrenaline homes.

16. Liwa Date Festival

The Liwa Festival is one you don’t want to miss. It is an annual festival that celebrates the region’s famous dates. Also, the festival features a range of cultural events, including traditional music, dance, and camel races from different performers. If you are new in Liwa, believe me, after visiting here, you will not like to return.

17. Liwa Oasis Adventure

A company tour that offers a range of outdoor activities, including dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding for both locals and visitors. Want to explore Liwa, this is one of the places to start from. Get to experience new things and have new adventures,


This is indeed a unique and stunning destination with offers for everyone, and above we have listed a few places to visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in exploring the region’s rich cultural heritage, or for other purposes. Liwa is a good place.

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