Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Mount Vernon

Are you on the search for romantic places to take your wife to in Mount Vernon? If yes, you’re reading the right post. With its convenient location and unique offers, Mount Vernon is a lovely place to take your wife. Whether it’s for a leisurely weekend away from work or to have a good time, in this post, you will find some nice places to visit with your spouse.

Romantic Places To Take Your Wife To In Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a city in Westchester County, New York, and is a inner suburb of NYC, immediately to the north of the borough of the Bronx. The city has lots of nice spots you can visit with your wife, and you will find some below.

12 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife to In Mount Vernon

These are some of the romantic places to take your wife to in Mount Vernon:

1. Maggie Spillane’s Ale House and Rooftop

If you’re looking for a spot to just relax, and have a good time with your spouse, then Maggie Spillane’s Ale House and Rooftop might just be a good venue. It is a sports bar with multiple TVs, Irish and American pub grub staples, and a wide selection of draft beers. This is a good spot to share your favorite drink with your spouse or grab a quick bite.

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2. The Bayou

The Bayou is another romantic place to visit with your wife. It is a roadhouse-style destination for cajun fare, and an array of hot sauces, beers, live blues, and zydeco. This is a spot in Mount Vernon to relax, unwind, and have a good time with your woman. The people are nice, the atmosphere is excellent food.

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3. Ripe Kitchen & Bar

For the best Jamaican classics, Ripe Kitchen & Bar is at your service. If your wife is a fan of Jamaican delicacies, this is a nice spot to take. Serving celebrated Jamaican classics such as jerk chicken steak, with a backyard with palm trees and a bar. It is a romantic spot to wine and dine with your partner. Trust me, both you and your significant other will have a lovely time here.

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4. Chalanas BBQ

When was the last time you and wifey went for some BBQ? Been a while, hasn’t it? Chalanas BBQ is a casual Brazilian restaurant offering all-you-can-eat churrasco meats and a salad buffet. This is a very romantic spot to take your wife, but getting a good seat is the issue. Nevertheless, it is worth checking out.

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5. La Fontanella

Another romantic place to take your wife to in Mount Vernon is La Fontanella. A well-refined spot for Northern Italian meals in a setting with a granite bar. The ambiance here is great, thus making it a good destination to take your wife to. Both you and your partner will have a wonderful time visiting here.

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6. The Rail House

This is one of the spots I’d recommend for couples looking for a romantic spot to have a good time. The Rail House is a gem serving delicious meals. With the positive reviews from loyal customers of the rail house, believe you and your wife will have an amazing time. Plus, the ambiance and food are top-notch. You’d be hooked after a first visit.

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7. Underhills Crossing

Underhills Crossing is a highly recommended place for a romantic date with your spouse. The food is good, the servers are attentive, sweet, and professional. This is one of the spots on Mount Vernon you’d visit and get hooked. A tad bit pricey, but the meals are delicious, so of course the price is worth it. Also, your wife will enjoy eating here.

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8. Rosie’s Bistro Italiano

Are you celebrating a special occasion with your spouse? A birthday, or anniversary? Well, Rosie’s Bistro Italiano is a good spot. Treat your wife to this bustling family-friendly corner bistro serving classic Italian dishes. A good spot to try out new flavors.

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9. Park 143 Bistro & Fish

Have been looking for a quiet, and relaxing place to go with your wife? Park 143 Bistro & Fish is where to go. This is a glam café for creative tapas, pasta, steaks, and cocktails. Plus, cocktails, DJs, and live music. It is a romantic date environment where both you and your wife will have a great time visiting.

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10. Villaggio

Villaggio is one of the romantic places to take your wife to in Mount Vernon. It is a very cozy place to enjoy a good meal with your wife. A great spot for delicious meals, plus the servers are friendly, sweet, and attentive, so you and wifey will have a good time here.

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11. Lang’s Horse and Pony Farm

Go horseback riding with your wife at Lang’s Horse and Pony Farm. You don’t always have to visit fancy restaurants, sometimes, you just indulge in some fun outdoor activities. Believe me, visiting this farm will be a wonderful experience for both of you.

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12. Little Mountain Park

Enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory at Little Mountain Park with your favorite person. Lots of hiking trails and also you can drive to the top if you’re feeling adventurous. A beautiful site to relax, unwind, hike, or picnic with your woman.

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In the article above, we have compiled a list of some of the romantic places in Mount Vernon to take your wife to. Please feel free to share some of your favorite destinations to go to with your spouse in Mount Vernon. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for more.

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