WorldRemit – Send Money Internationally

How can I transfer money with WorldRemit, or how can I sign up for WorldRemit? There is no doubt that using a money transfer company is the cheapest and best way to transfer money internationally. Often, transfer companies simply have lower transfer fees than banks while ensuring you the same level of security and dependability.

WorldRemit - Send Money Internationally

These days, there are several money transfer companies that you can use to transfer money internationally. Before, banks were the only major means of transferring money internationally. But with the emergence of some transfer companies, you can transfer money anywhere in the world. As I said, there are different transfer companies nowadays, but one of the best for transferring money is WorldRemit.

What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit is an online cross-border money transfer service that provides users with the ability to transfer money to their friends and families anywhere in the world. With WorldRemit, you can simply send money internationally and anywhere in the world. This online money transfer company was established in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Richard Igoe, and Catherine Wines.

Presently, WorldRemit has services in over a hundred and fifty countries and over ninety currencies. It also has over three million users worldwide. It provides numerous ways of transferring money, such as cash pickups, bank deposits, and mobile money.

Why Should I Use WorldRemit?

As I said earlier, transfer companies have lower transfer fees than banks, and WorldRemit is no exception. WorldRemit processes your transfers in a few minutes with a low fee and an upfront exchange rate. As a result, this transfer company offers the following benefits:

  • With WorldRemit, you can effortlessly transfer money anywhere in the world. You can send money online from over 50 countries to 150 countries globally.
  • It offers a wide range of transfer options, such as bank deposits, mobile money, and airtime top-ups.
  • Enjoy low bank and exchange rates. Its fees are extremely competitive, and its exchange rate is guaranteed.
  • Unbeaten network of cash pick-up locations.
  • Also, sending money via this service is fast, and it works in a matter of minutes. Ninety percent of their transactions are completed in minutes.
  • It maintains a secure encryption system to keep your money.
  • You’ll enjoy transfer convenience. This is available on the app and website. You can pay by credit or debit card.
  • Unlike most transfer services, it has a higher transfer limit. Western Union has a transfer limit of $5,000.
  • All first-time users get three fee-free.

Above all, it uses an industry-leading technology that secures your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time.


  • Because the service is online, you cannot make cash payments.
  • It has a complex fee structure.
  • Can have a higher exchange rate markup than competitors.

WorldRemit App

In addition, WorldRemit comes with an app for mobile devices. On this app, you can easily transfer money from your smartphone in a few clicks, receive alerts with the latest exchange rates, and check the status of transfers. You can simply send money with the WorldRemit mobile app and track your transfer with the app. Hence, you can download the app on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Fees and Exchange Rate

When you use WorldRemit, you get charged both a transfer fee and a markup on the mid-market exchange rate. You also have to watch out for some possible hidden fees from your bank.

WorldRemit is sincere and honest about the fees charged, and you’ll know the amount the transfer will cost before it is carried out. In most cases, you may pay a delivery fee ranging from $3.99 to $24.99, depending on the country, currency, and delivery option. Although this transfer service charges a markup on exchange rates, these are still lower than what banks offer.

How to Sign Up For WorldRemit

Before you can use  WorldRemit to transfer money anywhere in the world, you need to have a WorldRemit account. In other words, you need to create an account before you can make use of this transfer service. However, signing up is very easy and can be done using the steps below:

  • First, launch a web browser and visit the WorldRemit website.
  • Click on the SIGN-UP button at the top of the homepage.
  • Then the sign-up page will appear.
  • On that page, you will see two empty fields.
  • Enter your email in the first field.
  • In the second field, enter your password.
  • After that, click the continue button below.

You will have your account created after you’ve observed all these steps. While setting up your password, it should have eight characters or more: one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, and one number.

How to Transfer or Send Money with WorldRemit

Having created a WorldRemit account, you can transfer money to more than fifty countries in the world. You can scan and upload the documents after you’ve signed up.

As an account holder, you can send money using a variety of transfer options, which include bank transfer, debit card, and cash pickup. On your account page, you can choose a country from the list and click on Get Started to do the transfer.


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