Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Delta State Nigeria

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There are plethoras of romantic places to take your husband visiting. In this article, we have listed the best Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Delta State, Nigeria that you can visit for fun. Looking for Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Delta State, Nigeria? Well, we all have been in situations where we are confused about where to take our loved ones.  There are lots of suggestions in this article to help you.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Delta State Nigeria

Delta State, Nigeria is best known for its commercial purposes, but there are many attractive and lovely places to visit in the city. It has fun-packed places that can ignite that spark you need in your relationship/marriage.

Why do I need to visit Delta Romantic places with my husband?

Delta State is majorly attached by people to be a place for business purposes. Although this is true, it is partly true. From our research, we have discovered that Delta has so many interesting places you may want to try out with your hubby. And you know what, these places are very affordable, hence you don’t have to break the bank.

There is a lot to enjoy in Delta State. There are lots of sites to see and places to visit such as shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, and hotels in which you can share good moments with your spouse.

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Delta State Nigeria

Below are some fun-packed and romantic places in Delta State that you can take your husband to:

1. Toscana Villa Hotel Asaba

Toscana is a nice exquisite hotel with many beautiful and stylish rooms. The hotel is located in Asaba and is one of the best-rated hotels to visit with your husband. Take advantage of a free breakfast buffet, a grocery/convenience store, and onsite shopping.

Visit Toscana Villa today and enjoy some alone with your husband to make some new memories and just enjoy each other’s company. Relax at the outdoor pool with sun loungers. Trust me, the calmness at Toscana Villa will allow you to enjoy all the time you which to spend with your husband.

2. Vacation Villa Hotel Asaba

Vacation Villa is a luxurious home away home hotel that offers you nothing but the best comfort and atmosphere needed to have alone time with your husband. The villa is service-oriented and affordable that is centrally located in the core Area of Asaba, Delta state.

Whether, you are staying in the hotel’s exquisite rooms or suites, trying out traditional or continental cuisines in their onsite restaurants, or simply unwinding at the pool with hubby or taking a rest at the lounge and bar, Vacation Villa is sure to give you exciting memories.

3. The Rodinia Restaurant and Bar Asaba

The Rodinia Restaurant and Bar is known to deliver the best local and intercontinental dishes fast and at an affordable process. The restaurant is placed in an easy-to-access location within the Asaba Mall. Rodinia restaurant and bar is a place that feeds and satisfies your taste buds. Taking your husband to Rodinia is a great way to make him feel loved, whether it is for food or to just relax in the bar enjoying your favorite drinks.

4. Warri Township Stadium

Warri Township stadium is the home of Warri Wolves F.C. which is a professional football team. Men love football (excluding a few), so taking him to the stadium is a perfect idea. Being by his side while he is watching his favorite sport is a great feeling and believe it, he will love you more for it.

5. Pinpoint Kitchen & Lounge

Pinpoint Kitchen & Lounge is a spot for enjoying good meals and just relaxing in the lounge. It is an exquisite spot to take your husband and enjoy your favorite local meals and drinks including smoothies, cocktails, wines, etc.

6. Abraka Turf & Country Club

This Turf and Country Club is located in Abraka. The resort attracts visitors from all around the country yearly. Abraka Turf & Country Club is a great spot for vacationing and spending some time alone with your husband. It is within the Ethiope River valley.

The Abraka country club is a place loaded with lots of fun activities for you and your husband engaged including indoor games, fishing, tours, kayaking, swimming, and many others. Water is a great calming element and the crystal clear will help you relax and just feel the moment.

7. Otuogu Beach

Otuoge Beach is a great option to visit and relax with your husband. It is located in Asaba and is one of the most exciting spots in the city that you will love visiting your spouse. The beach is a natural attraction for both locals and visitors. Oh, and Otuogu Beach is an ideal lovers’ spot. At the beach, there is so much you can do with your husband like boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming, boating, and much more. End the year with your hubby by visiting Otuogu Beach and creating new memories with your lover.

8. Oghara Beach

Oghara Beach offers visitors a serene atmosphere and vibe. If visiting beaches is something your husband loves, then visiting Oghara Beach is not a bad idea. It is simply a joy of nature and it attracts visitors from within and outside. It is one of the most romantic places in Delta State to take your husband to. The beach is mostly fun and lively to visit.

9. Eku Beach

The Eku Beach also known as Shiloh Resort and Apartment is yet another romantic place to visit with your husband. While visiting the beach, you can create new memories, lay or sit on the beautiful sands or simply picnic together. Having some alone time and fun with your spouse will help you reminisce on the good old days.

10. Araya Bible Site

This bible site is rich in history, culture, and religion. Araya Bible Site is located in Isoko South Local Government and it houses a copy of the Holy Bible that is believed to have fallen miraculously from Heaven. This was said to have happed around August 1914. The Bible is believed to have fallen on rain-soaked yam but didn’t get wet. Araya site is a great sight to see with your husband and exchange knowledge together.

11. Effurun Garden Park

The garden park is located at Airport Road in Effurun, Warri. It is another popular tourist attraction in Delta State. Effurun Garden Park is a relaxing spot for you and your spouse to visit, relax and simply create new memories.

12. Kwale Game Reserve

If you have a shared love for nature and wildlife, then the Kwale Game Reserve might not be a bad idea. This is one of the nice spots in the state to take your husband for an outdoor adventure. An amazing place to experience nature.

13. Shoprite Mall

Shoprite Mall is another one of the romantic places to take your husband to in Delta State Nigeria. You are guaranteed a time of fun at the mall because taking your husband here will be fun. At the mall, you both can shop for the things your husband likes, grab a quick meal, see a movie, and many others.


Delta State has numerous romantic places to visit with your husband for festive celebrations. The city is indeed a beautiful one with beautiful locations to leave you in awe. I hope you find the romantic places listed in this article helpful.

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