Where To Go Shopping In Oyo State 

If you’re looking for where to go shopping in Oyo state, then you’re on the right article. There is a good list of places to go shopping in the state, but the question is where? Everyone loves shopping, which is why we will be sharing some of the best spots you can go shopping for your needs.  

Where To Go Shopping In Oyo State 


Oyo state is one of the states with a good number of malls and shopping centers. With that in mind, let’s look at the best spots to go shopping; 

1. Heritage Mall 

Heritage Mall is the largest mall in the Southwest region of Nigeria and is a delight to shoppers as it offers the best in electronics, lifestyle products, fashion, food, etc. This is a place where you can get everything on your shopping list. Plus, it is a safe location to go to with the family. Also, you will have fun visiting this place. It is one of the hotspots in Ibadan, Oyo state. 

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2. The Ventura Mall, Oyo 

This is a perfect location to get your shopping needs met. The Ventura Mall, Oyo is a serene shopping center delivering unlimited opportunities for shoppers. There’s a shopping plaza, a film house, and food courts where you can grab a quick meal after shopping. Not only will you get your needs here, but you will also have a good experience shopping here. 

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3. Palms Shopping Mall, Ibadan 

Another good center for shopping is the Palms Shopping Mall, Ibadan. It is one of the premier shopping and leisure destinations for families to visit. When visiting here, make sure to go with your shopping list, and trust me, you will get your needs satisfied. It is a one-stop shopping center with different shops, stores, etc.  

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4. The Jericho Mall 

The Jericho Mall is a mid-size mall offering prime retail shops and attractions aimed at creating a memorable shopping experience for shoppers and fun seekers. With a total number of 47 stores, trust me, you will get your needs satisfied here. 

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5. Pinnacle Supermarket 

Pinnacle supermarket is another good shopping center to get your needs met. It is located at Dugbe at the heart of Ibadan. It is easily accessible, but the queue is mostly long. Whether you’re looking to shop for your house appliances, groceries, or daily needs, this is a good center for you to visit. 

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6. Ace Supermarket, Oyo 

Ace Supermarket is a big and nice center to go shopping. The service is excellent. It is one of the good shopping centers in Oyo state to get your needs satisfied. Furthermore, you will have shopping at this center. 

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7. Shoprite 

Shoprite is a shopping mall in Ibadan, Oyo state, and is one of the best places to get your needs satisfied. Also known as Shoprite Cocoa Mall. It I very easy to locate and you will get everything on your shopping list. 

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8. Brent Mall Sawmill Branch 

Brent Mall Sawmill Branch is a good shopping center if you’re residing on Old Ife Road. It is a center where you can get everything on your shopping list at cheaper prices. This is a good place to go shopping if you’re on a budget. 

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9. Adelabu Shopping Complex 

This is a busy place in Oyo state where goods and services are rendered. There are different shops and stores, so getting your needs met will be very easy here. Above all, the shops are well outlined and properly organized. 

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10. Inaolaji Shopping Complex Agodi 

Inaolaji Shopping Complex Agodi is another good place to get your shopping needs met. Whether you want to get spare parts, office stuff, photocopies, browsing, etc., this is a good shopping center to consider visiting. 

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11. Shokem Supermart and Boutique 

To get your fashion needs satisfied, Shokem Supermart and Boutique are where to visit. It is a great place to shop and buy items of good quality at very affordable prices. This place actually deceives an expansion because it offers shoppers the best experience. 

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12. ESMAK PLAZA Ibadan 

A building with different businesses onsite including a boutique, pharmacy, wines shop, etc. ESMAK PLAZA Ibadan is a good shopping center to meet your needs. Whatever you want to get, chances are that you will get them here. 

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13. Agbeni Market 

Agbeni Market is a large wholesale market in the capital city of Oyo; Ibadan. The market is made up of hundreds of small shops and stalls arranged in a single stretch where you can meet your needs. Prices of goods here are very cheap, and you will get everything on your shopping list here. 

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14. Bodija Market 

This is one of the busiest markets in Ibadan, Oyo, and it contains a good number of open small stalls and shops. It is one of the shopping centers in the state where you can meet all your shopping needs. You can get different goods and products here including agricultural produce and manufactured food items. It is a very good place to go shopping. 

15. Ogunpa Market 

Ogunpa Market is known for selling made-in-China goods ad locally manufactured ones in fashion, machinery, household, etc. A very nice place to get your shopping done, as there are many shops and stores to shop from. 

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16. Agbaje Market

Agbaje Market is an open market area with lots of shops and stores. These shops offer sales variety of products like household items, electronics and appliances, groceries, skincare products, and many others.

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17. Basorun Market

Another shopping destination to check out in Oyo State is Basorun Market. It is a marketplace with various stores and kiosks selling varieties of foodstuff, household, and other commercially used products. In conclusion, it is a good center to shop for your needs.

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18. Derem Shopping Complex

Derem Shopping Complex is a spot where you find different stores selling varieties of products including household products, groceries, fashion outfits, etc. It is one of the top shopping destinations in Oyo State.

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There is our list of places to go shopping in Oyo state. Feel free to mention some of your favorite shopping centers in the city below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social media accounts. 

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