Where To Go Shopping In Koforidua Ghana 

Don’t know where to go shopping in Koforidua Ghana? There are so many places you can go shopping in Koforidua, and if you don’t know where, well you have clicked on the right article. In this post, you will find some of the nice shopping centers in the city. Whatever your shopping needs may be, there is a good spot for them.  

Where To Go Shopping In Koforidua Ghana 

So, without wasting much of your time, let us look at some of the best centers in Eastern Ghana city to go shopping; 

1. Melcom Koforidua New 

Melcom Koforidua New is one of the best shopping centers in the city to get your needs. His new expansion is even better and bigger, so trust me, you will get your needs here. Aside from that, the attendants here are so friendly and professional. You will have a good time shopping in this center. 

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2. Agormanya Market 

A good place where you get your needs ranging from foodstuffs, phone accessories, clothing, souvenirs, and many others. Agormanya Market is one of the most visited markets in the city satisfying the needs of shoppers. 

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3. Aburi Crafts Village 

If you are looking for where to shop for crafts in Koforidua Ghana, Aburi Crafts Village is one of the nicest spots. It is a site to see indeed. This place welcomes and introduces you to the rich African culture at its best. As a shopping center for crafts, this place is visited by both residents and visitors. Believe me, you will have a nice time here. 

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4. Kapax Fashion 

For your fashion needs in the city of Koforidua, Kapax Fashion is your best bet. It is one of the good spots in the city where you can go to get your fashion needs. At this shopping center, you will find your clothing, bags, shoes, beauty products, and many others.  

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5. Bengift Clothing 

Bengift Clothing is yet another one of the clothing stores in Koforidua to go shopping. It is actually one of the best spots in the city for your native wear. Did you find a style online and wondering if you can get it? Well, you should visit this center and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. 

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6. Doms Unisex Boutique 

A unisex boutique where both men and women can go shopping for their fashion needs. Your first time in the city and you don’t know where to go for your fashion shopping? Well, this is a very good spot to check out. Trust me, you will have a good time shopping here. 

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7. Kwaku Showboy Boutique 

Where to go shopping in Koforidua Ghana for clothes? Have you visited the Kwaku showboy boutique? It is one of the best clothing stores in the city to meet your fashion needs. Believe me, fashion shopping in this center will be both fun and adventurous. 

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8. Maagrace Industries Limited 

Maagrace Industries Limited is a shopping center in Koforidua where you can get your shopping done. Furthermore, you can meet your clothing needs here. Plus, you will have a good time shopping in this center.  

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9. Koforidua Shopping Mall 

This is one of the biggest and best malls in Koforidua to get your needs. Already know what to buy but don’t know where to go? Koforidua Shopping Mall is one of the best shopping centers in the city to not miss visiting. Since it is the city’s largest mall, believe me, this is a good place to go shopping. 

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10. Adwoa’s Jewelry 

Shop at Adwoa’s Jewelry for your jewels, accessories, and beads. It is one of the best centers in the city to go for jewel shopping. If you’re looking forward to buying new jewels for your partner, I would recommend this place. 

11. Mama P Cosmetics and Jewelry Center 

Want to get new jewels in Koforidua? Don’t know where to go shopping in Koforidua, well, this is a good center to check. You won’t be disappointed visiting this center.  

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12. Beads Market 

Beads Market is the hub for buying beads in Eastern Ghana, so if you’re in Koforidua and looking for where to go shopping for new jewels, I’d recommend this center. Whatever your jewel needs may be, this is one spot you don’t want to miss seeing. 

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Those are some of the shopping centers in Koforidua to go shopping. If we missed a particular place that you want on the list, feel free to let us know using the section below.

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