Things to Know About Delta State Nigeria

This blog will cover all the things to know about Delta State, so be sure to read to the end if you’re curious about the state. Delta State is a state in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria, named after the Niger Delta. The state was formed from the former Bendel State on August 27, 1991. It is bordered on the north by Edo State, the east by Anambra and Rivers States, and then south by Bayelsa State. 

Delta State

Initially, Delta State was created with 12 local government areas in 1991, however, it was later extended to 19 and now has 25 local government areas. In this post, we will be talking about everything you need to know including its history, capital, cities, LGA, and many others.

History of Delta State

As mentioned above, Delta State was known as Bendel State in 1991, and it was created under General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime. The name Delta was named after the “Delta” region of the “River Niger”. With its slogan being “The big heart of the nation”, this is one of the peace-loving and hospitable states in Nigeria.

The state was actualized following agitations for the realization of a separate distinct state by the peoples of the old Delta Province. There was a new state request proposed as “Anioma State”, comprising the Asaba and Agbor Divisions of the old Midwest region. The then Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, recognized Delta state, however, chose “Asaba” a prominent town as the capital city.

Delta State Politics

Delta State’s government is led by a democratically elected Governor who works in close proximity with members of the House of Assembly.

Local Government

This wonderful state is made up of 25 local government areas that include the following;

  • Ethiope East
  • Ethiope West
  • Okpe
  • Sapele
  • Udu
  • Ughelli North
  • Ughelli South
  • Uvwie
  • Aniocha North
  • Aniochoa South
  • Ika North East
  • Ika South
  • Ndokwa East
  • Ndokwe West
  • Oshimili North
  • Oshmimili South
  • Ukwuani
  • Bomadi
  • Burutu
  • Isoko North
  • Isoko South
  • Patani
  • Warri North
  • Warri South
  • Warri West.

Indigenous Ethnic Groups

There are different ethnic groups in the state. They include;

  • Enuani
  • Olukumi
  • Ika
  • Ijaw
  • Urhobo
  • Isoko
  • Ukwuani
  • Igala
  • Itsekiri

Natural Resources

Aside from the huge deposits of crude oil, Delta State has other solid mineral deposits such as silica, kaolin, tar sand, industrial clay, limestone, and many others. These materials are used in industries like brick making, bottle manufacturing, glass manufacturing, ceramics, chalk, and sanitary wares manufacturing, etc.

Capital City – Asaba

Asaba an urban area, fast becoming a metropolitan city is the capital city of Delta State. This city is located on a hill and it gives an overview of Niger River and Onitsha. As the capital city, Asaba offers exciting nightlife and experience with the existence of bars, top hotels, restaurants, amusement centers, cinemas, malls, and many others.

Asaba delta state

Tourist Attractions in Delta State

In the state, there are some cultural, socio-political, and historical tourists to be seen. Some of the centers include;

  • The Nana’s Palace – built by Chief Nana Olomu of Ebrohim
  • The River Ethiope
  • Demas Nwoko Edifice
  • The Mungo Park House
  • The Araya Bible Site
  • Lander Brothers Anchorage
  • The Abraka Turf and Country Club
  • The Niger Bridge
  • Falcorp Mangrove Park
  • Kwale Game Reserve

Cities and Villages in Asaba

There is a good number of cities and villages in the state. Knowing all might be hard, however, knowing a few names is great, and below will list some of the cities and villages;


  • Burutu
  • Otor-Udu
  • Orie
  • Ubulu Uku
  • Igbuku
  • Agbara-Otor
  • Obiaruku
  • Orhuwhorun
  • Emede
  • Onicha-Ugbo
  • Isoko-North
  • Orerokpe
  • Orhoakpor
  • Ogbe ijaw
  • Isiokoro
  • Ada
  • Bethel
  • Ukwuani
  • Igbuzo
  • Illah
  • Ofagbe
  • Ellu
  • Aladja
  • Ozor



Aghoh is a city in Delta State and is the center of the Agboh Kingdom in Ndokwa land. This city is located at an elevation of about 24m above sea level and is the headquarters of Ndokwa East Local Government Area.


Among the Ika people, Agbor is the most populous. It is located in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State and is the headquarters of Ika South. Furthermore, Agbor is home to several educational institutions such as the University of Delta, Agbor (formerly College of Education, Agbor) State School of Nursing and Midwifery, Agbor Technical College, etc.

Issele Ukwu

Issele Ukwu is an Anioma town in Delta State and also the headquarters for the Local Government Area of Aniocha North. This city/town is also the Episcopal See of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Issele Ukwu.


Ughelli is a city in Delta State and one of the 24 kingdoms that make up the Urhobo Nation. Also, it serves as the headquarters of Ughelli North local government area of Delta State. This is one of the big cities in the state and is home to many exciting and fun locations.


Sapele is one of the many Local Government Areas in Delta State. It is a small city in Delta State, located about 25 miles north of the city of Warri. There are many excitements in this small city to visit.


Known as one of the big hubs for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria, Warri is one of the oil hubs. Also, Warri has a modern seaport which serves as the cargo transit point between the Niger River and the Atlantic Ocean for import and export. In the early 1900s, Warri City served as the Capital City of Delta State.


Abraka is not just a town/city in Delta State, but also the home to two of the main 24 Urhobo kingdoms. The town is home to the Delta State University, also the destination for domestic and international tourists. The beach known as Abrak Beach is famous for its natural flowing water and recreational facilities for outdoor fun. Thus, making it a popular destination for fun seekers.


In this article, we have shared all the things to know about Delta State. If you think there is something we missed out on, kindly share your thoughts and recommendations with other readers in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media handles.

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