Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano Nigeria

In this article, I will be listing the best romantic places to take your husband to in Kano, Nigeria. This you must read if you are looking forward to having a great time alone with your husband at a romantic place in Kano. Kano is a state with many activities, both creative and fun activities to engage in with your husband. Want some alone time with your significant other? Well, and then let’s find some places to visit with your husband.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano Nigeria

There are numerous romantic places to visit with your spouse in Kano. In this article, we have listed the best romantic places couples can visit for leisure, vacation, fun time and so much more. We will be sharing some of the best places to visit.

15 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano Nigeria

Below are some of the romantic places in Kano, Nigeria to take your husband to.

1. The Audu Bako Zoo is our top pick for the best Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano Nigeria

The Bako Zoo was built in 1971 and is notable as the first zoo in Nigeria. You can take your husband to the Audu Bako Zoo and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together. With the different species of animals in the zoo, trust me you will enjoy sightseeing with your spouse. If not for the wonderful creatures there, you can simply enjoy a picnic time there with your spouse.

2. Challawa Gorge Dam

Challawa Gorge Dam was built in 1993 as a hydroelectric source of power and is located in Karaye LGA, Kano. The dam serves as a source of water supply for aquatic bodies. It is a great spot to visit your husband and take stunning landscape pictures.

3. Gidan Makama Museum

Gidan Museum is located at the Emir Palace Road, Wudilawa, Kano. The museum is home to lots of traditional materials of the Kanos. Trust me, both you and your husband will be intrigued by the uniqueness of this museum.

4. Gidan Rumfa

This is the home of the Emir of Kano. It was built in the late 15th century and is situated at the Emir’s palace, Kano. If your husband loves photography, then ensure to gift him a camera before sightseeing the Gidan Rumfa with him. Also, you can capture the beautiful moments you get with your husband at Gidan Rumfa.

5. Kano city wall is also Part of the most Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano, Nigeria

Standing before the Kano city walls and listening to the history behind it, is a romantic thing for those who love history. The city wall is a very important history of Kano State and was built by Sakri Gijimasu in 1095 AD. The Kano city wall was once a means of protection for the people of Kano State.

6. Jalsa Restaurant

Jalsa Restaurant is one to visit and try out new delicacies both local and foreign including Indian and Lebanese. You can simply take your husband to Jalsa for pizza, a burger, or whatever you both would be craving at the moment.

7. Cilantro Restaurant and Lounge

This is a rooftop restaurant with an outstanding interior and exterior dining setting. The Cilantro restaurant and lounge is one where you can simply relax and have a good time with your spouse over a bottle of drink or a meal. Taking your spouse for a romantic evening at the Cilantro restaurant and lounge won’t be a bad idea if you get what I mean.

8. Kano Polo Club

If horse riding is a thing, you enjoy doing together, then visit the Kano polo club and have all the fun you want. I don’t know what defines romantic for you but enjoying the game of polo with your lover is romantic. The Kano polo club is located at Club Road, Kano.

9. Film House Cinema, Kano is also part of the most Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano, Nigeria

Seeing a movie together is one of the oldest and greatest ways to show your partner how much you value their time. Mostly, if you are watching a movie, they have wanted to see it with you. If there is a new release of a movie that your husband is interested in or wants to watch, take him to the Film House cinema in Kano and have a good time.

10. Roxy Amusement Park

Roxy Park is more of a family hangout spot, but who said you can’t visit your husband? After all, he is your family. Take your husband to beautify Roxy amusement park and let him be amazed at how you still got it in you. There are many fun activities to engage in and wow your husband with your activeness. The park is located at Ahmadu Bello way, Kano.

11. Dala Hills

Dala Hills is one of the most romantic places to take your husband to in Kano and is a must-see. At the hills, your husband will have the chance to experience the state from a different angle. It is picture-perfect, so tag along with your camera to get the best snaps with your spouse.

12. Ado Bayero Mall

Don’t forget your husband needs some shopping as well, and Ado Bayero Mall is the perfect place for him. Also, you get to enjoy a meal together, see a movie and take good snaps with him as well. There are also games and other activities to get you and your husband engaged. Or you can simply relax at any of the wonderful lounges inside and have some quiet time alone talking about the past and the future.

13. Kano Golf Club is also part of the most Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to In Kano, Nigeria

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by many and if your husband is one of the many people that enjoy playing this game, then Kano golf club is the place to take him. It is the oldest golf club in Nigeria and also one of the most respected. What is more romantic than letting your husband teaching how to play his favorite sports? You can take your husband to the golf house in Kano to watch him or let him teach you.

14. Pizza and Burger Hott

If you’re looking for a place in Kano to take your spouse for your pizza or burger cravings, Pizza and Burger Hott is a good place. At this destination, I ensure you that both of you will have a wonderful time.

15. Porto Golf Resort

Escape from the daily bustle, and hustle to the Porto Golf Resort in Kano, and have a relaxing time alone. The beautiful resort offers beautiful scenery which consists of a lake, lush greenery, and a calm environment making it a romantic place to be with your husband.


Kano has so many beautiful places to visit with your lover and ignite the spark in your relationship or marriage. In this guide, we have listings of the best romantic and fun places to take your husband to and enjoy some time together.

You get to do the things you enjoy doing together, make new memories, and have awesome snaps. I hope you find this guide helpful. Also, make sure you share this guide with your friends that are interested in this topic.

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