Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Jabi

Rose are red, violets are blue, want to know what’s perfect? Surprising your wife. Who said there aren’t any romantic places to take your wife to in Jabi? Well, if you don’t have any idea, we are here to figure out one for you.

Jabi is one f the finest and cool places to visit for vacation. It is a serene and developed district in phase 2 of Abuja. You can keep scrolling down for more info on romantic places to take your wife to in Jabi.

Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Jabi

10 Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Jabi

Below are some of the romantic places to go with your wife this love season:

1. ALDO’s Restaurant

The first place on our list today is ALDOs restaurant. It is a romantic continental rooftop restaurant to go to with your partner. So, if you are looking for the most fun and exciting scene to take your wife to, then check out ALDO’s in Jabi today.

2. Jabi Lake/ Jabi Lake Mall Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Jabi

Located in the district of Jabi is an artificial lake. Jabi Lake is regarded as one of the largest artificial lakes in Africa. This lake is a romantic place to take your wife to as its visitors a feeling of aquatic experience.

Aside, from the lake, there is a mall built beside it. The Jabi Lake Mall offers guests an easy way to shop and also sightseeing. Isn’t that interesting? While shopping with your beautiful wife, you get to enjoy a perfect view of the lake.

3. Jabi Boat Club

For a grand evening of delicious cuisines, music, and relaxation by the waterside with your wife, then you should visit here. Jabi boat club offers fun activities aside from delicious meals such as boating riding, jet skiing, fishing, and kayaking.

4. Jabi African Arts And Crafts Market Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Jabi

If you and your wife love a bit of touring, then going to a historical place is a must and Jabi has the perfect place. The Jabi African art and craft market is a place where you get different African artifacts and crafts. So, if your wife has a taste for aesthetics, arts and crafts, take her here.

5. SV Chrome

Are you looking to treat your woman out for a weekend hangout? Then, you should visit SV Chrome. Spoil your wife to SV Chrome and let her enjoy the European design, standards, and services right in Abuja.

The hotel is built to offer you the most relaxing and comforting place to rest outside your home. It is like a home from home. Also, while at the hotel, you can both check the restaurant menu and fill your stomach.

6. Argungu

Overlooking the Jabi Lake is Argungu, another restaurant to get your cravings satisfied. It’s lovely and quiet, making it perfect for a romantic evening. Also, this is one of the best restaurants to get your Seafood craving satisfied. So, if your wife loves seafood, take her here.

7. Clubhouse Restaurant & Gym

Clubhouse Restaurant & Gym is a nice place to take your wife to in Jabi. It is a lovely cozy place with a beautiful ambiance and soft lighting. There is a bar where you can share a bottle of wine or champagne with your woman. Plus, you can go for a dip in the deep pool.

8. Serendib Restaurant And Bar

Another romantic restaurant in Jabi to check out with your significant other is Serendib Restaurant And Bar. Serendib is an Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant in Jabi that offers authentic Indian, Sri Lankan, and Asian cuisine.

9. Domino’s Pizza Jabi

Domino’s Pizza Jabi is another destination to visit with your wife. Popularly known for making mouthwatering pizzas, Domino’s is one place you don’t want to miss out. If your wife craving Pizza, you should take her here, and thank me later.

10. Jabi Recreational Park

Jabi Recreational Park is a wonderful place to have a picnic with your woman. The park has lots of fun and sports activities to enjoy, plus, a great view of the lake, and access is free. Trust me, you will have so much fun visiting this spot with your wife.


Those are the top recommendations of romantic places in Jabi to take your wife to. We hope you find this article helpful. For more, you can check out our other posts. Is there a place you’d like to be added to the list? Which is your favorite place? We would like to hear your thoughts, so share them below.

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