Where To Go Shopping In Cape Town South Africa

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Looking for where to go shopping in Cape Town South Africa? You’re reading the right article. Located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, Cape Town offers a diverse and interesting shopping experience. Ranging from local markets to high-end boutiques, trust me, the city has everything. Whatever your shopping needs are, there is a high chance you will get them in the city.  

Where To Go Shopping In Cape Town South Africa

Where To Go Shopping In Cape Town South Africa

In this post, we will find some of the top shopping centers in Cape Town South Africa: 

1. V&A Waterfront 

This is one of Cape Town’s most popular shopping destinations. With over 450 stores, V&A Waterfront is a great place to shop for everything ranging from clothing to electronics to souvenirs. Plus, it offers a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, so you can satisfy your taste buds after a day of shopping. 

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2. Canal Walk Shopping Centre 

Located in Century City, Canal Walk is one of the largest malls in Africa where you can go shopping.  It has more than 400 stores. And a very great place to shop for fashion, home decor, and electronics, believe me, you will have so much fun visiting here. 

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3. Greenmarket Square 

If you’re looking for a more traditional shopping experience in Cape Town, then you should head to Greenmarket Square. This outdoor market features local vendors selling everything you can possibly think of ranging from African art to clothing and jewelry. 

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4. Old Biscuit Mill 

Looking for where to go shopping in Cape Town South Africa? Then, you should visit the Old Biscuit Mill. It is one of the trendy markets located in the suburb of Woodstock. At this center, you can shop for artisanal foods, fashion, and home décor, and believe me, you will have a wonderful experience here. 

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5. Cavendish Square 

Cavendish Square is another one of the shopping centers in Cape Town where you can get almost anything you want. It is a high-end mall located in the suburbs of Claremont. This is one of the malls I’d recommend for anyone visiting the city for the first time and looking for a place to shop. With more than 200 stores, including designer fashion brands and luxury home goods, trust me, you will be pleased to visit them. 

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6. Gardens Centre 

You will have fun shopping at Gardens Centre. It is a small mall but with good options to select from.  A very great place to shop for home decor, fashion, and electronics. This might be your favorite go-to mall after your first visit. 

7. The Watershed 

The Watershed is a unique shopping center located at the V&A Waterfront and is a must-see if you’re looking for where to go fashion shopping. It features more than 150 local vendors selling everything ranging from clothing to jewelry to home goods, so you will enjoy shopping here. 

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8. Bay Harbour Market 

Bay Harbour Market is one of the highly recommended places to go shopping in Cape Town South Africa because it features local vendors selling everything. At this shopping center, you can shop for anything from clothing to food to art. 

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9. Long Street 

Long Street is not a mall, but a popular street in Cape Town with many shops, restaurants, and bars. Thus, making it a great place to go shopping for clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. You will have a good shopping experience here, trust me. 

10. Bree Street 

Bree Street is yet another famous street in Cape Town that’s known for its trendy shops, restaurants, and bars. Particularly, I’d recommend it here for ladies, as it is a good place to shop for fashion and accessories. 

11. Blue Route Mall 

Located in the suburb of Tokai, Blue Route Mall is one of the shopping centers in Cape Town that you will enjoy visiting. Not only is this center stunning, but it is a great place to shop for fashion, home goods, and electronics. 

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12. Tygervalley Centre 

Tygervalley Centre is a large mall featuring over 275 stores, including fashion, electronics, and home goods to purchase. You will find many good quality products here and will also have a great shopping experience. 

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13. Willowbridge Shopping Centre 

Willowbridge Shopping Centre is small and a great shopping choice for anyone. Whatever you are looking for, from fashion, home decor, and beauty products, there is a great chance you will get them here. 

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14. Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre 

Another great shopping center in Cape Town South Africa is Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. This mall has over 450 stores, therefore making it a good spot to visit. If you are looking for where to shop for fashion, groceries, accessories, etc., this is a good spot to visit. 

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Cape Town offers a good range of shopping options, and above we have listed some of the top centers to get your needs satisfied. Above are the centers we could come with to the best of our knowledge, so, if we miss a spot, do well to let us know in the comment section below. 

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