Vacation Spots In Nigeria

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Planning to visit Nigeria? Or perhaps you are already in the country, but don’t know any spots to go for a staycation? Are there vacation spots in Nigeria? Yes, Nigeria has lots of vacation spots promising of not but fun, peace, and adventure. Nigeria is the Giant of Africa and is known for its rich diversity of ethnic groups, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife reserves. Plus, with the awesome nightlife and mind-blowing scenery, there is a lot to explore in Nigeria.

Vacation Spots In Nigeria

This article brings to you some of the best vacation spots in Nigeria to visit alone or with your loved ones. When coming on vacation in Nigeria, believe me, you would get shocked at how many luxurious, nature-filled, and relaxing places the country has.

In Africa, Nigeria is one of the most hospitable people, plus the delicious and finger-licking locals meals from different ethnic groups you’d enjoy. If you are looking to visit Nigeria for an eventful and adventurous stay, these are some of the spots to check;

Obudu Mountain Resort

Located in Southern Nigeria, Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the best spots for vacationing. It is a short distance from Cameroon. The resort in Calabar is known for its serenity, tranquility, and gorgeous views. This is a thrilling spot for fun seekers as it features a water park with slides, cable cars, forest hikes, a golf course, canopy walks, etc. In addition, the accommodations are very modern with a unique natural uniqueness.

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La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is located in Lekki, Lagos. It is a very appealing and relaxing spot to have a good stay.  It is one of the best vacation resorts in Nigeria to go with your lover, family, or friends. Nothing but adventure, sereneness, and fun awaits you here. At the resort, there are many activities and amenities to make your stay worthwhile. You can enjoy a spa session, horse riding, hunting, massage therapy, etc.

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Abraka Turf & Country Club

Another perfect vacation spot in Nigeria is the Abraka Turf & Country Club. It is located in Delta State and offers lots of fun adventures for guests seeking to explore and have the most fun. This is a stunning destination you would want to visit again. It is perfect for family vacations.

The Abraka Turf & Country Club has awesome indoor and outdoor activities to engage in. Hence, I assure you that you would have a relaxing and memorable stay there.

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Yankari Game Reserve

Without mentioning the Yankari Game Reserve, the list of vacation spots in Nigeria would be incomplete. It is located in Bauchi State and is likely to be the oldest and most popular vacation destination in the country. The reserve boasts a wide variety of plants and animals existing freely in their natural habitat. For some thrilling adventures, you should check out the caves and warm springs.

There is plenty of fun activities you can engage in at the game reserve. It is a place where nature meets humans. A visit here will convince you to visit again.

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Whispering Palms

Located in Nigeria’s former Capital, Lagos in Badagry, the Whispering Palms is a destination that offers you an exotic vacation spot. With its beautiful white sand and palm trees, you’d have lots of fun. This is a perfect spot for building unforgettable memories with loved ones and family.  Plus, it is affordable.

Whatever you would need to have a relaxing and eventful vacation, Whispering Palms has them and more. There is a mini zoo, which houses monkeys, crocodiles, squirrels, and donkeys. Furthermore, there are bicycle and boat rides. While at the palms. You should see the Heritage Museum which showcases slave monuments and pays homage to Badagry.

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Kajuru Castle

You know those castles you see in movies; well, you can see them in Nigeria at the Kajuru Castle. It is located in Southern Kaduna State, Nigeria. Built between the years of 1981 and 1989 by a German Expatriate living in the state then.

Kajuru Castle is a luxurious medieval-style villa with different accommodating and comfortable rooms and towers. If you like history, trust me, this is an ideal location for you to visit. Plus, there are guided tours to help navigate the castle.

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Another stunning vacation spot in Nigeria that would not like to miss out on. The Lekki Conservation Centre is located in the heart of the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos. This is indeed a perfect destination for all nature lovers as it offers you thrilling adventures and experiences.

Moreover, it is the home to the longest canopy walk in Africa, with stunning views of nature and wildlife. This is a perfect relaxing and romantic spot to visit.

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Zenababs Half Moon Resort

I get it you can’t afford a trip to the moon, what about the half-moon? Treat yourself and your loved ones to Zenababs Half Moon Resort for a peaceful and memorable experience. Located in Osun State, Nigeria, the resort is one of the top spots for a good time in the country.

It has a serene and calm environment that will help you relax, unwind, recharge, and have a good time. Plus, the delicacies here are super delicious.

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Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Located in Ikogosi Town, Ekiti State, Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is known for its warm and cold springs forming a confluence, while still maintaining its thermal properties. This is a vacation spot in Nigeria that you would have plenty of fun visiting. Within the resort, guests have access to the waterfalls, warm swimming pool, restaurant, bar, fitness center, theme park, etc.

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La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

La Manga Luxury Beach Villas is a piece of paradise nested along the unspoiled Atlantic Ocean on the island of Ilashe. This vacation villa offers guests a taste of heaven on earth. If you are in Nigeria and looking for a perfect romantic destination, look no further. This is a spot for nature lovers. Enjoy a beautiful experience at a beach villa today with your spouse, family, or friends.

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Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort

This is a perfect vacation spot for lovers of golf, nature, and serenity to visit. Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort has various outdoor sports such as lawn tennis, biking, and swimming, among other activities to keep entertained. Set on a rich palm forest accommodations are provided, and each room comes furnished with beautiful views.

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Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is another beautiful vacation spot in Nigeria. It is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. You will have loads of fun as there are tours available, as well as hikes for thrill seekers looking for a new adventure.

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Rojenny Tourist Village

Rojenny Tourist Village has features that include an amusement park, recreational activities, and sporting facilities, among many more. Thus making it one of the top vacation centers in Nigeria. Plus, there are standard accommodation facilities to make you enjoy your stay.

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Now, you can see that there are awesome vacation spots in Nigeria. The country is vast in amazing destinations and hidden gems to fulfill your fantasies. In this article, we have carefully written out the top spots for vacation. For more, check out our website.

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